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1) Install your environment

Follow the steps outlined in the link above to install the latest version of Python 3.X, create a virtualenv, and then install Django within that virtualenv.

2) Clone this repo

Go to the directory containing your virtualenv (it should have folders such as bin, lib, include..), and pull the vjk repo into that directory using this command:

git clone

3) Run the app

To test, cd into the vjk repo and through the command line, enter:

python runserver

then through your web browser, go to (or localhost:8000) and you should see a default Django page saying "congrats, it worked!"

Connect to the database through command line

Run "mysql -h -u ctc_vjk -p". This will create a prompt where you type in the password, which is in your mysite/ file under the database section. If successful, you will be in the MySQL client and then you can type "use vjk_test;" and then "show tables;"

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