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Command Line tool to add movie information to a google spreadsheet


1. Node.js

2.A google sheet

Installation instructions

1. Git clone

2. Npm install

3. Write the google sheet id to a file named "spreadSheetId.txt"

4. On first time use you'll be given an authorisation link. Click this, allow permissions, paste the verifcation code in the command prompt


node index.js "Movie Title As String" "Year Movie came out(optional)"

If a movie isn't found with the entered name, it will return a list of possible movies you meant.

If multiple movies of the same name are found, enter the year to determine which you intend to add.


1. Get API key for movie api / Find new Api

2. Add Commander support

3. Add getter of movies

4. Add "seen" flag

5. Add check for movies already in list

6. Add random movie from list option

7. Add output to csv

8. Add genre filter get movie from list

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