A band of dedicated hackers from Code For Australia, making a difference in the way we view government spending.
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CfA & DTF Genesis

We aim to provide transparency of construction contracts.

A platform where anyone who wants insights on government projects can subscribe and participate actively and sharing the information collected to preferred social media.

A place for public to be aware and be inspired of the upcoming projects and infrastructure that will be implemented on their areas.


  1. Install rails: for Windows or Mac for Linux

  2. Install PostgreSQL database

    • Windows

      • Download postgresql
      • Take note of port setting (5432 is default)
      • Run postgresql pgAdmin 4 GUI
      • "object menu" --> "properties" --> "connection"
      • Create a user and take note of the username and password in the postgres database
    • Linux

      • In a terminal run
sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-server-dev-all
sudo su - postgres
createdb genesis_development
* Then in SQL prompt:
CREATE USER genesis WITH PASSWORD 'q1w2e3r4t5';
  1. Create/Locate a suitable local folder like "Sites" for development

  2. Open terminal ("Command Prompt With Ruby On Rails") and execute the following tasks

git clone https://github.com/CodeforAustralia/dtf-genesis.git
cd dtf-genesis
  1. Edit database.yml file with appropriate username and password for the development database (Ex. genesis_development) from "config" folder

  2. Then run the commands:

bundle install
rails db:create db:migrate
rails db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test
rails test
rails server
  1. Open your browser and you should be able to see your application by entering the url localhost:3000

  2. Create active admin user locally Run this commands at terminal:

    rails c  # opens up rails console
    u = User.new
    u.email = "admin@example.com"
    u.password = "password"
    u.password_confirmation = "password"