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Cool links, tools & papers related to Open Source Licensing


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Awesome Open Source Licensing


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Tools & libs

  • ninka - a license identification tool for Source Code
  • scancode-toolkit - ScanCode detects licenses, copyrights, package manifests & dependencies and more by scanning code
  • go-license-detector - Reliable project licenses detector
  • OSS Review Toolkit - A suite of tools to assist with reviewing Open Source Software dependencies
  • liccheck - Check python packages from requirement.txt and report issues
  • pylic - Python license checker, reads pylic configuration in pyproject.toml and checks licenses of installed packages recursively.
  • pip-licenses - Dump the software license list of Python packages installed with pip.
  • License Finder - LicenseFinder works with your package managers to find dependencies, detect the licenses of the packages in them, compare those licenses against a user-defined list of permitted licenses, and give you an actionable exception report.
  • LicenseCheck - Output the licences used by dependencies and check if these are compatible with the project license.
  • pip-license-checker - License compliance tool. Detect license names and types for Python PyPI packages. Identify license types for given license names obtained by third-party tools. Great coverage of free/libre and open source licenses of all types: public domain, permissive, copyleft.
  • action-pip-license-checker - GitHub Action for license compliance: Python, JavaScript, iOS, Android and more.
  • python-third-party-license-file-generator - A tool that walks your Python project's requirements and gathers the third party licenses for you.
  • NPM License Checker - Check NPM package licenses
  • Apache2 License Checker - Automated license checker for validating project dependencies for compatible Apache2 licenses.

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