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The Juliaette Family Cookbook Manager - The React, front-end portion of a full-stack application.

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The Juliaette Family Cookbook Manager

A handy tool to organize and share your family and personal cookbooks..

The Juliaette Family Cookbook Manager is a back-end developed application developed with JavaScript, ReactJS, designed Materialize with by Kathy Lambert. Inspired by the recipes I recorded by hand dictated by my grandmother and wanting a digital way to record our family cookbook.

Welcome Page

Getting Started

This web application was created with simplicity in mind. Developed with JavaScript, HTML and CSS with a ReactJS framework. Clone and download this repository to your system to play with it yourself. JavaScript is embedded in the application with a CDN link, enabling it to run without any additional downloads on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.

Begin your Juliaette Family Cookbook Manager dev experience, by visiting the Github repository to clone and download to your machine.


Once the repository is cloned to your local machine. In your CLI, while within the repo, run yarn install to install the necessary software to run it locally. Followed by yarn start to run the application locally.


To access the deployed application, please visit the Heroku deployed application.

Built With

  • JavaScript - Provides the functionality of moving through the vocabulary.
  • HTML - The web application structural framework
  • CSS - Used to style and design the application.
  • ReactJs - A front-end JavaScript based framework used to style and design the application.


  • Click on the recipes menu button to view and add your own recipes to the cookbook of your choice.
  • To update an existing recipe, select the recipe and update the necessary items. Recipes View

For a sneak peek check out... Screencast.

Future iterations will include:

  • [✅] Add a Tribute page dedicated to my grandmother, Juliaette Carroll.
  • Add pictures to each recipe and allow users to add pictures when adding a new recipe.
  • User Profiles - Users will have the opportunity to create profiles and save their personalizes cookbooks and recipes.
  • The ability to create multiple cookbooks and save specific recipes to the multiple cookbooks.
  • Users will be able to share recipes and even whole cookbooks with one another.


Additional features are welcome via a pull request. For example, the ability for student to add their own content and create customized flash cards. Please be considerate, we try adhere to KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple) and DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principles. Also, remember to use and follow Sandi Metz's methodology.


Designed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and by CodeMeKathy.


The Juliaette Family Cookbook Manager - The React, front-end portion of a full-stack application.






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