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Use this example at your own risk.
This file is inteded to demonstrate, how to intitiate a Release Manager 2015 release, from TFS new powershell build system, targeting SharePoint farm solution deployment.
The script has not been tested, and likely has errors! I no longer have access to a TFS/RM environment to test it. However it is based off a script I wrote, that is being used to deploy 100+ SharePoint farm solutions to multiple environments.
Since I wrote this script, more variables have been added that may simplify this. Check out the latest ones here
It is also worth noting, as of TFS 2015 Update 2, Release Manager will no longer be a seperate product ( so this script may not be neccessery.
param([string]$teamProject = $env:BUILD_REPOSITORY_NAME,
[string]$buildDefinition = $env:BUILD_BUILDDEFINITIONNAME,
[string]$buildNumber = $env:BUILD_BUILDNUMBER,
[string]$projectName = $null,
[string]$targetStageName = $null,
[string]$releasePath = $null,
[string]$teamProjectCollectionUrl = $env:SYSTEM_TEAMFOUNDATIONCOLLECTIONURI,
[string]$branch = $env:BUILD_SOURCEBRANCHNAME,
[string]$rmServerWithPort = $null,
[string]$teamFoundationServerUrl = $env:TF_BUILD_COLLECTIONURI,
function Get-StageId(){
#use the folling query to lookup all release paths, then get the stage id for the item with a matching release path name
[xml]$releaseDefinitions = Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $cred -Uri $releaseDefinitionService -Method Post
$element = $releaseDefinitions.SelectNodes('//ApplicationVersion') | select ReleasePathId, Name | where {$_.Name -like $releasePath}
$pathId = $element.ReleasePathId
if(-not $pathId){
log "could not find release pathId"
exit 1
$configurationService = "$RMApi/ConfigurationService/GetReleasePath?id=$pathId&api-version=6.0"
log $configurationService
[xml]$stages = Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $cred -Uri $configurationService -Method Post
$enviromentId = $stages.SelectNodes('//ReleasePath/Stages/Stage') | select Id, EnvironmentName | where {$_.EnvironmentName -like $targetStageName}
return $enviromentId.Id
function log([string]$s){
Write-Verbose $s -Verbose
function ValidateParams(){
if(-not $teamProject){
log "Team project cannot be null"
exit 1
if(-not $buildDefinition){
log "build definition cannot be null"
exit 1
if(-not $buildNumber){
log "build number cannot be null"
exit 1
if(-not $keyString){
log "key cannot be null"
exit 1
if(-not $targetStageName){
log "Target stage name cannot be null"
exit 1
if(-not $teamProjectCollectionUrl){
log "Team Project Collection Url cannot be null"
exit 1
if(-not $branch){
log "source branch cannot be null"
exit 1
function InitiateRelease() {
log "Executing with the following parameters:`n"
log " RMserver Name: $rmServerWithPort"
log " Team Foundation Server URL: $teamFoundationServerUrl"
log " Team Project: $teamProject"
log " Build Definition: $buildDefinition"
log " Build Number: $buildNumber"
log " Target Stage Name: $targetStageName`n"
$exitCode = 0
$e = $error[0].Exception
if ($exitCode -eq 0) { $exitCode = 1 }
$scriptPath = Split-Path -Parent (Get-Variable MyInvocation -Scope Script).Value.MyCommand.Path
Push-Location $scriptPath
$definition = [System.Uri]::EscapeDataString($buildDefinition)
$build = [System.Uri]::EscapeDataString($buildNumber)
$RMApi = "http://$rmServerWithPort/account/releaseManagementService/_apis/releaseManagement"
$orchestratorService = "$RMApi/OrchestratorService"
$releaseDefinitionService = "$RMApi/ReleaseDefinitionService/ListReleaseDefinitions?api-version=6.0"
log $orchestratorService
log $releaseDefinitionService
$stageId = Get-StageId
if(-not $stageId){
log "can't find stage id"
exit 1
if(-not $props){
log "creating properties object"
$bag = New-PropertyBag
$props = ConvertTo-Json $bag
log "html encode property bag"
$propertyBag = [System.Uri]::EscapeDataString($props)
log "write deploy json"
$cred = [System.Net.CredentialCache]::DefaultCredentials
$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
$wc.Credentials = $cred
log "Call API"
$uri = "$orchestratorService/InitiateRelease?releaseTemplateName=$definition&deploymentPropertyBag=$propertyBag&api-version=6.0"
log "Executing the following API call:`n`n$uri"
$releaseId = (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $uri -Credential $cred -Method Post).Content
log $releaseId
$url = "$orchestratorService/ReleaseStatus?releaseId=$releaseId"
$releaseStatus = $wc.DownloadString($url)
log " done.`n`nRelease scheduled with "+$releaseStatus+" status."
catch [System.Exception]
if ($exitCode -eq 0) { $exitCode = 1 }
log "`n$_`n"
function New-WspObject([string]$itemTitle, [string]$wspName)
$wspObject = New-Object system.Object
$wspObject | Add-Member -memberType NoteProperty "Title" -Value $itemTitle
$wspObject | Add-Member -memberType NoteProperty "FileName" -Value $wspName
return $wspObject
function New-PropertyBag(){
$releasePathProp = $projectName+":Build"
$changeSetRangeProp = $projectName+":BuildChangesetRange"
$partialPath = $branch+"\"+$projectName+"\"+$build
$propertyBagObject = New-Object system.Object
$propertyBagObject | Add-Member -memberType NoteProperty "ReleaseName" -Value $build
$propertyBagObject | Add-Member -memberType NoteProperty "ReleaseBuild" -Value ""
$propertyBagObject | Add-Member -memberType NoteProperty "ReleaseBuildChangeset" -Value $null
$propertyBagObject | Add-Member -memberType NoteProperty "TargetStageId" -Value $stageId
$propertyBagObject | Add-Member -memberType NoteProperty $releasePathProp -Value $partialPath
$propertyBagObject | Add-Member -memberType NoteProperty $changeSetRangeProp -Value "-1,-1"
return $propertyBagObject
function New-DeployJson(){
$projectId = $null
$buildId = $null
$projectsApiUri = "$teamProjectCollectionUrl/_apis/projects/"
Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $projectsApiUri -Credential $cred -OutVariable projectsResponse
foreach($proj in $projectsResponse[0].value){
if($ -eq $teamProject){
$projectId = $
if(-not $projectId){
log "could not find project id from given name"
log "got project ID $projectId"
#get the last successful build
$buildApi = "$teamProjectCollectionUrl/$projectId/_apis/build/Builds?%24top=10&statusFilter=inProgress&definitions=25"
Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $buildApi -Credential $cred -OutVariable buildResponse
foreach($build in $buildResponse.value){
log $build.buildNumber
log $buildNumber
if($build.buildNumber -eq $buildNumber){
$buildId = $
if(-not $buildId){
log "could not find the last build"
log "got build ID $buildId"
#get changesets associated with the last build
$changeSets = @()
$changesApi = "$teamProjectCollectionUrl/$projectId/_apis/build/builds/$buildId/changes"
Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $changesApi -Credential $cred -OutVariable changesResponse
foreach($change in $changesResponse[0].value){
$changeSets += $'c')
if($changeSets.Count -gt 0){
log "got changesets"
$wspToDeploy = @()
# get the projects that had changes in the changesets so only those projects get deployed
if($changeSets.Count -gt 0){
foreach($changeId in $changeSets){
if(-not $changeId){
$changeSetUri = "$teamProjectCollectionUrl/$teamProject/_apis/tfvc/changesets/$($changeId)?maxChangeCount=All"
log "checking for changes in $changeId | $changeSetUri"
$webRequest = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $changeSetUri -Credential $cred
foreach($c in $webRequest.changes){
$part = $c.item.path
if($part -like "*.sln"){
$parts = $part.Split('/')
if($parts[1] -eq $teamProject -and $parts[2] -eq $branch){
$wsp = $parts[3]+".wsp"
if($wspToDeploy -notcontains $wsp){
$wspToDeploy += $wsp
if($wspToDeploy.Count -gt 0){
log "creating wsp answer file"
$file = @()
foreach($w in $wspToDeploy){
$k = New-WspObject $w $w
$file += $k
ConvertTo-Json $file | Out-File -FilePath "$buildDrop\WspToDeploy.json"
log "no wsp changes found, will deploy all"
# confirm all required parameters have been set
if ($exitCode -eq 0)
log "`nThe script completed successfully.`n"
$err = "Exiting with error: " + $exitCode + "`n"
log $err
exit $exitCode