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Coding School For Under-Represented People in Tech

Welcome to Code Your Future!

We are a non-profit community of software developers committed to opening up the tech industry. All our classes are free and all our teachers are volunteers.

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Our free and open source syllabus is iterated collaboratively every week.

We build fun, imaginative EdTech products you can get involved in too.

Teach and Learn

Our face to face classes run in Birmingham, Capetown, Glasgow, London, and Manchester. Join a class

Our online mentoring connects experienced and new developers; together you will learn and grow.

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  1. Where everything is on this gigantic messy org account

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  2. syllabus Public

    Syllabus Website for CodeYourFuture

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  3. Teacher training material for CYF Educators

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  4. Syllabus for Code Your Future's Fundamentals course

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