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A DBMS Web App for reBOOT Canada!
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Welcome to the reBOOT Canada database project, created by Code the Change UBC! This is the development repository for the project. The project entails developing a database web application with the ability to generate CRA-compliant tax receipts.

The main functionalities:

  1. Data storage
  2. CRA-compliant tax receipt generation
  3. Data analytics tool
  4. User permission control


  • Front-End: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery3/JavaScript
  • Back-End: Python 2.7.x, Django 1.11.x
  • Database: PostgreSQL on Heroku


Lead Developers

  • Seung Won [Tom] Lee - @leesw98 - Team Lead, Full-stack


  • Omar Tsai - @omar2535 - Developer, Front-End + Back-End
  • Michelle Huh - @michellehuh - Developer,Front-End + Back-End
  • Vincent Lin - @Csignore - Developer, Back-End + DB
  • Gaurav Vasudev - @gauravnv - Developer, Back-End + DB
  • David Kim - @yuubd - Developer, Back-End + Front-End
  • Joon Hur - @hurjun1995 - Developer, Back-End + Front-End


1) Installing Environment

  • Install the required python version 2.7.x
  • Install pip according to your OS
  • Install virtualenv using pip install virtualenv
  • Install virtualenvwrapper using pip install virtualenvwrapper-win for Windows and pip install virtualenvwrapper otherwise
  • Create virtualenv and use workon env_name command to activate the virtualenv
    • Check out a tutorial if you're unsure

2) Getting the project

Clone the repo:

  • HTTPS git clone
  • SSH ssh

Install Requirements:


Coding contributions are to be made by members of Code the Change UBC only.

When making a contribution, make sure to do the following:

  1. Assign yourself to an issue
  2. Make sure you git pull the latest changes to the master branch
  3. Checkout a new branch git checkout -b [name_of_your_new_branch] to commit your changes to
  4. Make (and test!) your changes.
  5. git commit -m "ADD A DESCRIPTION OF YOUR CHANGES" to commit your changes to the branch
  6. git push origin [name_of_your_branch] to push your changes to the repo
  7. Create a Pull Request into the master branch
  8. After approval from at least one supervisor (@leesw98 or @michellehuh or @gauravnv) merge branch into master.

Running the server and website

To use the website, you need to run the server using this command in terminal after activating virtualenv:

cd project_directory

python runserver

To use different databases, you can use the following command:

DJANGO_DATABASE=[insert_db_name] ./ [COMMAND]

To be able parse data from csv files, you also need to run the rabbitmq server from terminal using this command:

celery -A reboot worker -l info

The command allows us to use multiple workers to run tasks.

Git Hook

cp hooks/* .git/hooks/

Found a Bug?

To provide suggestions or report bugs, open an issue first to discuss potential changes/additions.


Code the Change UBC file has been imported and modified from the Represent the 10 project. Originally by @EWaterman