Open-source coding bootcamp curriculum for military veterans
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Code Platoon Curriculum

Welcome Message

Veterans, thank you for your service to our country. Code Platoon NFP's mission is to help bridge the gap between a military career and the tech world by turning veterans into software developers in a condensed timeframe. In this repository, you will find the curriculum for our first three weeks of classroom instruction with videos of our current class, Charlie Platoon. This curriculum will include daily challenges and links to any necessary resources.

Recommended / Pre-requisites

  • Once admitted to Code Platoon, students will need to complete 60-100 hours of pre-work to ensure that they will be able to keep up with the rigor of the program. The pre-work resources include:
  • If you find our approach appealing and wish to continue your education with us, please apply on Code Platoon's website or email Rod at


If you have any feedback or constructive criticism to help us continue to develop our curriculum, please fill out this form and let us know. We are always looking to iterate on and improve our material.

If you would like to get involved in helping our organization with respect to curriculum, feel free to email Jon at Thank you!