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Project Ideas

Ian Watt edited this page May 23, 2015 · 5 revisions

Whether you are attending the Aberdeen or Edinburgh events, the projects for CodeTheCity 4 - The Environment are focused on improving access to services and improving the civic realm of our cities.

There is a list of suggested project ideas on the right.

If you feel strongly about one project, do some prep and research and come prepared to champion it on 20th June. Even if you don't feel you have the skills to deliver it, that's fine. Teams will form around the best-supported projects.

If you are looking for inspiration have a look at the Ordnance Survey's previous Geovation Challenges which featured many environmental ones.

Alternatively, if you need inspiration get out and walk around the city. Look about you as you walk to work or cycle home. What could be better? Or what would you like to do in your local parks or gardens? What would make life better for your kids?

If you would like to suggest an alternative project which not listed here, email ian_at_codethecity_dot_org and I'll add it to the list of potential projects. That will allow others to think about how they could help you develop the idea on the weekend, and achieve faster results!

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