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technical test

1. Task

A poker hand has a constructor that accepts a string containing 5 cards:

var hand = new PokerHand("KS 2H 5C JD TD");

and a method to compare itself to another hand

PokerHand.prototype.compareWith = function(hand) { /* Your code here */ };

The characteristics of the string of cards are:

  • A space is used as card seperator
  • Each card consists of two characters
  • The first character is the value of the card, valid characters are: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, T(en), J(ack), Q(ueen), K(ing), A(ce)
  • The second character represents the suit, valid characters are: S(pades), H(earts), D(iamonds), C(lubs)

The result of your poker hand compare can be one of these 3 options:

  • Win should return the integer 1
  • Loss should return the integer 2
  • Tie should return the integer 3

The ranking of the hands should follow the Texas Hold'em rules

## 2. Requirements

All your code should be contained in the src/ folder. You are free to architect your code the way you want. You can use any libraries that you feel are relevant to solve this problem.

Unit tests are welcome

/!\ You need to include a markdown file that shows the steps required to run your demo

Good luck ;-)