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BCSMSSA Database Project

Contributor requirements

Contributors should have the following installed:

  1. Python 3.5 or greater
  2. Django
  3. Graphos pip install django-graphos
  4. Git

Getting started

  1. Create a directory for the project and cd into it
  2. Run the following command to clone the repo
    git clone
  3. cd into the project's directory and start the server with this command
    python runserver
  4. The project can now be accessed through a browser at

How to contribute

Note: If the change is only to a README file, commiting to the master branch will be fine

  1. Pick a task from the list of issues OR create a new issue if the task you want to complete is not listed
  2. Create a branch to work on the task in
    git branch <name_of_branch>
  3. Switch into the new branch to begin work
    git checkout <name_of_branch>
  4. Implement the task
  5. Pull from the master branch to get the lastest updates to the codebase
    git pull origin master
  6. Resolve any merge conflicts, review and test code to be sure nothing has broken
  7. Commit changes to your branch and checkout the master branch, then merge the feature and push to master
    After commiting changes:
    git checkout master
    git merge <name_of_branch>
    git push origin master
  8. Close the issue on GitHub and delete the feature's branch if no more work will be done in it


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