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A collection of example code rules

In here you can find a collection of popular code rules used by developers.


First look if there's a folder available with the preferred configuration for your project. When you found the code rule set you wnt to you, go in the folder and copy the codeoversight.yml file over to the root of your repository.


We love to see you contribute to the predefined configurations. Feel free to add new configuration sets that are commonly used or propose a change when you think something should change. Please do include references on why it should change.

Would like to contribute and walk things over in real time with us? Just shoot us a message!

Template file

The code below is a useful template file where all the code rules with their allowed values are listed.

# Lang  code_rule_name                                set_value   Possible values
    align_array_elements:                             no_apply    # space, tab
    align_doc_tags:                                   no_apply    # space, double_space, triple_space, quadruple_space, tab
    align_variables:                                  no_apply    # space, tab
    closing_newline:                                  no_apply    # add, remove
    closing_php_tag:                                  no_apply    # remove, add
    control_structure_parentheses_inner_whitespace:   no_apply    # no_space, whitespace
    doc_function_whitespace:                          no_apply    # no_space, newline
    else_if_whitespace:                               no_apply    # no_space, whitespace
    exclamation_whitespace:                           no_apply    # whitespace, no_space
    force_control_structure_braces:                   no_apply    # force
    function_args_separator_whitespace:               no_apply    # whitespace, no_space
    function_parentheses_inner_whitespace:            no_apply    # whitespace, no_space
    indentation_whitespace:                           no_apply    # tab, space
    opening_doc_asterisk:                             no_apply    # double
    php_tag_casing:                                   no_apply    # lower, upper
    php_tags:                                         no_apply    # full_php_tags, short_php_tags
    remove_double_semicolon:                          no_apply    # remove
    remove_empty_trailing_leading_doc_lines:          no_apply    # remove
    semicolon_before_closing_php_tag:                 no_apply    # add, remove
    static_array_index_whitespace:                    no_apply    # no_space, whitespace
    string_operator_whitespace:                       no_apply    # whitespace, no_space
    trailing_whitespace:                              no_apply    # remove
    true_false_casing:                                no_apply    # lower, upper
    type_cast_casing:                                 no_apply    # lower, upper
    type_cast_inner_whitespace:                       no_apply    # whitespace, no_space
    use_quotes:                                       no_apply    # single_quotes, double_quotes
    variable_array_index_whitespace:                  no_apply    # whitespace, no_space
    whitespace_after_doc_asterisk:                    no_apply    # single_space, double_space, tab
    whitespace_after_else:                            no_apply    # space, newline, no_space
    whitespace_after_function_open:                   no_apply    # newline, no_space
    whitespace_after_function:                        no_apply    # newline, double_newline
    whitespace_before_control_structure_brace:        no_apply    # space, newline, no_space
    whitespace_before_control_structure_parentheses:  no_apply    # no_space, whitespace
    whitespace_before_doc_asterisk:                   no_apply    # space
    whitespace_before_else:                           no_apply    # space, newline, no_space
    whitespace_before_function_brace:                 no_apply    # space, newline, no_space
    whitespace_before_function_close:                 no_apply    # newline, no_space
    whitespace_before_function_parentheses:           no_apply    # no_space, whitespace


A collection of popular predefined code rule sets






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