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CTC16 team looking at persuasion approaches for air quality awareness
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CTC16 team looking at persuasion approaches for air quality awareness

Their whiteboard shows the many aspects possible. These will be researched and then used a data to support the Air Aberdeen website with nuggets of information to help people change their behaviour. ideation of the idea Our goals on Saturday morning are summarised on the whiteboard - we are trying to answer the question "Why is Air Quality Aberdeen building sensors? Two main reasons - public engagement with STEM/Citizen Science and the 'moral/ethical/environmental' issue of poor air quality impacting on people's lives. The context we were responding to was to tell the story of why the Citizen Science sensor network is important. This can be used to encourage participation, raise public awareness, influence sponsors and decision makers and potentially help people change behaviours (e.g. transport). Challenges: it takes a lot of time hunting around the internet to find the best (most reliable and easy to understand) sources of information. It took time to produce the templates for the personal stories, and to write those up. So we haven't finished! Who did what, and who we worked with: Kate Pangbourne (KateAdapt) worked with Raymond and Richie to gather factual data (stats about air pollution sources, public health and other impacts, etc) to generate content for the Webby Wonders team. This is work in progress, and is in a shared Google Doc with Ian's team (Webby Wonders). Elaine produced a set of questions to ask participants about why they built and installed a sensor, and also what other actions they have taken to improve air quality. Kate turned this into a paper form for people to fill out and return. Raymond encouraged people to at the workshop to complete the form. Richie and Raymond took photos and uploaded them to the wordpress content site. The word file for the story template has also been uploaded here. There is a spreadsheet that records who has submitted material and whether they have given permission for it to be used on the website. Even if permission not given to use the data on the website, it can be used to help the team evaluate Air Quality Aberdeen (useful metrics for potential sponsors). The spreadsheet is currently in Google Drive, shared with webby wonders. Some of the question templates were completed at the event, and are yet to be added. Ian (webby wonders) will use the material to create personal stories for the website. The blank forms have been stored in the workshop materials boxes by Bruce Scharlau. What will we do next? finish the content generation as soon as possible. Participate in the next event if possible.

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