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Codefight CMS - a codeigniter open source php cms

Steps to install:

  1. Create a database.
  2. Import SQL from old-install/files/codefight_latest.sql
  3. Update app/config/database.php
  4. Update app/config/config.php
  5. Modify .htaccess as required.


  1. Update define('CFWEBSITEID', 1); (if required) on index.php | no change required during installation. you can add more websites on same admin just use different website id on index file.


base_url/admin/ (must end with slash)

If you want to use same cms for 2nd website

just copy two root files (.htaccess and index.php) to 2nd website's folder, note, they should be on same server to share files.

####Watch demo video here

demo video


demo video

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