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Voice Based email service for visually impaired
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Voice Based email service for visually impaired. Complete voice based interaction for performing all functionalities of email service like reading mail, drafting mail, delete, archive, reply etc. This application is to allow the visually impaired to use their gmail account easily via voice commands.


  • Compose the mail by converting the speech to text.
  • Read out the mail received.
  • function menu for opening , closing, deleting, sending or to archive a mail.
  • All the commands triggered by voice recognition.

Detailed description

Steps to how the application workflow will be:

  • step: Voice command asking for new user or to login
  • step: taking the response from the user as new user , ask for registration.
  • step: if chosen for login, ask for login credentials address and password.
  • step: after logging in the function menu will ask for the next command to perform operation.
  • step: user can interfere anytime by double click on screen.

Inputs for registration:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Password


  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Java
  • SQLite for database
  • API's of Gmail, Google speech recognition


You can contribute in several ways. If you know how to code or are a designer, you are welcome to contribute using pull requests. You can also contribute by opening issues about defects and things that could be improved or request entirely new features that you think would help others. Join the Google group

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