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Sample Laravel Application with Codeception tests.

Build Status <- see Travis CI integration


  • Clone repo
  • Install dependencies:
    • composer install
  • Create databases:
    • touch app/database/database.sqlite
    • touch app/database/testing.sqlite
    • php artisan migrate --seed
    • php artisan migrate --env=testing
  • Server: run php artisan serve
  • Browse to localhost:8000/posts
  • Enter as username, and password as the password

To test

Run Codeception, installed via Composer

./vendor/bin/codecept run


Please check out some good test examples provided.

Functional Tests

Demonstrates testing of CRUD application with

CLI Tests

Demonstrates testing of Artisan commands. See CliHelper to learn how to perform cleanup between tests, and create cutom runArtisan command

API Tests

Demonstrates functional testing of API using REST and Laravel4 modules connected, with

  • partial json inclusion in response
  • GET/POST/PUT/DELETE requests
  • check changes inside database