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CKAN extension

CKAN extension for Datamx(ckanext-datamx-theme)


  • CKAN

##Installation: To install the plugin, enter your virtualenv and load the source:

$ git clone
cd ckanext-datamx_theme
(pyenv)$ python develop

This will also register a plugin entry point, so you now should be able to add the following to your CKAN .ini file:

Add datamx_theme to the .ini file.

ckan.plugins = datamx_theme

Restart Apache

# service restart apache2



##Using our code? We'd love to know We want to keep track of the projects that used our extension, let us know!

##¿Questions or issues? We keep the project's conversation in our issues page issues. If you have any other question you can reach us at

##Contribute We want this project to be the result of a community effort. You can collaborate with code, ideas and bugs

##Core Team This project is an initiative of Codeando México.

The core team:


Crafted by Codeando México, 2014.

Available unde the licence: GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.0. Read the document LICENSE for more information