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A scraper for Leizig's ERIS. Currently retrieves 'Beschlüsse' (i.e. resolutions, or decisions). It uses the pupa-ruby scraping framework.


  • ruby (>= 2.1 tested)
  • bundler

How to stuff

0. Install dependencies

  • Install ruby
  • Install bundler ('gem install bundler')

  • Install Elasticsearch: brew install elasticsearch

  • Start Elasticsearch: elasticsearch
  • (Optional) Install Elasticsearch GUI: plugin --install jettro/elasticsearch-gui

1. Download data

Install gems:

bundle install

Run the scraper like this:


This will download a lot of JSON files into the scraper/output directory.

2. Import data into Elasticsearch

Import the JSON files from the step before into Elasticsearch:


3. Enrich the data with metadata

Run the tagger with the default settings:


You can specify a specific dictionary to use for the tagger:

bin/tagger --dictionary=streets

This will add the found named entities to the resolution in elasticsearch.


See ui/ for how to build/show the UI.

TODOS / Ideas

  • Scrape other content, i.e. minutes, agendas etc
  • Align naming and data structures with the emerging OParl standard
  • build the scripts above (this is vaporware!!)
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