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Code the City 8 - Chatbots and AI


This is the main place on Github for projects which are created at the 8th Code The City weekend which took place in Aberdeen on 25th and 26th February 2017.

Each of the projects now has its own Gitub repo within the CodeTheCity organisation. And each project team now has memembers with access to the repos.


  • aliss - Query the ALISS system via a chatbot interface
  • city-consult - city consultations using a chatbot front-end
  • NoBot - a bot with a mission to stop you booking unnecessary meetings - and be objectionable
  • seymour - he'll help you keep your houseplants heathy
  • stuff-happens - a Slack bot to help you find out what's on in the area
  • woander - help to find out the opening hours of businesses via a Facebook bot
  • word-association-scorer - not a bot but a set of python functions that scores a given text against a set of categories


  • slackbot-example Ian has set up a first repo which shows how he created a chatbot to run under Slack.
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