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FtC Website

Websystem for Free the Children, UBC. Created by Code the Change - UBC Chapter.

See site here during development.

Project Info

  • Rails version currently being used: 5.0.0. (See Gemfile)

  • Deployment Instructions:

    • Locally: You can deploy on your local machine by typing "rails server" at the command line and visiting http://localhost:3000/
    • Remotely: Run command "heroku open" in your command line. If you've made changes and want to push to heroku, run "git push heroku <your_branch_name>:master", which pushes changes from your local branch to the heroku master branch.
  • Test Suite *Run unit tests (found in directory /test) by typing "rails test" or "rake test:<test_module>".

  • Configuration *Update the gems specified in the gemfile by running "bundle install"

  • Database

    • Locally
      1. To update database after update or adding a model run "rake db:migrate". This migrates the current schema.
      2. To seed the database run "rake db:seed"
      3. To reset the database and reload the current database run "rake db:reset db:migrate"
      4. To destroy the database, create and migrate it run "rake db:reset db:migrate"
      5. After modifying the database, to run tests first run "rake db:test:prepare"
    • Remotely (heroku)
      1. To drop the database "heroku pg:reset DATABASE"
      2. To migrate the current schema "heroku run rake db:migrate"
      3. To populate the database with seed data "heroku run rake db:seed"
      4. To cover last two in one action, run "heroku run rake db:setup"


Project Lead: Ben Chugg. Contributors: Preet Phandar.

How to Contribute

See issues and milestones

Grab an issue, write some code and submit a pull request!