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CodeQ Invest is the new way to deal with internal software quality in your projects.


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CodeQ Invest

CodeQ Invest is the new way to deal with internal software quality in your projects.


CodeQ Invest implements a new quality model for the management of internal software quality. For this, a new metaphor for dealing with internal software quality was invented: the quality investment. Quality investments are the reversal of technical debt. Instead of calculating the amount of remediation costs for paying off the technical debt, a return of investment is calculated which tells you how much time you save when investing in the internal software quality.

Important: The mindset is the game changer! Please see this issue for more information.

Please visit for more information.

Build Management

Maven is used to build and test the software. It is mandatory that you have Firefox installed on your machine for acceptance and integration tests in the web-ui module. Firefox has to be accessible from the command line.

With the following command you build and test the whole software and deploy all artefacts in your local Maven repository:

mvn clean install

This build command is mandatory to start CodeQ Invest (see next command) or for setting up your development environment.

Deploy CodeQ Invest in a locally running Tomcat instance for debugging purpose (has to be executed in the web-ui module directory):

mvn clean package org.codehaus.cargo:cargo-maven2-plugin:run -Pdebug-web-app

Afterwards the application is accessible under localhost:8080.

You can skip the integration tests by providing the environment variable skipITs:

mvn clean install -DskipITs


If you want to start to create a new feature or have any other questions regarding CodeQ Invest, file an issue. I'll try to answer as soon as I find the time.

Pull requests welcome

Feel free to contribute to CodeQ Invest.

Either you found a bug or have created a new and awesome feature, just create a pull request.


For contributors using Eclipse there's a formatter available.

For IntelliJ IDEA please use this formatter.

In order to reduce merging pains on my end, please use this formatter or format your commit in a way similar to it's example.


CodeQ Invest is licensed under GPLv3.


CodeQ Invest is the new way to deal with internal software quality in your projects.







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