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  • Dropped support for PHP 5.4


  • Improved using complex params, nested params can be set using dot (.). See #3339
  • [Yii2] Mailer mock is now configured with options that make sense for it. Fixes #3382
  • [Yii2] Fixed creating @webroot directory on running functional tests. See #3387
  • [Yii2] Fixed regression in Yii 2 connector not allowing to work with output of error pages in functional tests. Fixes #3332
  • [REST] seeResponseIsJson fails when response is empty. See #3401, closes #3400
  • [AMQP] Added purgeQueue and purgeAllQueues actions. By @niclopez
  • [DataFactory] haveMultiple fixed; corrected the order of arguments in FactoryMuffin->seed. See #3413 by @buffcode
  • [SOAP] Improved error reporting by @eXorus See #3426 #3422
  • [SOAP] Added SOAPAction config param to unset SOAPAction header in SOAP >= 1.2. See #3396
  • [REST] fixed digest authentication. See #3416
  • [Laravel5] Fixed an issue with error handling for Laravel 5.3. See #3420. By @bonsi.
  • [Laravel5] Fixed an issue with uploaded files. See #3417. By @torkiljohnsen.
  • [ZF2] Support for zend-mvc 3.0
  • [Db] Error is thrown if SQLite memory is used. #3319
  • [Frameworks] REQUEST_TIME server variable to be set on request. By @gimler. Fixes #3374


  • [Yii2] Improvements:
    • Added init part to initialize Yii app for unit and acceptance testing.
    • added entryScript and entryUrl config values for acceptance testing.
    • Fixtures support: haveFixtures, grabFixtures methods.
    • Yii logs to be printed in debug mode.
    • added amOnRoute method.
    • added amloggedInAs method.
    • added grabComponent method.
    • added seeEmailIsSent, grabLastSentEmail, etc and email part.
    • assetManager disabled for unit/functional tests.
  • Fixed @example to @group defined in group files. By @eXorus. Fixes #3278
  • Added ReqiuiresPackage interface to set external dependencies for modules.
  • Fixed timing values in output. Closes #3331
  • Fixed merging module configs. Closes #3292
  • [Recorder Extension] Fixes saving of files on windows and with using examples.
  • [DataFactory] Fixed loading factories twice by @samusenkoiv. See #3314
  • [Laravel5] Added run_database_migrations configuration option. By @janhenkgerritsen.
  • [Laravel5] Added callArtisan method. By @janhenkgerritsen.
  • [Laravel5] Added disableModelEvents() method and disable_model_events configuration option. Fixes #2897.
  • [REST] Allow objects in files array #3298
  • [ZF2] Added addServiceToContainer method
  • [ZendExpressive] allow instances of UploadedFile in files array
  • [ZF2] Added addServiceToContainer method
  • Don't fail test validation when exec function is disabled by @Naktialda


  • Parameters can be applied to global codeception.yml config. See #3255 Thanks to @LeRondPoint
  • Fixed loading of parameters from .env.* files. See #3224. By @smotesko
  • Better failure diff messages by @k0pernikus
  • UTF-8 improvements (replaced with custom ucfirst, strtoupper => mb_strtoupper) by @Naktibalda. See #3211
  • Print execution time of non-successful tests by @Naktibalda. Fixes #3274
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed created files on failure. Fixes #3207
  • [Frameworks][PhpBrowser] Adjacent forms submit improvements by @dizzy7. Fixes #2331
  • [WebDriver] Fixed adjacent selectOption with similar options by @eXorus. Fixes #3246
  • [DataFactory] fixed loading factories from relative paths. Fixes #3208
  • Test\Gherkin Added JUnit reporter #3273
  • Test\Gherkin Added support for multiple languages by @dizzy7. See #3203
  • Test\Unit Dependencies can pass and receive values the same way as it is done in PHPUnit. Fixes #3213
  • [Symfony] Fixed failing tests when the profiler is disabled by @dizzy7. See #3223
  • [REST] Added Codecepion\Util\HttpCode util class with HTTP code constants. See class reference
  • [REST] Support simple key-value format for file uploads. See #3244
  • Bugfix with duplicate instances in the modules container #3219 by @dizzy7
  • [REST] Added deleteHeader method by @Naktibalda. Fixes #3161
  • [Yii1] init part added to avoid conflicts with WebDriver
  • generate:snippets can accept second parameter to generate snippets from a specific file or folder.
  • [Db] Added grabNumRecords method by @tocsick. See #3175
  • Fixed group events fire twice #3112. By @jstaudenmaier
  • [ZF2] Added services part which can be used to grabServiceFromContainer when conflicting module is used by @Naktibalda.
  • Improved Examples to be Traversable; Fixed console output for complex data structures.
  • [Laravel5] Added haveBinding, haveSingleton, haveContextualBinding and haveInstance methods. By @janhenkgerritsen. See #2904.
  • + changes from 2.1.11


  • PHPUnit 5.4 and PHPUnit/php-code-coverage 4.0 compatibility.


  • Gherkin format support. Announcement
  • Core Test Format Refactorings Codeception becomes true multiformat testing platform. Format requires a Loader and class extending Test class, implementing TestInterface.
    • Breaking Codeception\TestCase replaced with Codeception\TestInterface in code and in module signatures.
    • Breaking Cept/Cest classes are no longer extending PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase, so they don't have expectException, getMock, etc.
    • Reduced stack trace for scenario-driven test formats. Codeception tests implement PHPUnit_Framework_Test instead of extending heavy PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase class.
  • Breaking Conflicts API implemented Frameworks + PhpBrowser + WebDriver can't be used together unless only non-conflicting part is used. Announcement
  • Examples as an alternative to Data Providers. Announcement
  • Params loading from yml, env files or environment. Announcement
  • Test dependencies with @depends annotation. Announcement
  • Custom Commands inject your own commands as as simple as extension. Announcement
  • codecept dry-run command added to show scenario steps without executing them.
  • Breaking [Dbh] module removed
  • Breaking [Laravel4] module removed. See #2866
  • Breaking [Laravel5] Minimum supported Laravel version is 5.1. See #3243
  • Breaking [Laravel5] Removed createModel method, use have method instead. See #2866
  • Breaking [Laravel5] Removed makeModel method. See #2866
  • Breaking [Laravel5] Renamed haveModel method to have. See #2866
  • Breaking [Symfony] public property container removed
  • Breaking [Asserts] removed deprecated assertLessThen and assertGreaterThen
  • Breaking mocks created with Codeception\Util\Stub are not verified in Cests. See #3005
  • Breaking [REST] grabAttributeFrom renamed to grabAttributeFromXmlElement to avoid conflicts
  • [WebDriver] allows getting current browser and capabilities in test. Announcement
  • [AngularJS] module added. Extends WebDriver module for AngularJS testing. Announcement
  • [DataFactory] module added. Performs data generation using FactoryMuffin library Announcement
  • [Redis] Module rewritten using Predis library as driver by @marcverney
  • [Laravel5] Added a haveMultiple method to create more than one model per call. See #2866
  • [Laravel5] [Lumen] The haveRecord, seeRecord, dontSeeRecord and grabRecord methods now also accept Eloquent model class names instead of only database table names. See #2866
  • [Symfony] module Symfony2 renamed to Symfony
  • [Phalcon] Merged Phalcon1 and Phalcon2 modules into one Phalcon due the fact that Phalcon Framework v1.3.x no longer supported at all
  • [Asserts] More assert* methods from PHPUnit added
  • [Asserts] Added expectException method
  • [WebDriver][Frameworks][PhpBrowser] selectOption can receive option as strict locator to exactly match option by text or by value. Use ['value' => 'myvalue'] or ['text' => 'optiontext'] to select a proper option. By @gdscei and @davertmik See #3003
  • Added config option to disable modules using modules: disabled:.
  • [Sequence] Changed the prefix value. Generated sequences to include id inside a prefix: sq('user1') => 'user1_876asd8as87a'. Addedprefix` config option.
  • Deprecation errors won't fail tests but will be printed.
  • Official Docker image introduced by @schmunk42


  • [Yii1] Improved Yii connector. AR metadata is cleaned up between requests. regenerateId of session is disabled.
  • [REST][InnerBrowser] redirect is not triggered when Location header is set but response code is not 3xx. By @Naktibalda. Fixes #3171.
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] checkboxes can be located by label by @dizzy7. See #3237
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] field can be matched by its trimmed label value. See #3209. By @dizzy7
  • [WebDriver] fixed URL matching in WebDriver::seeLink
  • [WebDriver][InnerBrowser] Improved error messages of seeLink and dontSeeLink


  • PHPUnit version locked to <5.4
  • [Db] Added missing support for LIKE condition to SqlSrv driver


  • PHPUnit 5.4 compatibility for creating mocks using Codeception\Util\Stub by @davertmik. See #3093 and #3080
  • Updated dependencies to support Symfony 3.1
  • [Laravel5] Fixed issue where non-existing services were called in _before and _after methods. See #3028.
  • Fix self-update command to update only to stable versions by @MAXakaWIZARD
  • Added settings: backup_global to config, to disable backup_global option of PHPUnit by @mkeasling. See #3045. Fixes #3044
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] see matches UTF-8 text case-insensitively by @Naktibalda. Fixes #3114
  • Fixed page object generation with namespaces by @eugene-manuilov and @Naktibalda. See #3126 Fixes #3012
  • --steps will not disable code coverage. By @Naktibalda. Fixes #2620
  • Suppress console coverage report with --quiet by @EspadaV8. See #2370
  • Improved multibyte output in console by @kt81. See #3130
  • [Lumen] Fixed: initializeLumen() method has been called twice on start by @kt81. See #3124 #2607
  • [Db] Allow INT Parameter SQL Binding by @davidcochrum . Fixes #3118
  • [Db] Support LIKE conditions in assertions.
  • [Db] Improved regex for parsing comments by @dima-stefantsov. See #3138
  • [Dbh] Fix seeInDatabase and dontSeeInDatabase with empty criteria. Closes #3116
  • [Symfony] Improve fail messages on seeInCurrentRoute and seeCurrentRouteIs
  • [Symfony] Improve route comparison on seeInCurrentRoute and seeCurrentRouteIs
  • [WebDriver] multi session testing with friends improved by @eXorus. Webdriver sessions are finished correctly; leave() method added to Friend class. See #3068
  • [PhpBrowser] added handler and middleware config options to customize Guzzle handlers and middleware
  • Added full support of phpunit-bridge features.
  • [Laravel] Fixed issue where non-existing services were called in _before and _after methods. See #3028.
  • [WebDriver] fixed using saveSessionSnapshot with codecoverage. Closes #2923
  • [ZF2] create new instance of Application for each request


  • Util\Locator added methods to create locators to match element at their position: elementAt, firstElement, lastElement
  • [Symfony] Refactor to unify service retrieval, avoid memleaks and reduce memory footprint. Closes #2938 and #2954.
  • [Symfony] New optoin rebootable_client that reboots client's kernel before each request.
  • [WebDriver] fixed seeInField for textarea with whitespaces before and after string. Closes #2921
  • [Symfony] Deprecated grabServiceFromContainer use grabService instead. For consistency with other frameworks.
  • [Asserts] More assert* methods from PHPUnit added
  • [Asserts] Added expectException method
  • codecept self-update works with proxy by @gr1ev0us
  • [Phalcon1 add params support for method amOnRoute by @MelnykDmitro


  • PHPUnit 5.x support
  • Global Bootstrap, Suite Bootstrap, Module Initialization happens before test loading. Fixes issues of autoloading TestCase classes introduced in 2.1.5, see #2872
  • Added option to skip PHP files validation in codeception.yml - settings: lint: false
  • [Facebook] Updated to facebook/php-sdk-v4 version 5 by @orhan-swe and @tigerseo #2828 #2415
  • [WebDriver] Added scrollTo action by @javigomez and @davertmik #2844
  • Fix encoding problems in PHP prior to 5.6 by @pejaycz. See #2831
  • [Queue] Fixed clearQueue for AmazonSQS by @mikitu #2805
  • [Db] Fixed loading files in Sqlite @mcustiel See #2812
  • [PhpBrowser] amHttpAuthenticated allows null, null as parameters to unset authentication. #2896
  • Util\Locator added contains method to easily locate any element containing a text.
  • [Laravel5] Added guard parameters to seeAuthentication and dontSeeAuthentication methods. By @janhenkgerritsen. See #2876
  • [Laravel5] Added functionality to disable/enable Laravel's exception handling. By @janhenkgerritsen. See #2763
  • [Laravel5] Authentication now persists between requests when calling amLoggedAs with an instance of Authenticable. See #2795
  • [REST] Fixed dontSeeXmlResponseMatchesXpath method #2825 by @mangust404
  • [ZF2] Fixed POST parameters #2814 by @Naktibalda
  • [ZF1] Call Zend_Registry::_unsetInstance in _after #2863 by @Naktibalda


  • Starting from 2.1.6 you can download PHP 5.4 compatible phar build at by @Naktibalda. See installation guide.
  • [WebDriver] Fixed uploading files with PhantomJS #1823 by @DavertMik and @Naktibalda. Please specify your browser name as phantom in WebDriver config in order to use PhantomJS-specific hooks.
  • Fixed parsing PHP files with spaces in name on PHP<7 by @acuthbert. Fixes #2647
  • [WebDriver] Fixed proxy error when using with Chrome #2651 by @vaikla
  • [Laravel5] Allow Laravel5 application URL to be set through config. By @gmhenderson. See #2676
  • [Laravel5] Mocked events should also return an array. Fix by @devinfd
  • Fixed using codecoverage with environments #2634
  • Various HHVM improvements by @Naktibalda, for instance, Asserts module issues has been fixed.
  • [REST] Fixes #2775 seeResponseJsonMatchesXpath when JSON contains ampersand. By @Naktibalda.
  • [Filesystem] Added seeNumberNewLines method to check the number of new lines in opened file. By @sergeyklay
  • [Symfony2] Added seeCurrentRouteMatches action by @laszlo-karpati See #2665
  • [Sequence] Added sqs function to generate unique sequences per suite. #2766 by @johnatannvmd
  • [FTP] Fixed various bugs by @k-serenade. See #2755
  • [Frameworks][PhpBrowser] Fixed #2733: seeOptionIsSelected sees first option as selected if none is selected by @Naktibalda
  • [Symfony2] Removed 'localhost' from getInternalDomains by @Naktibalda. Fixed #2717
  • Bugfix for using groups by directory on Windows by @tortuetorche See #2550 and #2551
  • [REST] Fixed failed message for seeHttpHeader and dontSeeHttpHeader from null to expected value #2697 by @zondor
  • [REST] Added methods to control redirect: stopFollowingRedirects and startFollowingRedirects by @brutuscat
  • [Recorder Extension] Added animate_slides config to disable left-right sliding animation between screenshots by @vml-rmott


  • PHP7 support
  • Symfony3 support
  • [ZendExpressive] module added by @Naktibalda
  • [Frameworks] Internal Domains: Framework modules now throw an ExternalUrlException when a test tries to open a URL that is not handled by the framework, i.e. an external URL. See #2396
  • Syntax check for tests. If PHP7 is used, ParseException handles syntax error, otherwise linting happens with php -l. @davertmik
  • Fixed Cest generation to not include "use" statements if no namespaces set
  • [REST] Modified JsonArray::sequentialArrayIntersect to return complete matches only by @Naktibalda. Fixes #2635
  • [REST] Fixes validation of several types with filters. See #2581 By @davertmik
  • [REST] JsonType improved URL filter to use filter_var($value, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL)
  • [REST] JsonType to support collections: all items in an array will be validates against JsonType. By @davertmik
  • [REST] Various fixes to JsonType: #2555 #2548 #2542
  • [REST] Hides binary request data in debug by @codemedic. Fixed #1884, See #2552
  • [WebDriver] Allow appendField to work with content editable div by @nsanden #2588
  • [WebDriver] Allows adding ssl proxy settings by @mjntan35.
  • [Symfony2] Config option cache_router added (disabled by default) by @raistlin.
  • [Doctrine] Fixed #2060: Too many connections error by @dranzd
  • [Symfony2] services part added to allow access Symfony DIC while wokring with WebDriver or PhpBrowser by @laszlo-karpati See #2629
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser] Unified setCookie "expires" param name by @davertmik. See #2582
  • [Memcache] add adaptive close call on _after by @pfz. See #2572
  • [Symfony2] Move kernel booting and container set up into _initialize() method by @Franua #2491
  • [WebDriver] Fixed seeInField for textareas by @nsanden
  • [Yii2][REST] Fixed using Yii2 as dependency for REST by @Naktibalda. See #2562
  • [Laravel5] Removed enableMiddleware and enableEvents methods. See #2602. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Laravel] Refactored modules. See #2602. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Laravel5] Fix bug for seeCurrentRouteIs when routes don't match. See #2593. By @maddhatter
  • [PhpBrowser] Set curl options for Guzzle6 correctly. See #2533. By @Naktibalda
  • Fixed usage of GroupObject by unit tests. GroupObjects can skip tests by @davetmik. See #2617


  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Added _getResponseContent hidden method. By @Naktibalda
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Added moveBack method. By @Naktibalda
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Added seeInSource, dontSeeInSource methods to check raw HTML instead of stripped text in see/dontSee. By @zbateson in #2465
  • [WebDriver] print Selenium WebDriver logs on failure or manually with debugWebDriverLogs in debug mode. Config option debug_log_entries added. See #2471 By @MasonM and @DavertMik.
  • [ZF2] grabs service from container without reinitializing it. Fixes #2519 where Doctrine2 gets different instances of the entity manager everytime grabServiceFromContainer is called. By @dranzd
  • [REST] fixed usage of JsonArray and json_last_error_msg function on PHP 5.4. See #2535. By @Naktibalda
  • [REST] seeResponseIsJsonType can now validate emails with string:email definition. By @DavertMik
  • [REST] seeResponseIsJsonType: string|null as well as null|string can be used to match null type. #2522 #2500 By @vslovik
  • [REST] REST methods can be used to inspect result of the last request made by PhpBrowser or framework module. see #2507. By @Naktibalda
  • [Silex] Doctrine provider added. Doctrine2 module can be connected to Silex app with depends: Silex in config. By @arduanov #2503
  • [Laravel5] Removed expectEvents and added seeEventTriggered and dontSeeEventTriggered. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Laravel5] Fixed fatal error in seeCurrentRouteIs and seeCurrentActionIs methods. See #2517. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Laravel5] Improved the error messages for several methods. See #2476. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Laravel5] Improved form error methods. See #2432. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Laravel5] Added wrapper methods for Laravel 5 model factories. See #2442. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Phalcon] Added amOnRoute and seeCurrentRouteIs methods by @sergeyklay
  • [Phalcon] Added seeSessionHasValues by @sergeyklay
  • [Phalcon] Added getApplication() method by @sergeyklay
  • [Symfony2] Sets xdebug.max_nesting_level to 200 only if it is lower. Fixes error hiding #2462 by @mhightower
  • [Db] Save the search path when importing Postgres dumps #2441 by @EspadaV8
  • [Yii2] Fixed problems with transaction rollbacks when using the cleanup flag. See #2488. By @ivokund
  • [Yii2] Clean up previously uploaded files between tests by @tibee
  • Actor classes generation improved by @codemedic #2453
  • Added support for nested helper by @luka-zitnik #2494
  • Make generate:suite respect bootstrap setting in #2512. By @dmitrivereshchagin


  • [REST] Added matching data types by with new methods seeResponseMatchesJsonType and dontSeeResponseMatchesJsonType. See #2391
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] added _request and _loadPage hidden API methods for performing arbitrary requests.
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed seeInField, dontSeeInField for disabled fields #2378. See #2414.
  • Environment files can now be located in subfolders of tests/_env by @Zifius
  • [Symfony2] Fixed issue when accessing profiler when no request has been performed #652.
  • [Symfony2] Added amOnRoute and seeCurrentRouteIs methods by @raistlin
  • [ZF2] Added amOnRoute and seeCurrentRouteIs methods module, by @Naktibalda
  • Fixed issue with trailing slashes in seeCurrentUrlEquals and dontSeeCurrentUrlEquals methods #2324. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • Warning is displayed once using unconfigured environment.
  • Fixed loading environment configurations for Cept files by @splinter89
  • Fixed bootstrap with namespaces to inject namespaced actor classes properly.
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] added hidden _request() method to send requests to backend from Helper classes.
  • [Laravel5] Added disableEvents(), enableEvents() and expectEvents() methods. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Laravel5] Added dontSeeFormErrors() method. By @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Db] Deleted Oracle driver (it existed by mistake, the real driver is Oci). By @Naktibalda
  • [Db] Implemented getPrimaryKey method for Sqlite, Mysql, Postgresql, Oracle and MsSql. By @Naktibalda
  • [Db] Implemented support for composite primary keys and tables without primary keys. By @Naktibalda
  • Fixed the scalarizeArray to be aware of NULL fields #2264. By @fbidu
  • [Soap] Fixed SOAP module #2296. By @relaxart
  • Fixed a bug where blank lines in a groups file would run every test in the project #2297. By @imjoehaines
  • [WebDriver] seeNumberOfElements should only count visible elements #2303. By @sascha-egerer
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Verbose output for all HTTP requests. By @Naktibalda
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Throw Codeception\Exception\ExternalUrlException when framework module tries to open an external URL #2328. By @Naktibalda
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Added switchToIframe method. By @Naktibalda
  • [Dbh] module deprecated


  • Updated to PHPUnit 4.8
  • Enhancement: Wildcard includes enabled when testing multiple applications. See #2016 By @nzod
  • [Symfony2] fixed Doctrine2 integration: Doctrine transactions will start before each test and rollback afterwards. 2015-08-08
  • [Doctrine2] establishing connection and starting transaction is moved to _before. 2015-08-08
  • [PhpBrowser] Removed disabled and file fields from form values. By @Naktibalda 2015-08-08
  • [ZF2] Added grabServiceFromContainer function. By InVeX 2015-08-08
  • [PhpBrowser][Guzzle6] Disabled strict mode of CookieJar #2234 By @Naktibalda 2015-08-04
  • [Laravel5] Added disableMiddleware() and enableMiddleware() methods. By @janhenkgerritsen 2015-08-07
  • Enhancement: If a specific *ActorActions trait does not exist in tests/_support/_generated directory, it will be created automatically before run.
  • Enhancement: do not execute all included suites if you run one specific suite 2015-08-08
  • Extension\Recorder navigate over slides with left and right arrow keys, do not create screenshots for comment steps.
  • Extension\Recorder generates index html for all saved records.
  • Extension\Recorder fixed for creating directories twice. Fixed #2216
  • Extension\Logger fixed #2216
  • Fixed injection of Helpers into Cest and Test files. See #2222
  • Stub::makeEmpty on interfaces works again by @Naktibalda
  • Command generate:scenarios fixed for Cest files by @mkudenko See #1962
  • [Db] Quoted table name in Db::select, removed identical methods from child classes by @Naktibalda. See #2231
  • [WebDriver] added support for running tests on a remote server behind a proxy with http_proxy and http_proxy_port config options by @jdq22 2015-07-29
  • [Laravel] Fixed issue with error handling for haveRecord() method in Laravel modules #2217 by @janhenkgerritsen 2015-07-28
  • Fixed displayed XML/HTML report path #2187 by @Naktibalda 2015-07-27
  • [WebDriver] Fixed waitForElementChange fatal error by @stipsan
  • [Db] Enhanced dollar quoting ($$) processing in PostgreSQL driver by @YasserHassan 2015-07-20
  • [REST] Created tests for file-upload with REST module. By @Naktibalda 2015-08-08
  • [Lumen] Fixed issue where wrong request object was passed to the Lumen application by @janhenkgerritsen 2015-07-18


  • [WebDriver] Upgraded to facebook/webdriver 1.0 2015-07-11 WebDriver classes were moved to Facebook\WebDriver namespace. Please take that into account when using WebDriver API directly. Till 2.2 Codeception will keep non-namespaced aliases of WebDriver classes.
  • Module Reference now contains documentation for hidden API methods which should be used in Helper classes
  • Skipped and Incomplete tests won't fire test.before and test.after events. For instance, WebDriver browser won't be started and Db cleanups won't be executed on incomplete or skipped tests.
  • Annotations skip and incomplete enabled in Cest files #2131
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] _findElements($locator) method added to use in Helper classes 2015-07-11 Now you can use $this->getModule('WebDriver')->findElements('.user'); in Helpers to match all elements with user class using WebDriver module
  • [PhpBrowser] Fixed amOnUrl method to open absolute URLs.
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fix for fillField using values that contain ampersands by @GawainLynch and @zbateson Issue #2132
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed missing HTTPS when trying to access protected pages #2141


  • Recorder extension added. Shows acceptance test progress with a recorded slideshow.
  • Updated to Guzzle 6. Codeception can now work both with Guzzle v5 and Guzzle v6. PhpBrowser chooses right connector depending on Guzzle version installed. By @davertmik and @enumag
  • Annotations in Cept files. Instead of calling $scenario->skip(), $scenario->group('firefox'), etc, it is recommended to set scenario metadata with annotations // @skip, // @group firefox. Annotations can be parsed from line or block comments. $scenario->skip() and $scenario->incomplete() are still valid and can be executed inside conditional statements: if (!extension_loaded('xdebug')) $scenario->skip('Xdebug required')
  • PSR-4: all support classes moved to tests/_support by default. Actors, Helpers, PageObjects, StepObjects, GroupObjects to follow PSR-4 naming style. Autoloader implemented by @splinter89.
  • Dependency Injection: support classes can be injected into tests. Support classes can be injected into each other too. This happens by implementing method _inject and explicitly specifying class names as parameters. Implemented by @splinter89.
  • Actor classes can be extended, their generated parts were moved to special traits in _generated namespace. Each *Tester class can be updated with custom methods.
  • Module config simplified: Modules can be configured in enabled section of suite config.
  • Conflicts: module can define conflicts with each other by implementing _conflicts method
  • Dependencies: module can explicitly define dependencies and expect their injection by implementing _inject and _depends methods and relying on dependency injection container.
  • Current modules, environment, and test name can be received in scenario. Example: $scenario->current('env') returns current environment name. Fixes #1251
  • Environment Matrix: environments can be merged. Environment configs can be created in tests/_envs, environment generator added. Implemented by By @sjableka. See #1747
  • Custom Printers: XML, JSON, TAP, Report printers can be redefined in configuration. See #1425
  • [Db] Added reconnect option for long running tests, which will connect to database before the test and disconnect after. By @Naktibalda
  • Module parts. Actions of modules can be loaded partially in order to disable actions which are not used in current tests. For instance, disable web actions of framework modules in unit testsing.
  • Kohana, Symfony1, Doctrine1 modules considered deprecated and moved to standalone packages.
  • shuffle added to settings. Randomizes order of running tests. See #1504
  • Console output improved: scenario stack traces contain files and lines of fail.
  • [Doctrine2][Symfony2] symfony_em_service config option moved from Doctrine2 to Symfony2 module and renamed to em_service 2015-06-03
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed cloning form nodes Codeception\Lib\InnerBrowser::getFormFromCrawler(): ID XXX already defined 2015-05-13
  • [WebDriver] session snapshot implemented, allows to store cookies and load them, i.e., to keep user session between testss.
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Malformed XPath locators wil throw an exception #1441
  • MODULE_INIT event is fired before initializing modules #1370
  • Graceful tests termination using pcntl_signal. See #1286
  • Group classes renamed to GroupObjects; Base GroupObject class renamed to Codeception\GroupObject
  • Official extensions moved to ext dir; Base Extension class renamed to Codeception\Extension
  • Duplicate environment options won't cause Codeception to run environment tests twice
  • [Phalcon1] haveServiceInDi method implemented by @sergeyklay
  • [Db] seeNumRecords method added by @sergeyklay


  • [Phalcon1] Fixed getting has more than one field by @sergeyklay #2010.
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Compute relative URIs against the effective request URI when there is a redirect. #2058 #2057
  • [PhpBrowser] Fixed Guzzle Connector headers by @valeriyaslovikovskaya #2028
  • [Symfony2] kernel is created for every test by @quaninte #2020
  • [WebDriver] Added WebDriver init settings connection_timeout and request_timeout by @n8whnp #2065
  • [MongoDb] added ability to change the database by @clarkeash #2015
  • [Doctrine2] Fixed issues after first request is made #2025 @AlexStansfield
  • [REST] Improved JsonArray to compare repeated values correctly by @Naktibalda #2070
  • [MongoDb] Remove not necessary config fields user and password by @nicklasos
  • Stub::construct can be used to set private/protected properties by @Naktibalda #2082
  • Fixed @before and @after hooks in Cest. _before method was executed on each call of method specified in @before annotation 2015-06-15
  • [Laravel5] Fix for domains in route() helper. See #2000. 2015-06-04
  • [REST] Fixed sending JsonSerializable object on POST by @Naktibalda and @andersonamuller. See #1988 #1994
  • [MongoDb] escaped filename shell argument for loading MongoDB by @christoph-hautzinger. #1998 2015-06-03
  • [Lumen] Module added by @janhenkgerritsen


  • Improved output 2015-05-22
    • data providers print simplified
    • output respects console size with tput and tries to fit area
    • non-interactive environments for tput are ignored
  • [Frameworks][PhpBrowser][Symfony2] Fields are passed as PHP-array on form submission the same way as Symfony\Component\DomCrawler\Form->getPhpValues() does. Fixes fails of Symfony form tests 2015-05-22
  • [Laravel4] Fixed bug with filters. See #1810. 2015-05-21
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed working associative array form fields (like FooBar[bar]). Fixes regression #1923 by @davertmik and @zbateson.
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed cloning form nodes Codeception\Lib\InnerBrowser::getFormFromCrawler(): ID XXX already defined 2015-05-13
  • [Laravel4] [Laravel5] Improved error message for amOnRoute and amOnAction methods if route or action does not exist 2015-05-04
  • [Laravel4] Fixed issue with session configuration 2015-05-01
  • [Laravel4] Partial rewrite of module 2015-05-01
    • Added getApplication() method
    • Added seeFormHasErrors(), seeFormErrorMessages(array $bindings) and seeFormErrorMessage($key, $errorMessage) methods
    • Deprecated seeSessionHasErrors() and seeSessionErrorMessage(array $bindings) methods.
  • fixed stderr output messages in PHPStorm console 2015-04-26
  • Allow following symlinks when searching for tests by @nechutny
  • Fixed g:scenarios --single-file missing linebreaks between scenarios by @Zifius Parially fixes #1866
  • [Frameworks][PhpBrowser] Fixed errors like [ErrorException] Array to string conversion when using strict locators. Fix by @neochief #1881
  • [Frameworks][PhpBrowser] Fix for URLs with query parameters not properly constructed for GET form submissions by @zbateson Fixes #1891
  • [Facebook] Updated Facebook SDK to 4.0 by @enginvardar. See #1896.
  • [DB] Quote table name in Db::getPrimaryKeyColumn and Db::deleteQueryMethods by @Naktibalda. See #1912
  • [Silex] Can be used for API functional testing. Improvement by @arduanov See #1945
  • [Doctrine2] Added new config option symfony_em_service to specify service name for Doctrine entity manager in Symfony DIC by @danieltuwien #1915
  • [Db] Reversed order of removing records with foreign keys created by haveInDatabase. Fixes #1942 by @satahippy
  • [Db] Quote names in PostgreSQL queries. Fix #1916 by @satahippy
  • [ZF1] Various improvements by @Naktibalda See #1924
  • [ZF2][ZF2] Improved passing request headers by @Naktibalda
  • [Phalcon1] Improved dependency injector container check by @sergeyklay #1967
  • [Yii2] Enabled logging by @TriAnMan #1539
  • Attribute feature added to xml reports in Codeception\TestCase\Test test report by @tankist. See #1964
  • Fixed #1779 by @Naktibalda
  • ...special thanks to @Naktibalda for creating demo ZF1 and ZF2 applications with api tests examples.


  • Updated to PHPUnit 4.6
  • [Db] fixed regression introduced in 2.0.11. haveInDatabase works in PostgreSQL on tables with 'id' as primary key. Fix by @akireikin #1846 #1761
  • added --no-rebuild option to disable automatic actor classes rebuilds 2015-04-24
  • suppressed warnings on failed actor classes auto-rebuilds
  • enable group listener for grouping with annotation by @litpuvn Fixes #1830
  • unix terminals output improved by calculating screen size. Done by @DexterHD See #1858
  • [Yii2] Remove line to activate request parsers by @m8rge #1843
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Various fillField/submitForm improvements by @zbateson See #1840. Fixes #1828, #1689
  • Allow following symlinks when searching for tests by @nechutny #1862


  • [Laravel5] Fix for undefined method Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request::route() by @janhenkgerritsen
  • [Yii2] Fix https support and verbose output added by @TriAnMan See #1770
  • [Yii2] haveRecord to insert insert unsafe attributes by @nkovacs. Fixes #1775
  • [Asserts] assertSame and assertNotSame added by @hidechae 2015-04-03
  • [Laravel5] Add packages option for application packages by @jonathantorres #1782
  • [PhpBrowser][WebDriver][Frameworks] seeInFormFields method added for checking multiple form field values. See #1795 2015-04-03
  • [ZF2] Fixed setting Content-Type header by @Gorp See #1796 2015-04-03
  • [Yii2] Pass body request into yii2 request, allowing to send Xml payload by @m8rge. See #1806
  • Fixed conditional assertions firing TEST_AFTER event by @zbateson. Issues #1647 #1354 and #1111 2015-04-03
  • Fixing mocking Laravel models by removing __mocked property in classes created with Stub by @EVODelavega See #1785 2015-04-03
  • [WebDriver] submitForm allows array parameter values by @zbateson 2015-04-03
  • [SOAP] Added framework_collect_buffer option to disable buffering output by @Noles 2015-04-03
  • [Laravel4] added to run artisan commands by @bgetsug 2015-04-03
  • [AMQP] add a routing key to a push to exchange by @jistok 2015-04-03
  • Interactive console updated to work with namespaces by @jistok 2015-04-03
  • [PhpBrowser] added deleteHeader method by @zbateson 2015-04-03
  • Disabling loading of bootstrap files by setting bootstrap: false in globall settings or inside suite config. Fixes #1813 2015-04-03


  • Updated to PHPUnit 4.5 2015-02-23
  • [Laravel5] module added by @janhenkgerritsen 2015-02-23
  • Fixed problem with extensions being always loaded with default options by @sjableka. Fixes #1716 2015-02-23
  • [Db] Cleanup now works for tables with primary is not named 'id'. Fix by @KennethVeipert See #1727 2015-02-23
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] submitForm improvements by @zbateson: 2015-02-23

Removed submitForm's reliance on using parse_str and parse_url to generate params (which caused unexpected side-effects like failing for values with ampersands).

Modified the css selector for input elements so disabled input elements don't get sent default values.

Modifications to ensure multiple values get sent correctly.

  • [Laravel4] middleware is loaded on requests. Fixed #1680 by @jotweh 2015-02-23
  • [Dbh] Begin transaction only unless transaction is already in progress by @thecatontheflat 2015-02-23
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fix quiet crash when crawler is null by @aivus. See #1714 2015-02-23
  • [Yii2] Fixed usage of PUT method by @miroslav-chandler 2015-02-23


  • [WebDriver] Saving and restoring session snapshots implemented 2015-03-16


  • Console Improvement: better formatting of test progress. Improved displaying of debug messages and PHP Fatal Errors. Codeception now uses features of interactive shell to print testing progress. In case of non-interactive shell (when running from CI like Jenkins) this feature is gracefully degraded to standard mode. You can turn off interactive printing manually by providing --no-interaction option or simply -n
  • ExceptionWrapper messages unpacked into normal and verbose exceptions.
  • HTML reports now allow to filter tests by status. Thanks to @raistlin
  • Added '_failed' hook for Cest tests. Fixes #1660 2015-02-02
  • [REST] fixed setting Host header. Issue #1650 2015-02-02
  • [Laravel4] Disconnecting from database after each test to prevent Too many connections exception #1665 by @mnabialek 2015-02-02
  • [Symfony2] Fixed kernel reuse in #1656 by @hacfi 2015-02-01
  • [REST] request params are now correctly saved to $this->params property. Fixes #1682 by @gmhenderson 2015-02-01
  • Interactive shell updated: deprecated Symfony helpers replaced, printed output cleaned 2015-01-28
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed matchOption to return the option value in case there is no value attribute by @synchrone. See #1663 2015-01-26
  • Fixed remote context options on CodeCoverage by @synchrone. See #1664 2015-01-26
  • [MongoDb] seeNumElementsInCollection method added by @sahanh
  • [MongoDb] Added new methods: grabCollectionCount, seeElementIsArray, seeElementIsObject by @antoniofrignani
  • [WebDriver] Allow selectOption() to select options not inside forms by @n8whnp See #1638
  • [FTP] Added support for sftp connections with an RSA SSH key by @mattvot.
  • [PhpBrowser][WebDriver] allows to handle domain and path for cookies 2015-01-24
  • [CLI] Allow CLI module to handle nonzero response codes without failing by @DevShep
  • [Yii2] Fix the bug with session_id(). See #1606 by @TriAnMan
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fix double slashes in certain forms submitted by submitForm by @Revisor. See #1625
  • [Facebook] grabFacebookTestUserId method added by @ipalaus
  • Always eval error level settings passed from config file.


  • Fixed Symfony 2.6 compatibility in Yaml::parse by @antonioribeiro
  • Specific tests can be executed without adding .php extension by @antonioribeiro See #1531 2014-12-20

Now you can run specific test using shorter format:

codecept run unit tests/unit/Codeception/TestLoaderTest
codecept run unit Codeception
codecept run unit Codeception:testAddCept

codecept run unit Codeception/TestLoaderTest.php
codecept run unit Codeception/TestLoaderTest
codecept run unit Codeception/TestLoaderTest.php:testAddCept
codecept run unit Codeception/TestLoaderTest:testAddCept

codecept run unit tests/unit/Codeception
codecept run unit tests/unit/Codeception:testAddCept
codecept run unit tests/unit/Codeception/TestLoaderTest.php
codecept run unit tests/unit/Codeception/TestLoaderTest.php:testAddCept
codecept run unit tests/unit/Codeception/TestLoaderTest
codecept run unit tests/unit/Codeception/TestLoaderTest:testAddCept
  • [Db] Remove table constraints prior to drop table in clean up for SqlSrv by @jonsa 2014-12-20
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed: submitForm with form using site-root relative paths may fail depending on configuration #1510 by @zbateson 2014-12-20
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] seeInField method to work for radio, checkbox and select fields. Thanks to @zbateson 2014-12-20
  • Fixed usage of --no-colors flag by @zbateson. Issue #1562 2014-12-20
  • [REST] sendXXX methods now encode objects implementing JsonSerializable interfaces. 2014-12-19
  • [REST] added methods to validate JSON structure 2014-12-19

seeResponseJsonMatchesJsonPath validates response JSON against JsonPath. Usage of JsonPath requires library flow/jsonpath to be installed.

seeResponseJsonMatchesXpath validates response JSON against XPath. It converts JSON structure into valid XML document and executes XPath for it.

grabDataFromResponseByJsonPath method was added as well to grab data JSONPath.

  • [REST] grabDataFromJsonResponse deprecated in favor of grabDataFromResponseByJsonPath 2014-12-19
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] fixed Unreachable field error while filling [] fields in input and textarea fields. Issues #1585 #1602 2014-12-18


  • Dependencies updated: facebook/php-webdriver 0.5.x and guzzle 5 2014-11-17
  • [WebDriver] Fixed selectOption and (dont)seeOptionIsSelected for multiple radio button groups by @MasonM. See #1467 2014-11-18
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Clicked submit button can be specified as 3rd parameter in submitForm method by @zbateson. See #1518
  • [ZF1] Format ZF response to Symfony\Component\BrowserKit\Response by @MOuli90. Fixes #1476
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] fixed grabValueFrom method by @zbateson. See #1512
  • [Db] Fixed Postgresql error with schemas by @rafreis. Fixes #970
  • [PhpBrowser] Fix for meta refresh tags with interval by @zbateson. See #1515
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed: grabTextFrom doesn't work with regex by @zbateson. See #1519
  • Cest tests support multiple @before and @after annotations. Thanks to @draculus and @zbateson. See #1517
  • [FTP] Stops test execution on failed connection by @yegortokmakov
  • [AMQP] Fix for purging queues on initialization stage. Check for open channel is not needed and it prevents from cleaning queue by @yegortokmakov
  • CodeCoverage remote context configuration added by @synchrone. See #1524 Documentation updated
  • Implemented better descriptions for error exception. Fix #1503
  • Added c3_url option to code coverage settings. c3_url allows to explicitly set url for index file with c3 included. See #1024
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed selecting checkbock in a group of checkboxes #1535
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] submitForm sends default values for radio buttons and checkboxes by @zbateson. Fixes #1507 2014-11-3
  • [ZF2] Close any open ZF2 sessions by @FnTm. See #1486 2014-10-24


  • [Db] Made the postgresql loader load $$ syntax correctly by @rtuin. See #1450 2014-10-12
  • [Yii1] fixed syntax typo in Yii1 Connector by @xt99 2014-10-12
  • [PhpBrowser][WebDriver] amOnUrl method added for opening absolute urls. This behavior taken from amOnPage method, initially introduced in 2.0.6 2014-10-12
  • Fixed usage of whitespaces in wantTo. See #1456 2014-10-12
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] fillField is matching element by name, then by CSS. Fixes #1454 2014-10-12


  • Fixed list of executed suites while running included suites by @gureedo. See #1427 2014-10-08
  • [Frameworks] support files and request names containing square brackets, dots, spaces. See #1438. Thanks to @kkopachev 2014-10-08
  • [PhpBrowser] array of files for Guzzle to support format: file[foo][bar]. Fixes #342 by @kkopachev 2014-10-07
  • Added strict mode for XML generation. 2014-10-06

In this mode only standard JUnit attributes are added to XML reports, so special attributes like feature won't be included. This improvement fixes usage XML reports with Jenkins #1408 To enable strict xml generation add to codeception.yml:

    strict_xml: true
  • Fixed retrieval of codecoverage reports on remote server #1379 2014-10-06
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Malformed XPath won't throw fatal error, but makes tests fail. Fixes #1409 2014-10-06
  • Build command generates actors for included suites. See #1267 2014-10-03
  • CodeCoverage throws error on unsuccessful requests (status code is not 200) to remote server. Fixes #346 2014-10-03
  • CodeCoverage can be disabled per suite. Fix #1249 2014-10-02
  • Fix: --colors and --no-colors options can override settings from config 2014-10-02
  • [WebDriver] waitForElement* methods accept strict locators and WebDriverBy as parameters. See #1396 2014-09-29
  • [PhpBrowser] executeInGuzzle uses baseUrl set from config. Fixes #1416 2014-09-29
  • [Laravel4] fire booted callbacks between requests without kernel reboot. Fixes #1389, See #1415 2014-09-29
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] submitForm accepts forms with document-relative paths. Fixes #1274 2014-09-28
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed #1381: fillField fails for a form without a submit button by @zbateson 2014-09-28
  • [PhpBrowser][WebDriver] amOnPage now accepts absolute urls 2014-09-27
  • [Db] ignore errors from lastInsertId by @tomykaira 2014-09-27
  • [WebDriver] saves HTML snapshot on fail 2014-09-27
  • [WebDriver] fixed #1392: findField should select by id, css, then fall back on xpath 2014-09-27
  • [WebDriver] Don't check for xpath if css selector is set, by @Danielss89 #1367 2014-09-27
  • Specify actor class for friends by @tomykaira. See #1394 2014-09-27


  • [Queue] module added with AWS,, and Beanstalkd support. Thanks to @nathanmac 2014-08-21
  • [WebDriver] fixed attachFile error message when file does not exists #1333 by @TroyRudolph 2014-08-21
  • [Asserts] Added assertLessThan and assertLessThanOrEqual by @Great-Antique 2014-08-21
  • [ZF2] fixed #1283 by @dkiselew 2014-08-21
  • Added functionality to Stub to allow ConsecutiveCallStub. See #1300 by @nathanmac 2014-08-21
  • Cest generator inserts object into _before and _after methods by @TroyRudolph 2014-08-21
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] Fixed #1304 - ->selectOption() fails if two submit buttons present by @fdjohnston 2014-08-21
  • [WebDriver][PhpBrowser][Frameworks] seeNumberOfElements method added by @dynasource 2014-08-21
  • recursive runner for included suites by @dynasource 2014-08-21
  • Disabled skipped/incomplete tests logging in jUnit logger for smooth Bamboo integration by @ayastreb 2014-08-21


  • [Laravel4] More functional, cli, and api tests added to demo application 2014-08-05
  • Fix: GroupManager uses DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for loaded tests 2014-08-05
  • [Laravel4] Uses app.url config value for creating requests. Fixes #1095 2014-08-04
  • [Laravel4] seeAuthenticated / dontSeeAuthenticated assertions added to check that current user is authenticated 2014-08-04
  • [Laravel4] logout action added 2014-08-04
  • [Laravel4] amLoggedAs can login user by credentials 2014-08-04
  • [Laravel4] Added amOnRoute, amOnAction, seeCurrentRouteIs, seeCurrentActionIs actions 2014-08-04
  • [Laravel4] Added haveEnabledFilters and haveDisabledFilters actions to toggle filters in runtime 2014-08-04
  • [Laravel4] Added filters option to enable filters on testing 2014-08-04
  • [REST] seeResponseContainsJson should not take arrays order into account. See #1268 2014-08-04
  • [REST] grabDataFromJsonResponse accepts empty path to return entire json response 2014-08-04
  • [REST] print_r replaced with var_export for better output on json comparison #1210 2014-08-02
  • [REST] Reset request variables in the before hook by @brutuscat #1232 2014-08-01
  • [Db] Oci driver for oracle database by @Sikolasol #1234 #1243 2014-08-01
  • [Laravel4] Unit testing and test environment are now configurable #1255 by @ipalaus 2014-08-01
  • [Laravel4] Fixed Cest testing when using Laravel's Auth #1258 by @ipalaus 2014-08-01
  • FIX #948 code coverage HTML: uncovered files missing by @RLasinski 2014-07-26
  • [Laravel4] project root relative config parameter added by @kernio 2014-07-26


  • [Symfony2] Symfony3 directory structure implemented by @a6software 2014-07-21
  • Console: printing returned values 2014-07-21
  • FIX: TAP and JSON logging should not be started when no option --json or --tap provided 2014-07-21
  • [Doctrine2] FIXED: persisting transaction between Symfony requests 2014-07-19
  • [Symfony2] created Symfony2 connector with persistent services 2014-07-19
  • [Doctrine2] implemented haveInRepository method (previously empty) 2014-07-17
  • When Cest fails @after method wont be executed 2014-07-17
  • [Laravel4] App is rebooted before each test. Fixes #1205 2014-07-15
  • FIX: codeception/specify is now available in phar 2014-07-14
  • FIX: Interactive console works again 2014-07-09
  • _bootstrap.php is now loaded before beforeSuite module hooks.
  • FIX: Suite _bootstrap.php was loaded after test run by @samdark 2014-07-11


  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] correctly send values when there are several submit buttons in a form by @TrustNik 2014-07-08
  • [REST] fixed connection with framework modules 2014-07-06
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] checkOption now works for checkboxes with array[] name by @TrustNik
  • [PhpBrowser][Frameworks] FIX: seeOptionIsSelected and dontSeeOptionIsSelected now works with radiobuttons by @TrustNik 2014-07-05
  • [FTP] MODULE ADDED by @nathanmac 2014-07-05
  • [WebDriver] Enabled remote upload of local files to remote selenium server by @motin 2014-07-05
  • [Yii2][Yii1] disabled logging for better functional test performance


  • [Phalcon1] Fixed connector
  • [WebDriver] added seeInPageSource and dontSeeInPageSource methods
  • [WebDriver] see method now checks only for visible BODY element by @artyfarty
  • [REST] added Bearer authentication by @dizews
  • removed auto added submit buttons in forms previously used as hook for DomCrawler
  • BUGFIX: PHP 5.4.x compatibility fixed. Sample error output: 'Method WelcomeCept.php does not exist' #1084 #1069 #1109
  • Second parameter of Cest method is treated as scenario variable on parse. Fix #1058
  • prints raw stack trace including codeception classes in -vvv mode
  • screenshots on fail are saved to properly named files #1075
  • [Symfony2] added debug config option to switch debug mode by @pmcjury


  • renamed _logs dir to _output by default
  • renamed _helpers dir to _support by default
  • Guy renamed to Tester
  • Bootstrap command got 3 installation modes: default, compat, setup
  • added --coverage-text option


  • removed fabpot/goutte, added Guzzle4 connector
  • group configuration can accept groups by patterns


  • [WebDriver] makeScreenshot does not use filename of a test
  • added grabAttributeFrom
  • seeElement to accept attributes in second parameter: seeElement('input',['name'=>'login'])


  • executeInGuzzle is back in PhpBrowser
  • environment can be accessed via ->env in test
  • before/after methods of Cest can take object
  • moved logger to extension
  • bootstrap files are loaded before suite only
  • extension can reconfigure global config
  • removed RefactorAddNamespace and Analyze commands
  • added options to set output files for xml, html reports, and coverage
  • added extension to rerun failed tests
  • webdriver upgraded to 0.4
  • upgraded to PHPUnit 4