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;;;;; Seam-related stuff
(defclass seam ()
((weight :accessor weight :initform 0 :initarg :weight)
(indices :accessor indices :initform nil :initarg :indices)
(index-count :accessor index-count :initform 0 :initarg :index-count)
(last-index :accessor last-index :initform nil :initarg :last-index)))
(defun make-seam (&optional initial-index/weight-pairs)
(multiple-value-bind (ixs w ct) (loop for (ix w) on initial-index/weight-pairs by #'cddr
collect ix into indices sum w into weight sum 1 into index-ct
finally (return (values indices weight index-ct)))
(make-instance 'seam :indices ixs :index-count ct :weight w :last-index (last ixs))))
(defmethod copy ((s seam))
(let ((ixs (copy-list (indices s))))
(make-instance 'seam :indices ixs :index-count (index-count s)
:weight (weight s) :last-index (last ixs))))
(defmethod add-cell! ((seam seam) (index cons) (weight number))
(let ((s (copy seam)))
(setf (cdr (last-index s)) (list index)
(last-index s) (cdr (last-index s)))
(incf (weight s) weight)
(incf (index-count s))
;;;;; Basic utility
(defmethod take ((count number) (lst list))
(loop for elem in lst repeat count collect elem))
;;;;; IO Routines
(defmethod get-lines ((fname string))
(with-open-file (s fname)
(loop for ln = (read-line s nil nil)
while ln collect ln)))
(defmethod put-lines ((fname string) (lines list))
(with-open-file (s fname :direction :output :if-does-not-exist :create :if-exists :supersede)
(mapc (lambda (ln) (write-line ln s)) lines)))
;;;;; Actually finding seams
(defmethod energy-map ((lines list))
(lambda (ln)
(loop for (a b) on (coerce ln 'list) while b
collect (abs (- (char-code a) (char-code b)))))
(defmethod seams-in ((e-map list))
(let ((seams (loop for w in (first e-map) for i from 0
collect (make-seam `((,i 0) ,w)))))
(loop for ln in (rest e-map) for ln-ix from 1
do (setf seams
(loop for w in ln for w-ix from 0
append (let* ((seam
(sort (remove-if-not
(lambda (s) (<= (- w-ix 1) (caar (last-index s)) (+ w-ix 1)))
#'< :key #'weight))))
(when seam (list (add-cell! seam `(,w-ix ,ln-ix) w)))))))
(sort seams #'< :key #'weight)
:from-end t
:key (lambda (s) (caar (indices s))))))
(defmethod mask-seam! ((lines list) (s seam) &optional (mask #\space))
(loop for ln in lines for ix in (indices s)
do (setf (char ln (first ix)) mask))
(defmethod remove-seam! ((lines list) (s seam))
(mapcar (lambda (ln) (remove #\space ln))
(mask-seam! lines s #\space)))
(defmethod scale-by! ((lines list) (count number))
(loop with lns = lines repeat count
do (setf lns (remove-seam! lns (first (seams-in (energy-map lns)))))
finally (return lns)))