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Codeon Gmbh


This is an Objective-C compiler based on clang 3.9, written for the mulle-objc runtime.

See README.txt for more information about clang

The compiler can be used to:

  1. compile Objective-C code for mulle-objc
  2. compile C code

It is not recommended to use it for C++, since that is not tested. It is not recommended to use it for other Objective-C runtimes, since there have been some changes, that could affect other runtimes.


The compiler compiles Objective-C source for the mulle-objc runtime by default. When compiling for mulle-objc the compiler will use the meta-ABI for all method calls. The resultant .o files should be linkable like any other compiled C code.

AAM - Always Autorelease Mode

The compiler has a special mode called AAM. This changes the Objective-C language in the following ways:

  1. There is a tranformation done on selector names

    Name Transformed Name
    alloc instantiate
    new instantiatedObject
    copy immutableInstance
    mutableCopy mutableInstance
  2. You can not access instance variables directly, but must use properties (or methods)
  3. You can not do explicit memory management (like -dealloc, -autorelease, -release, -retain, -retainCount etc.)

The transformed methods will return objects that are autoreleased. Hence the name of the mode. The net effect is, that you have a mode that is ARC-like, yet understandable and much simpler.

Your ARC code may not run in AAM, but AAM code should run in ARC with no problems. If you can't do something in AAM, put it in a category in regular Objective-C style.

Additional File Types

The compiler handles .aam files, which enables AAM ("Always Autoreleased Mode").

Additional Options

Name Description
-fobjc-aam Enable AAM
-fno-objc-tps Disable tagged pointers

Additional Compiler defined Macros

Name Description
__MULLE_OBJC__ Compiling for mulle-objc
__MULLE_OBJC_AAM__ AAM is enabled

Macros used in Code Generation

The compiler output can be tweaked with the following preprocessor macros. All macros must be defined with a simple integer, no expressions. All of them are optional, unless indicated otherwise. The runtime, the Objective-C Foundation on top of the runtime and the user application, will define them.

Name Description
MULLE_OBJC_RUNTIME_VERSION_MAJOR Major version of the runtime
MULLE_OBJC_RUNTIME_VERSION_MINOR Minor version of the runtime
MULLE_OBJC_RUNTIME_VERSION_PATCH Patch version of the runtime
MULLE_OBJC_FOUNDATION_VERSION_MAJOR Major version of the Foundation
MULLE_OBJC_FOUNDATION_VERSION_MINOR Minor version of the Foundation
MULLE_OBJC_FOUNDATION_VERSION_PATCH Patch version of the Foundation
MULLE_OBJC_USER_VERSION_MINOR User supplied of the Foundation
MULLE_OBJC_USER_VERSION_PATCH User supplied of the Foundation, all these version information values will be stored in the emitted object file.
MULLE_OBJC_NO_TAGGED_POINTERS Disable the emission of tagged pointer code
MULLE_OBJC_FASTCLASSHASH_0 First unique ID of a fast class
... ...
MULLE_OBJC_FASTCLASSHASH_63 Last unique ID of a fast class

Functions used in Code Generation

These are the runtime functions used for method calling, retain/release management, class lookup and exception handling. They are defined in the runtime.


  • mulle_objc_inline_unfailing_get_or_lookup_class
  • mulle_objc_class_inline_metacall_classid
  • mulle_objc_object_inline_constant_methodid_call
  • mulle_objc_object_retain
  • mulle_objc_object_release


  • mulle_objc_inline_unfailing_get_or_lookup_class
  • mulle_objc_class_inline_metacall_classid
  • mulle_objc_object_constant_methodid_call

-O0, -Os

  • mulle_objc_unfailing_get_or_lookup_class
  • mulle_objc_object_call
  • mulle_objc_class_metacall_classid


  • mulle_objc_object_get_property_value
  • mulle_objc_object_set_property_value
  • mulle_objc_object_zone
  • mulle_objc_exception_try_enter
  • mulle_objc_exception_try_exit
  • mulle_objc_exception_extract
  • mulle_objc_exception_match



You can use homebrew to install the library:

brew install codeon-gmbh/software/mulle-clang

If for some reason homebrew can not use the bottle, the compiler must be built from source. This takes a long time! On my Macbook Air the build took about 30 minutes, even with the prerequisite llvm downloaded as a bottle.


This will install the compiler into /opt/mulle-clang and a symlink into /usr/bin:

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Debian xenial 64 bit

curl -O -L http://download.codeon.de/bottles/mulle-clang-3.9.0-xenial-amd64.deb
sudo dpkg --install mulle-clang-3.9.0-xenial-amd64.deb

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS / Debian trusty 64 bit

curl -O -L http://download.codeon.de/bottles/mulle-clang-3.9.0-trusty-amd64.deb
sudo dpkg --install mulle-clang-3.9.0-trusty-amd64.deb


Otherwise read:

Afterwards head on over to mulle-objc to get the Objective-C libraries.


Nat! for Codeon GmbH