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Detect touches to 3d objects in the Magic Leap Simulator with Unity
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Detect touches to 3d objects in the Magic Leap Simulator with Unity //more detailed tutorial available at:

  1. Create New Magic Leap Project in Unity

  2. Import the libs folder from the Magic Leap Unity Examples package

  3. Create a 3d Cube (Assets > 3D > Cube)

  4. Set the position of the cube to 0,2,3

  5. Set the rotation to 0,65,0

  6. Add a Rigidbody to the cube

  7. Disable Use Gravity on the Rigidbody

  8. Add the TouchCubeCollider.cs to the cube (Add Component > Scripts > TouchCubeCollider.cs)

  9. Create an Empty Game Object and rename it to Gestures

  10. Add the GestureDetection.cs script to Gestures

  11. Create a 3d Sphere as a child of Gestures

  12. Reset the transform on the sphere

  13. Set the scale to 0.2, 0.2, 0.2

  14. Add a Rigidbody to the sphere

  15. Disable use gravity

  16. Set the public variable Finger on the Gestures script to the sphere in the unity inspector.

Play! You should see a white cube in the simulator, set the gesture to either the L or the Finger gesture and alter the positions to 0,2,2.4 to touch the cube. The cube should turn blue and react to the collision by moving and rotating.

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