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Ckanext-widgets (español)

This is a CKAN extension to create embedabble responsive widgets of the dataset views in other sites in the route (/dataset/{id}/widget). This is WIP.

This extension supports CKAN 2.2 and up.

##Installation / Setup

  1. Install the CKAN extension to your local environment.
(pyenv) $ pip install -e git+
  1. Activate the plugin in your config.ini by adding the extension.
ckan.plugins =  ckanext-widgets

##Questions or issues? We keep the project's conversation in our issues page. If you have any other question you can reach us at

##Contribute (español) We want this project to be the result of a community effort. You can collaborate with code, ideas and bugs. Read our CONTRIBUTE file.

##Core Team This project is an initiative of Codeando México.

The core team:

##License Section to add the license. The default license is AGPL-3.0. Might vary depending of the project. Example:

Available under the license: GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.0. Read the document LICENSE for more information

Created by Codeando México, 2014.

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