Motion capture + Haptic Feedback
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Motion capture + Haptic feedback

This project combines a kinect-based motion capture system to model the movements of a choreographer. Then, the dance student dons a vibrational haptic suit and attempts to recapitulate those moves. If she deviates from the choreographed poses, the suit sends a message to her limbs via vibration, allowing her to correct her stance!


  • Kinect / Asus XTion sensor
  • Processing with SimpleOpenNI library
  • Serial communication to Arduino via usb or bluetooth
  • 20 vibration motors

The haptic suit

Making the suit

Here the UI is telling the dancer to correct the position of their left elbow

Left elbow correct

Left knee idendified as out of position

Left knee correct

Steps to get the code running

  • Download the SimpleOpenNI & ControlP5 processing libraries and place them in the 'libraries' directory in your sketchbook folder
  • Restart the Processing environment to make sure the libraries will be recognized
  • Plug in a Kinect or Asus Xtion sensor
  • Capture a reference pose using the 'r' key on the keyboard
  • Have your dancer don the haptic suit
  • Get buzzed!


Check out the awesome book "Making Things See" by Greg Borenstein. It's a great reference for the SimpleOpenNI library and we used some of the sample code located here ( to get started.