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Converter to various book formats (PDF, epub, mobi)
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As all documents, this is a work in progress


To install and get it running:

System Dependencies

Tested with python 2.4 and python 2.7 but it will probably work with all versions in between.

For Ubuntu/Debian

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv        # for the following commands
sudo apt-get install libxslt1-dev libxml2-dev # For lxml to compile
sudo apt-get install librsvg2-bin             # To convert SVG and math to PNG
sudo apt-get install otf-stix

also: apt-get install imagemagick # PNG resizing apt-get install inkscape # svg processing apt-get install ruby # Hmmm... apt-get install libxml2-utils # for xmllint apt-get install zip # building the zip

For Osx


brew install librsvg
brew install imagemagick
brew install node           # Only if you want to compile the `.less` files
sudo npm install -g less    # Only if you want to compile the `.less` files

Install python virtualenv

sudo easy_install virtualenv

For all Operating Systems

This will set up the virtual environment in your terminal (all packages are not installed globally).

cd oer.exports
virtualenv .
source bin/activate
easy_install lxml argparse pil

Once you run these steps, every time you open a terminal you will need to run source bin/activate.

Install PrinceXML

Finally, you will need to install (remember the path to where it gets installed).

Optional: Local docbook-xsl files

The docbook-xsl has files that point to . Loading these is slow and sometimes times out.

You can download the zip file from (1.72 works) and replace the docbook-xsl directory with its contents.

Generate Books

Ok, let's make sure you can create a PDF and EPUB!

To generate a PDF:

python -p ${path-to-wkhtml2pdf-or-princexml} -d ./test-ccap -s ccap-physics ./result.pdf

To generate an EPUB:

./scripts/ "Connexions" ./test-ccap ./test-ccap.epub "col12345" ./xsl/dbk2epub.xsl ./static/content.css

Alternative script for EPUB:

# For a collection:
python -c ./static/content.css -e ./xsl/dbk2epub.xsl -t "collection" -o ./test-ccap.epub ./test-ccap/

# For just a module:
python -c ./static/content.css -e ./xsl/dbk2epub.xsl -t "module" -o ./m123.epub -i "m123" ./test-ccap/m-section/


This software is subject to the provisions of the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.0 (AGPL). See license.txt for details. Copyright (c) 2012 Rice University

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