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command line tool to paste files to


you can get the binaries from the release page or build it from source

there is an arch package in the aur: pastry-aur

to build from source you will need dmd and dub, then just run dub build

setting up on windows

  1. after downloading the cli tool for windows:
    • if there is a zip file, extract all the contents
    • if there is a single executable, skip this step
  2. to run pastry, open a terminal and run it in the same directory pastry is stored in

this works completely fine and there's nothing wrong with it, however, for ease, you are recommended to add pastry to your PATH argument.

you can do so by opening "edit environment variables" from control panel or the start menu:

edit env variables

under "system variables", select the Path row and hit edit. finally, create a new variable and enter the path where you prefer to store pastry-cli. It is recommended to store it in some location like C:/Program Files/pastry-cli. if you have it there, enter %PROGRAMFILES%/pastry-cli/. open up a new session of a terminal to verify that it works.

there is another alternate way which is not recommended, but possible:

you can store pastry in C:/Windows/ if you prefer not to add it to your PATH variable. Beware that this may be dangerous.


create paste from files

pastry file1.txt file2.txt someDir/

set title

pastry file1.txt -t "paste title"

set language of all files

pastry file1 -l markdown

set expires in

pastry file1 -e oneHour

setting the default expires in time, this value will be used when you dont specify the --expires|-e option

pastry --set-default-expires oneDay

setting the language to be used for files without an extension, default is plaintext

pastry --set-no-extension markdown

set the token, you can get your token on your pastemyst profile settings page. once you set the token you can create private pastes, and all pastes you make will show on your profile

pastry --set-token <YOUR_TOKEN>

# create private paste
pastry file1.txt -p


dll file not found

if you get some error like the code execution cannot proceed because x.dll was not found. reinstalling the program may fix this problem, you are most likely missing a dll file that came with pastry-cli which it depends upon.

if you have the dll file, provided that it is in the same directory as the executable, make sure that the name matches