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About Code.AI

Code.AI is a community dedicated for all things related to AI for code. In this community we not only discuss deep learning or code generation, we also discuss things like evolutionary computation and code documentation! It is a great place to find fellow like-minded researchers and developers, build a team of collaborators, find a project to work on, or brainstorm project and research ideas! If you are interested in AI on code please join us using our Discord community link!

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  1. gpt-code-clippy gpt-code-clippy Public

    Full description can be found here:

    Python 3.3k 220

  2. code-clippy-vscode code-clippy-vscode Public

    Forked from hieunc229/copilot-clone

    VSCode extension for code suggestion

    JavaScript 485 49

  3. reading-group reading-group Public

    Information about the CodedotAI reading group sessions.

    12 3

  4. Code-Pile Code-Pile Public

    Forked from CarperAI/Code-Pile

    This repository contains all the code for collecting large scale amounts of code from GitHub.

    Python 6 3

  5. syntmine-processing syntmine-processing Public

    Data processing utility for gpt-code-clippy

    Python 3 2

  6. mesh-transformer-jax mesh-transformer-jax Public

    Forked from kingoflolz/mesh-transformer-jax

    Model parallel transformers in JAX and Haiku

    Python 3 2


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