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BT Text

What is this project?

Code for NRV is collaborating with Blacksburg Transit to improve their SMS (texting) and IVR (interactive voice response) systems. While they currently use an in-house solution to provide responses to users that text and call to receive current bus arrival status, they wanted to explore the option of using a third-party service. Twilio is one of the more popular services offering both SMS and IVR in a REST-based API. This project is the development against that API to provide responses to users of BT.

  • Built using Python and Flask


Currently a work in progress with no deployment

A single endpoint for SMS replies has been created and works with out any error handling currently implemented.


Use Issues to join the discussion or come to a hack night

Deploying using Docker

A Docker image is available on and can be run like so:

docker run --name bt_text -p 80:80 -d

If you want to do local development, you can do a git clone to put the files on your machine. Then run:

docker run --name bt_text -p 80:80 -v /path/to/bt_text/:/app -d

replacing "/path/to/bt_text/" with the location of the git repository you just cloned. To actually test with a Twilio you've setup, you'll need this server to be available from the outside world from a public IP or DNS entry so that you can configure your Twilio account to use it.


BT Text is licensed under the MIT license.