The CMS behind CodePilot.
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The CMS behind CodePilot.

It was built in a weekend.

Installing CodePilot CMS

This project is currently in heavy development and things might be horribly broken. Make sure you have Node.js, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis installed and running.

  1. Copy app/config.example.json to app/config.json. In app/config.json, fill in your MongoDB details, Twitter OAuth information, and S3 details.
  2. Run npm install This'll take a while as it fetches CodePilot's dependencies.
  3. Run npm start. Assuming everything is okay, you'll be able to access CodePilot at http://localhost:3000/.

When you make a change, you will have to stop the server by pressing ^C, and then start it up again.

Common Errors and how to fix them

TypeError: Uncaught, unspecified "error" event.

This is most likely caused because your MongoDB server is not running. Start the server and try again.

Error: OAuthStrategy requires session support. Did you forget app.use(express.session(...))?

This is caused by your Redis server not running. Start your Redis server using the redis-server command and try again. Make sure to restart the app after you've done this.


There are two ways to specify configuration options for the CodePilot CMS.

  1. config.json: Copy app/config.example.json to app/config.json and edit the settings appropriately. These will be the default settings if not specified elsewhere.
  2. Command Line Arguments: When starting the application, specify the configuration option as a command line argument like so: --<key> <value>. If the key is specified in the command line and config.json, then the command line argument value will be used.

Unit Tests

To test the app, run make test, or mocha.

Special thanks to: (in no particular order)

Contributor GitHub Twitter
Will Smidlein ws ws
Joe Torraca jtorraca jtorraca
Lenny Khazan LK LennyKhazan
Ross Penman penman PenmanRoss
Charley Hutchison glenwayguy glenwayguy
Nick Frey NickFrey NickFrey
Daniel Tomlinson DanielTomlinson dantoml