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Textarea In Disabled Fieldset Wrongly Submitted #4426

moebrowne opened this issue Jul 28, 2017 · 1 comment

Textarea In Disabled Fieldset Wrongly Submitted #4426

moebrowne opened this issue Jul 28, 2017 · 1 comment


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@moebrowne moebrowne commented Jul 28, 2017

What are you trying to achieve?

Use the submitForm to submit a form which includes a textarea in a disabled fieldset.

What do you get instead?

The submitForm incorrectly includes textarea fields if they are in a disabled fieldset

Running this test:


Will incorrectly submit the content field in a form like this:

<form action="http://localhost:8000/submit" method="POST" class="testing" accept-charset="UTF-8">
    <fieldset disabled>
        <textarea name="content"></textarea>

Possibly something that was overlooked in the fix for #560


  • Codeception version: 2.3.4
  • PHP Version: 5.6.31
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04
  • Installation type: Composer
  • List of installed packages
barryvdh/laravel-debugbar             v2.3.2                                    PHP Debugbar integration for Laravel
behat/gherkin                         v4.4.5                                    Gherkin DSL parser for PHP 5.3
brianmcdo/image-palette               v2.0.1                                    Extracts colors from an image and generates a color palette agai...
cartalyst/sentinel                    v2.0.15                                   PHP 5.4+ Fully-featured Authentication & Authorization System
cartalyst/support                     v1.2.0                                    Support helpers.
classpreloader/classpreloader         3.1.0                                     Helps class loading performance by generating a single PHP file ...
codeception/codeception               2.3.4                                     BDD-style testing framework
composer/installers                   v1.3.0                                    A multi-framework Composer library installer
danielstjules/stringy                 1.10.0                                    A string manipulation library with multibyte support
dimsav/laravel-translatable           v5.6.1                                    A Laravel package for multilingual models
dnoegel/php-xdg-base-dir              0.1                                       implementation of xdg base directory specification for php
doctrine/annotations                  v1.2.7                                    Docblock Annotations Parser
doctrine/cache                        v1.6.1                                    Caching library offering an object-oriented API for many cache b...
doctrine/collections                  v1.3.0                                    Collections Abstraction library
doctrine/common                       v2.6.2                                    Common Library for Doctrine projects
doctrine/dbal                         v2.5.12                                   Database Abstraction Layer
doctrine/inflector                    v1.1.0                                    Common String Manipulations with regard to casing and singular/p...
doctrine/instantiator                 1.0.5                                     A small, lightweight utility to instantiate objects in PHP witho...
doctrine/lexer                        v1.0.1                                    Base library for a lexer that can be used in Top-Down, Recursive...
erusev/parsedown                      1.6.2                                     Parser for Markdown.
erusev/parsedown-extra                0.7.1                                     An extension of Parsedown that adds support for Markdown Extra.
ezyang/htmlpurifier                   v4.9.3                                    Standards compliant HTML filter written in PHP
facebook/webdriver                    1.2.0                                     A PHP client for WebDriver
floatingpoint/stylist                 0.5.0                                     Laravel 5 theming package.
fzaninotto/faker                      v1.6.0                                    Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you.
guzzlehttp/guzzle                     5.3.1                                     Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client library and framework for building R...
guzzlehttp/psr7                       1.4.2                                     PSR-7 message implementation that also provides common utility m...
guzzlehttp/ringphp                    1.1.0                                     Provides a simple API and specification that abstracts away the ...
guzzlehttp/streams                    3.0.0                                     Provides a simple abstraction over streams of data
intervention/image                    2.3.13                                    Image handling and manipulation library with support for Laravel...
jakub-onderka/php-console-color       0.1                                      
jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter v0.3.2                                   
jeremeamia/SuperClosure               2.3.0                                     Serialize Closure objects, including their context and binding
laracasts/flash                       1.3.4                                     Easy flash notifications
laracasts/presenter                   0.2.1                                     Simple view presenters
laravel/framework                     v5.1.46                                   The Laravel Framework.
laravelcollective/html                v5.1.10                                  
league/color-extractor                0.3.2                                     Extract colors from an image as a human would do.
league/flysystem                      1.0.40                                    Filesystem abstraction: Many filesystems, one API.
maatwebsite/laravel-sidebar           2.1.5                                     A sidebar builder for Laravel
maximebf/debugbar                     1.13.1                                    Debug bar in the browser for php application
mcamara/laravel-localization          1.0.13                                    Easy localization for Laravel
monolog/monolog                       1.22.1                                    Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and variou...
mtdowling/cron-expression             v1.2.0                                    CRON for PHP: Calculate the next or previous run date and determ...
nesbot/carbon                         1.22.1                                    A simple API extension for DateTime.
nikic/php-parser                      v2.1.1                                    A PHP parser written in PHP
paragonie/random_compat               v1.4.2                                    PHP 5.x polyfill for random_bytes() and random_int() from PHP 7
phpdocumentor/reflection-common       1.0                                       Common reflection classes used by phpdocumentor to reflect the c...
phpdocumentor/reflection-docblock     3.1.1                                     With this component, a library can provide support for annotatio...
phpdocumentor/type-resolver           0.2.1                                    
phpoffice/phpexcel                    1.8.1                                     PHPExcel - OpenXML - Read, Create and Write Spreadsheet document...
phpspec/php-diff                      v1.0.2                                    A comprehensive library for generating differences between two h...
phpspec/phpspec                       2.5.7                                     Specification-oriented BDD framework for PHP 5.3+
phpspec/prophecy                      v1.7.0                                    Highly opinionated mocking framework for PHP 5.3+
phpunit/php-code-coverage             2.2.4                                     Library that provides collection, processing, and rendering func...
phpunit/php-file-iterator             1.4.2                                     FilterIterator implementation that filters files based on a list...
phpunit/php-text-template             1.2.1                                     Simple template engine.
phpunit/php-timer                     1.0.9                                     Utility class for timing
phpunit/php-token-stream              1.4.11                                    Wrapper around PHP's tokenizer extension.
phpunit/phpunit                       4.8.35                                    The PHP Unit Testing framework.
phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects          2.3.8                                     Mock Object library for PHPUnit
pingpong/generators                   v2.1.5                                    Laravel Generators
pingpong/menus                        v2.1.5                                    Laravel Menus
pingpong/modules                      dev-feature/5.1 722cccd                   Laravel Modules
pingpong/support                      v2.1.5                                    Support Component of Pingpong Sky Package
psr/http-message                      1.0.1                                     Common interface for HTTP messages
psr/log                               1.0.2                                     Common interface for logging libraries
psy/psysh                             v0.7.2                                    An interactive shell for modern PHP.
react/promise                         v2.5.1                                    A lightweight implementation of CommonJS Promises/A for PHP
regulus/activity-log                  v0.6.2                                    A clean and simple Laravel 5 activity logger for monitoring user...
regulus/tetra-text                    v0.6.9                                    A small text/string formatting composer package for Laravel 5 th...
roumen/feed                           v2.10.5                                   A simple feed generator for Laravel.
sebastian/comparator                  1.2.4                                     Provides the functionality to compare PHP values for equality
sebastian/diff                        1.4.3                                     Diff implementation
sebastian/environment                 1.3.8                                     Provides functionality to handle HHVM/PHP environments
sebastian/exporter                    1.2.2                                     Provides the functionality to export PHP variables for visualiza...
sebastian/global-state                1.1.1                                     Snapshotting of global state
sebastian/recursion-context           1.0.5                                     Provides functionality to recursively process PHP variables
sebastian/version                     1.0.6                                     Library that helps with managing the version number of Git-hoste...
stecman/symfony-console-completion    0.7.0                                     Automatic BASH completion for Symfony Console Component based ap...
swiftmailer/swiftmailer               v5.4.8                                    Swiftmailer, free feature-rich PHP mailer
symfony/browser-kit                   v2.8.25                                   Symfony BrowserKit Component
symfony/console                       v2.7.27                                   Symfony Console Component
symfony/css-selector                  v2.8.20                                   Symfony CssSelector Component
symfony/debug                         v2.7.27                                   Symfony Debug Component
symfony/dom-crawler                   v2.7.27                                   Symfony DomCrawler Component
symfony/event-dispatcher              v2.8.20                                   Symfony EventDispatcher Component
symfony/finder                        v2.7.27                                   Symfony Finder Component
symfony/http-foundation               v2.7.27                                   Symfony HttpFoundation Component
symfony/http-kernel                   v2.7.27                                   Symfony HttpKernel Component
symfony/polyfill-mbstring             v1.3.0                                    Symfony polyfill for the Mbstring extension
symfony/polyfill-php56                v1.3.0                                    Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 5.6+ features to lower PHP...
symfony/polyfill-util                 v1.3.0                                    Symfony utilities for portability of PHP codes
symfony/process                       v2.7.27                                   Symfony Process Component
symfony/routing                       v2.7.27                                   Symfony Routing Component
symfony/translation                   v2.7.27                                   Symfony Translation Component
symfony/var-dumper                    v2.7.27                                   Symfony mechanism for exploring and dumping PHP variables
symfony/yaml                          v3.2.8                                    Symfony Yaml Component
typicms/nestablecollection            v1.1.1                                    A Laravel Package that extends Collection to handle unlimited ne...
urodoz/truncate-html                  1.0.1                                     Handle truncate action on HTML strings
vlucas/phpdotenv                      v1.1.1                                    Loads environment variables from `.env` to `getenv()`, `$_ENV` a...
webmozart/assert                      1.2.0                                     Assertions to validate method input/output with nice error messa...

  • Suite configuration:
actor: AcceptanceTester
        - PhpBrowser:
            url: http://localhost:8000
        - \Helper\Acceptance
        - Db:
            dsn: 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=databaseName'
            user: 'dbUser'
            password: 'dbPass'
            dump: 'tests/_data/dump.sql'
            populate: true
            cleanup: false
            populator: 'mysql -u $user -p$password -h $host $dbname < $dump'
@moebrowne moebrowne changed the title Textarea Array In Disabled Fieldset Wrongly Submitted Textarea In Disabled Fieldset Wrongly Submitted Jul 28, 2017
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@moebrowne moebrowne commented Jul 29, 2017

Seems the same thing is happening for <select> elements, for example:

<form action="http://localhost:8000/submit" method="POST" class="testing" accept-charset="UTF-8">
    <fieldset disabled>
        <select name="content">
            <option value="alpha">Alpha</option>
            <option value="bravo">Bravo</option>
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