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DRY Kubernetes with Helm | mimacom

One of the coolest facets of Kubernetes is the declarative deployment descriptors. You describe what the system should look like and Kubernetes makes it happen. One of the worst facets of Kubernetes i...

GitHub - gajus/lightship Home Page

Abstracts readiness/ liveness checks and graceful shutdown of Node.js services running in Kubernetes. - gajus/lightship

GitHub - godaddy/terminus Home Page

Graceful shutdown and Kubernetes readiness / liveness checks for any Node.js HTTP applications - godaddy/terminus

Secrets - Kubernetes

Kubernetes secret objects let you store and manage sensitive information, such as passwords, OAuth tokens, and ssh keys. Putting this information in a secret is safer and more flexible than putting ...

Security in the age of Docker & Kubernetes | Atomist Blog

While not an exhaustive list of suggestions for hardening your Docker containers & Kubernetes clusters, it's a starting point to ensure tighten security.

Building Stateful Applications With Kubernetes and Cloud SQL (Cloud Next '19) - YouTube

Learn how to build and scale applications, leveraging Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL. Kubernetes Engine enables rapid application development...

[Connect to CloudSQL at min 4:55](http...

kubernetes - Why StatefulSets? Can't a stateless Pod use persistent volumes? - Stack Overflow

Yes, a regular pod can use a persistent volume. However, sometimes you have multiple pods that logically form a "group". Examples of this would be database replicas, ZooKeeper hosts, Kafka nodes, etc....

kubernetes - What exactly is a headless service, what does it do/accomplish, and what are some legitimate use cases for it? - Stack Overflow

"Each connection to the service is forwarded to one randomly selected backing pod. But what if the client needs to connect to all of those pods? What if the backing pods themselves need to each connec...

A cleaner multi-stage continuous deployment on Kubernetes of a Create React App with kustomize, helm and skaffold – CodepediaOrg

This blog posts presents a clean way to make a multi-stage deployment of a Create React App on a Kubernetes Cluster. Deployments with kubectl, helm charts, kustomize and skaffold are presented.

Standardized Glossary - Kubernetes

This glossary is intended to be a comprehensive, standardized list of Kubernetes terminology. It includes technical terms that are specific to K8s, as well as more general terms that provide useful co...

What is an 'endpoint' in Kubernetes? - Stack Overflow

While you're correct that in the glossary there's indeed no entry for endpoint, it is a well defined Kubernetes network concept or abstraction. Since it's of secondary nature, you'd usually not direct...

Ingress Controllers - Kubernetes

List of Ingress Controllers

HTTP(s) load balancing with Ingress

In Google Kubernetes Engine, an Ingress object defines rules for routing external HTTP(S) traffic to applications running in a cluster. An Ingress object is associated with one or more Service objects...

Understanding Kubernetes Kube-Proxy

In this article, we discuss Kubernetes kube-proxy and its modes focusing on how it interacts with netfilter and iptables.

Affordable Kubernetes Cluster - Devonblog

Affordable Kubernetes cluster

Setting Resource Requests and Limits in Kubernetes (Kubernetes Best Practices) - 9min

In this episode of Kubernetes Best Practices, Sandeep Dinesh shows how Kubernetes resource requests and limits can help you keep your containers under control.

See the associated article here → [http...

Enable Rolling updates in Kubernetes with Zero downtime

Recently, a couple of my colleagues were trying to deploy some applications using Kubernetes and noticed a little bit of a downtime when they tried to deploy a couple of updates. They were confused ov...

Configuring load balancing through Ingress

This page shows how to configure an HTTP(S) load balancer by creating a Kubernetes Ingress object. An Ingress object must be associated with one ...

Declarative Management of Kubernetes Objects Using Kustomize - Kubernetes

  • Overview of Kustomize

  • Bases and Overlays

  • How to apply/view/delete objects using Kustomize

  • Kustomize Feature List

  • What's next

  • tags: kubernetes, kustomize, docs

Kubectl Reference Docs

Kubectl Commands Reference

Centralized Logging Solution for Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Next '18) - 41min

What do configuration changes, stack traces and billing events all have in common? You’ll want them all in your centralized log management system. In this session, we’ll give practical guidance on con...

Load Balancing and Reverse Proxying for Kubernetes Services

In this post, I’m going to tackle a topic that any K8s novice would start to think about, once they have cleared the basic concepts. **How would one go about exposing the services deployed inside a K8...

Kong: Kubernetes Ingress Controller - KongHQ

Kong's Kubernetes Ingress Controller can power-drive your APIs and microservices on top of the Kubernetes platform

See video from the link

Life of a packet through Istio by Matt Turner - YouTube

Istio is a service mesh for Kubernetes that offers advanced networking features. It provides intelligent routing, resiliency, and security features, so that service authors don't have to keep re-imple...

NGINX Ingress Controller Home Page

This repository contains the NGINX controller built around the Kubernetes Ingress resource that uses [ConfigMap](

Using ChartMuseum as a chart repository for helm - Stakater - Medium

You’ve probably been using helm for a while and thinking of using it as a means to deploy your custom applications but didn’t know how exactly to go by it? Well today we’ll be going through a series o...

ChartMuseum - Helm Chart Repository

ChartMuseum is an open-source Helm Chart Repository server written in Go (Golang), with support for cloud storage backends, including Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Ali...

Injecting multiple Kubernetes volumes to the same directory

Kubernetes config maps and secrets allow use to inject configuration files into containers. If we want multiple config entries that originate from different config maps or secrets to be injected into ...

Learn Kubernetes in Under 3 Hours: A Detailed Guide to Orchestrating Containers

These guides assume the reader knows about application development, Microservices, and Docker containers.

In this Article we will go from :

  1. Running a Microservice based application on your comput...

Kubernetes NodePort vs LoadBalancer vs Ingress? When should I use what?

Recently, someone asked me what the difference between NodePorts, LoadBalancers, and Ingress were. They are all different ways to get external traffic into your cluster, and they all do it in differen...

Recommended Labels - Kubernetes

You can visualize and manage Kubernetes objects with more tools than kubectl and the dashboard. A common set of labels allows tools to work interoperably, describing objects in a common manner that al...

A Guide to the Kubernetes Networking Model - Kevin Sookocheff

This guide intends to demystify Kubernetes networking by discussing each of Kubernetes dependent technologies along with descriptions on how those technologies are used to enable the Kubernetes networ...

The best architecture with Docker and Kubernetes — myth or reality? - Medium

This article will take you on a journey from real life to development processes to architecture and back to real life, giving answers to the most important questions at each of these stops along the w...

Kubernetes Community Overview and Contributions Guide

Are you Ready to Manage your Infrastructure like Google?

Kubernetes: Are you Ready to Manage your Infrastructure like Google?

Google is years ahead when it comes to the cloud, but it's happy the world is catching up

YouTube Google Kubernetes lead engineer Brendan Burns. At this week's DockerCon in San Francisco, about 2,500 developers and engineers gathered to discuss

An Intro to Google’s Kubernetes and How to Use It

What do you do when you want Docker containers managed across vast fleets of servers and infrastruct...

Getting Started on Kubernetes

Kubernetes: The Future of Cloud Hosting

MeteorHacks Website. Contribute to meteorhacks/ development by creating an account on GitHub.

Kubernetes by Google

Posts about Kubernetes written by gastonpantana

Key Concepts

Application Containers: Kubernetes and Docker from Scratch

Overview In this article we will look at how to configure a Kubernetes cluster using the Docker container format on CentOS or RHEL 7.1. For a detailed overview on Kubernetes and Docker take a look at ...

Learn the Kubernetes Key Concepts in 10 Minutes

Provide a brief explanation of the key concepts of Kubernetes by using a few diagrams (some animated) and examples.

Top Reasons Businesses Should Move to Kubernetes Now

This series will explain why container management is exploding and why, from a 10,000 ft view, your business should move to Kubernetes right now.

The Children's Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open source project with a growing community. We love seeing the ways that our community innovates inside and on top of Kubernetes. Deis is an excellent example of company who underst...

The ‘kubectl run’ command

In the following I assume you’re a bit familiar with containers in general and Docker in special. That is, you at least know what docker run does. So, have you ever thought about what is going on…

Docker Kubernetes Lab Handbook

docker and kubernetes lab. Contribute to xiaopeng163/docker-k8s-lab development by creating an account on GitHub.

Curated Resources for Kubernetes

Learning Kubernetes? Check out these best online Kubernetes courses and tutorials recommended by the devops community. Pick the tutorial as per your learning style: video tutorials or a book. Free cou...

Kubernetes Comic

Deploy code faster, protect against outages, and save money using continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).

Kubernetes 101: Pods, Nodes, Containers, and Clusters

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the new standard for deploying and managing software in the cloud. With all the power Kubernetes provides, however, comes a steep learning curve. As a newcomer, trying…

An Introduction to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a container management system meant to be deployed on Docker-capable clustered environments. In this guide, we will discuss some of the basic concepts that Kubernetes introduces. We will...

Kubernetes and everything else - Introduction to Kubernetes and it's context

Introduction to Kubernetes and it's context]( by Rinor Maloku

Installation on Centos 7

Kubernetes is a system for managing containerized applications in a clustered environment. It provides basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance and scaling of applications on public, private or hy...

Setting Up a Kubernetes Cluster on Ubuntu 18.04

Cloud Native Landscape

Filter and sort by GitHub stars, funding, commits, contributors, hq location, and tweets. Updated: 2019-06-25 06:18:37Z

Kubernetes Documentation

Kubernetes Source

Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management - kubernetes/kubernetes

Kubernetes Troubleshooting

Logging in Kubernetes with Fluentd and Elasticsearch

Logging - Kafka topic by namespace

Kubernetes Monitoring Guide

Learn about the key components in a Kubernetes architecture and how container orchestration changes your approach to monitoring.

Installing cAdvisor and Heapster on bare metal Kubernetes

How to Monitor Kubernetes: A 4-Part Series

This monitoring Kubernetes how-to guide breaks down the details involved with monitoring applications running on Kubernetes in production.

Kubernetes Security Guide

RBAC, TLS, Security policy, Network policy, etc.

Handling Sensitive Data In A Docker Application with Kubernetes Secrets

Dealing with sensitive data such as tokens, API keys and passwords In A Docker Application with Kubernetes Secrets

How to Create and Use Kubernetes Secrets

In this article we cover how to create, delete and use secrets in kubernetes. We have included secrets usability as in volumes and environment variables

Kubernetes Security Best Practices

Exploring security best practices around Kubernetes

Running Vault and Consul on Kubernetes

In the following tutorial we’ll walk you through how to use Minikube to run Kubernetes locally and then we'll run Hashicorp's Vault and Consul on K8s.

Kubernetes Authentication plugins and kubeconfig

Kubernetes Authentication - OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect]( by Michael Ward

Kubernetes authentication via GitHub OAuth and Dex

Here’s a step-by-step guide for generating kubectl credentials using Dex, dex-k8s-authenticator and GitHub. We use Kubernetes for creating dynamic environments for devs and QA. So we want to provide…

Enable IPv6 on Kubernetes with Project Calico

Kubernetes in IPV6-only

Kubernetes 101 – Networking

Kubernetes with OpenStack Cloud Provider: Current state and upcoming changes - part 1 of 2

part 1 of 2](

Comparison of Networking Solutions for Kubernetes

GitOps: High-Velocity CI/CD for Kubernetes

This article explains techniques for DevOps software development teams who strive for high velocity continuous delivery and CI/CD using Kubernetes and Docker.

Jenkins declarative pipelines with Kubernetes

Deploy Jenkins using Helm, create Jenkins pipelines and execute builds in Kubernetes pods

Adding CI/CD to your Spring Boot app with Jenkins X and Kubernetes

This post shows you how to implement continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) with Jenkins X and Kubernetes on Google Cloud.

Continuous Delivery with Amazon EKS and Jenkins X

Continuous Integration and Delivery to AWS Kubernetes

Learn how to combine Semaphore with AWS Elastic Container Registry and Kubernetes Service to get Continuous Delivery to a managed cluster in a few minutes.

CI/CD for Microservices on DigitalOcean Kubernetes

Tutorial: How to implement a CI/CD pipeline for a microservice running in Docker with Semaphore and DigitalOcean Kubernetes.


Automate deep learning training with Kubernetes GPU-cluster

This guide should help fellow researchers and hobbyists to easily automate and accelerate there deep leaning training with their own Kubernetes GPU cluster. - Langhalsdino/Kubernetes-GPU-Guide

Deploying Kubernetes with Ansible and Terraform

Kubernetes with SaltStack revisited

Try Kubernetes with Vagrant

Cluster Consul using Kubernetes API

Dynamic Kubernetes installation/configuration with SaltStack

Deploying Kubernetes with SaltStack

Creating a Kubernetes Cluster to Run Docker Formatted Container Images

Containerizing Docker on Kubernetes !!

Are you familiar with Docker ? Are you searching for solutions to implement it in your infrastructure ? Then today's one of the most popular Orchestration Engine to orchestrate Docker is Kubernetes. U...

Quay: Introducing an Application Registry for Kubernetes

When we started Quay, we wanted to build an image registry that not only allowed you to manage your container images, but do so securely and reliably. Over the past few months we have noticed an accel...

Play With Kubernetes Quickly Using Docker

CODE UPDATE AVAILABLE HERE   This post is based on material from Docker in Practice, available on Manning's Early Access Program. Get 39% off with the code: 39miell Background In case you don't know, ...

1 command to Kubernetes with Docker compose

starting a one node kubernetes cluster with docker compose.

Nginx Server Deployment using Kubernetes

What even is a kubelet?

Kubernetes from the ground up: the API server

CoreOS + Kubernetes Step By Step

CoreOS provides Container Linux, Tectonic for Kubernetes and the Quay image registry; key components to secure, simplify and automatically update your container infrastructure.

Deploying to Kubernetes with Panamax

Panamax is a Docker GUI that makes deploying multi-container apps as easy as one-click. The project...

Deploy Kubernetes with a Single Command Using Atomicapp

Deploying a Bare Metal Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes clusters with Oh-My-Vagrant

I've added the ability to deploy a Kubernetes cluster with Oh-My-Vagrant (omv). I've also built an automated developer experience so that you can test your Kubernetes powered app in minutes. If you wa...

Fleet Unit Files for Kubernetes on CoreOS

Kubernetes Container Orchestration through Java APIs

Overview In this article we will look at how to drive Kubernetes using Java APIs. More general information about Kubernetes and containers can be found here. Kubernetes itself offers a RESTful API but...

Docker Clustering Tools Compared: Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm

Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are probably two most commonly used tools to deploy containers inside a cluster. Both are created as helper tools that can be used to manage a cluster of containers and tre...

Why Docker and Google Kubernetes Are Like PaaS Done Right

At OpenStack Silicon Valley, Google's Craig McLuckie explains how Docker containers and Google Kubernetes make up for the flaws of PaaS

Kubernetes Production Patterns - and Anti-Patterns

and Anti-Patterns](

Introducing Kubic Project

Three post learn k8s

Kubernetes tips & tricks

How-to make your Kubernetes experience easier, secure and reproducible, especially on premise cluster

Running Flask on Kubernetes

The following is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to deploy a Flask-based microservice (along with Postgres and Vue.js) to a Kubernetes cluster.

Deploying Node Apps the "Right" Way

Learn, build, and deploy on the Cloud strong enough for enterprises and smart enough for startups. Kubernetes cluster management and development tools for empowering development teams. Deploy on a fre...

Cisco Container Platform

Cisco Container Platform is a single, turnkey, open-source solution that simplifies the deployment and management of container clusters.


Alibaba, AWS, Azure, GCP, and OpenStack cluster manager


Formerly Telekube


Kubernetes queen - cluster manager. Contribute to Mirantis/kqueen development by creating an account on GitHub.


Deploy, manage and run multiple Kubernetes clusters with our production-proven platform.


AWS, Azure, GCP, vSphere, vCloud Director, and On-Prem cluster manager


Cluster manager by Pivotal, VMWare and Google


Rancher, open source multi cluster management platform, makes it easy for operations teams to deploy, manage and secure Kubernetes everywhere. Request a demo!


Build, test and run code directly inside any Kubernetes cluster


a tool for developers to create cloud native applications with Kubernetes

Eclipse Che

cloud development workspaces with SSH and multi-user support


Orchestrates your development workflows to make developing microservices faster and easier.


Application Centric Kubernetes Platform


Platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads


Mantl is a modern platform for rapidly deploying globally distributed services - mantl/mantl

Spring Cloud integration

Kubernetes integration with Spring Cloud. Contribute to fabric8io/spring-cloud-kubernetes development by creating an account on GitHub.


Vamp gives you all the tools to release, control and optimize your containerised apps on cloud native platforms.

Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes - CDK


Docker EE

Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0

IBM Cloud Private

Learn about IBM Cloud Private, an enterprise-grade private cloud platform behind your firewall for app development that delivers speed without sacrificing control.


Kubernetes for the Enterprise - multi-cloud and on-prem Kubernetes operations center

NetApp Kubernetes Service

The Universal Control Plane for Managed Kubernetes now available for everyone.

OpenShift - Container Platform

Container Platform](

SUSE Container as a Service

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes


Amazon Elastic Container Service

Azure AKS

Azure Kubernetes Service


DigitalOcean Kubernetes


Google Kubernetes Engine


IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service


Oracle Kubernetes Engine

OVH Managed Kubernetes

OVH Managed Kubernetes



VMware Cloud PKS

Alauda Container Platform

灵雀云Alauda Cloud Enterprise是基于容器技术,以DevOps为理念,面向微服务应用的新一代PaaS平台。全面集成Kubernetes,同时深度支持基于SpringCloud微服务框架。帮助客户实现基础设施云化、应用架构现代化和开发流程敏捷化。


Платформа на базе Kubernetes для создания отказоустойчивой инфраструктуры клиентских приложений

Eldarion Cloud


Instant realtime GraphQL APIs on any Postgres application, existing or new


Kel is an open-source Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Eldarion® that makes it easy to manage web application deployment and hosting through the entire software lifecycle.


An easy, free way to try Kubernetes

OpenShift Online/Dedicated/Container Platform

OpenShift is an open source container application platform by Red Hat based on top of Docker containers and the Kubernetes container cluster manager for enterprise app development and deployment.

OpenShift Origin - OKD




Simple PAAS that runs on top of Kubernetes.



This set of hands-on labs covers the foundations of Kubernetes. Learn Launch A Single Node Cluster, Launch a multi-node cluster using Kubeadm, Deploy Containers Using Kubectl, Deploy Containers Using ...

Kubernetes Bootcamp


Magic Sandbox

Magic Sandbox is a hands-on learning platform for engineers, by engineers. Immersive Kubernetes training on real infrastructure where engineering teams learn from hands-on Kubernetes training on real ...

Play with Kubernetes

Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes at Udacity

This course is designed to teach you about managing microservices, using Kubernetes. This course is built in partnership with experts such as Google’s Kelsey Hightower.

Introduction to Kubernetes at edX

Want to learn Kubernetes? Get an in-depth primer on this powerful system for managing containerized applications.

Kubernetes Tutorials by Kubernetes Team

Kubernetes By Example by OpenShift Team

This is a hands-on introduction to Kubernetes. Browse the examples: pods labels deployments services service discovery port forward health checks environment variables namespaces volumes persistent v...

Kubernetes Tutorial by Tutorialspoint

Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Kubernetes in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Architecture, Setup, Images, Jobs, Labels and S...

Imperative vs. Declarative — a Kubernetes Tutorial

There are two basic ways to deploy to Kubernetes: imperatively, with the many kubectl commands, or declaratively, by writing manifests and using kubectl apply. The former is good for learning and…

Building a Bank with Kubernetes

At Monzo, we’re building a banking system from scratch. Our systems must be available 24x7 no matter what happens, scalable to hundreds of millions of customers around the world, and very extensible. ...

Bringing Pokemon Go to Google Cloud

Throughout my career as an engineer, I’ve had a hand in numerous product launches that grew to millions of users. User adoption typically happens gradually

Monitoring Kubernetes at Wayblazer

This article is part of our series on operating and monitoring Kubernetes in production. this final section is a real-world use case.

Major League Soccer Monolith to Kubernetes Transition

Using Kubernetes on AWS

List of companies/organizations running Kubernetes on AWS - hjacobs/kubernetes-on-aws-users

Kubernetes at Github

Kubernetes the hard way - installation from scratch

installation from scratch](

Kubernetes Failure Stories

Compilation of public failure/horror stories related to Kubernetes - hjacobs/kubernetes-failure-stories


Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Free to join, pay only for what you use.



Google Compute Engine offers high performance virtual machines, customer-friendly pricing, fast networking, and carbon-neutral impact.



Hitachi Storage Plug-in for Containers lets you create containers and run stateful applications inside those containers by using Hitachi VSP series volumes as dynamically provisioned persistent …


Kubernetes Flexvolume Driver for Docker Volume Plugins - hpe-storage/dory


Aliyun Essentials for Kubernetes (SLB, Routes and Volumes) - kubeup/kube-aliyun


The Linode Block Storage service allows you to create and attach scalable, highly-available storage volumes to your Linode compute instances.


Storage plugins for Kubernetes. Contribute to microsoft/K8s-Storage-Plugins development by creating an account on GitHub.


Leading Open Source Container Attached Storage, built using Cloud Native Architecture, simplifies running Stateful Applications on Kubernetes. - openebs/openebs

OpenStack Cinder


Portworx is persistent storage for containers. Get data services for stateful containers including HA, snapshots, backup & encryption. Try today!

Pure Storage


Quobyte is software defined storage that turns commodity servers into a reliable and highly automated data center file system.

Rancher Longhorn

Cloud native, distributed block storage build on and for Kubernetes - longhorn/longhorn



StorageOS provides a cloud native storage platform for running enterprise containerized applications in production. Learn how StorageOS delivers persistent storage for containers.


Stork - Storage Orchestration Runtime for Kubernetes - libopenstorage/stork


CSI driver for AWS EBS - kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver


CSI Driver for AWS EFS - kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver

AWS FSx for Lustre

CSI Driver of AWS FSx for Lustre - kubernetes-sigs/aws-fsx-csi-driver


CSI driver for ceph. Contribute to ceph/ceph-csi development by creating an account on GitHub.


Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin for the IaaS platform - cloudscale-ch/csi-cloudscale


A Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver for DigitalOcean Block Storage - digitalocean/csi-digitalocean


DriveScale Kubernetes Volume plugins. Contribute to DriveScale/k8s-plugins development by creating an account on GitHub.



Gluster Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver. Contribute to gluster/gluster-csi-driver development by creating an account on GitHub.

Google Compute Engine Persistent Disk

The Google Compute Engine Persistent Disk (GCE PD) Container Storage Interface (CSI) Storage Plugin. - kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver


Example CSI Drivers. Contribute to kubernetes-csi/drivers development by creating an account on GitHub.


CSI test frameworks. Contribute to kubernetes-csi/csi-test development by creating an account on GitHub.


Persistent Memory Container Storage Interface Driver - intel/pmem-CSI

Linode Block Storage

Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver for Linode Block Storage - linode/linode-blockstorage-csi-driver



Container Storage Interface (CSI) for MooseFS. Contribute to moosefs/moosefs-csi development by creating an account on GitHub.

NetApp Trident

Storage orchestrator for containers. Contribute to NetApp/trident development by creating an account on GitHub.



Example CSI Drivers. Contribute to kubernetes-csi/drivers development by creating an account on GitHub.



Sushi: OpenSDS Northbound Plugin Project. Contribute to opensds/nbp development by creating an account on GitHub.

OpenStack Cinder

Contribute to kubernetes/cloud-provider-openstack development by creating an account on GitHub.


A multi-host clustered implementation of the open storage specification - libopenstorage/openstorage


Quobyte CSI driver. Contribute to quobyte/quobyte-csi development by creating an account on GitHub.


See the VxFlexOS repo for the new driver! Contribute to thecodeteam/csi-scaleio development by creating an account on GitHub.

Virtual Filesystem

A Container Storage Interface (CSI) plug-in that provides virtual filesystem (VFS) support. - rexray/csi-vfs

VMware vSphere

A Container Storage Interface (CSI) Storage Plug-in (SP) for VMware vSphere (deprecated) - thecodeteam/csi-vsphere


Lightweight Python 3+ client library for Kubernetes (pykube-ng) - hjacobs/pykube

Jenkinsfile with Helm, Go, Docker, Kubectl, JNLP

The infamous croc hunter game. Contribute to lachie83/croc-hunter development by creating an account on GitHub.


API Gateway built on the Envoy Proxy


The Workflow Engine for Kubernetes

Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime

Client Libraries

Kubernetes website and documentation repo: . Contribute to kubernetes/website development by creating an account on GitHub.

Fission Workflows

Workflow-based serverless function composition


A dashboard which dynamically discovers and provides a launchpad to access applications deployed on Kubernetes

Git Webhook Proxy

A proxy to let webhooks reach running services behind a firewall


The multi-tenant Kubernetes distro. Contribute to hyperhq/hypernetes development by creating an account on GitHub.

Ingress Monitor Controller

Watches ingress endpoints and automatically registers liveness alerts on the configured uptime checker


Docker machine variant to create a single node Kubernetes instance - skippbox/kmachine


Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling


A K8S add-on for creating and managing a cache of container images directly on cluster worker nodes


🔐 Kubernetes native OpenVPN. Contribute to pieterlange/kube-openvpn development by creating an account on GitHub.


werckerstatus werckerstatus


Bulk port forwarding Kubernetes services for local development.

Kubernetes Cluster Federation - previously Ubernetes

previously Ubernetes](

Kubernetes Ec2 Autoscaler

A batch-optimized scaling manager for Kubernetes. Contribute to openai/kubernetes-ec2-autoscaler development by creating an account on GitHub.


Providing the openSUSE MicroOS Container Operating System and the Kubic Container as a Service Platform based on MicroOS and kubernetes - Kubic Project


Auto-load updates of ConfigMaps and Secrets into pods for Deployments, StatefulSets and DaemonSets


Locally develop/debug services against a remote Kubernetes cluster


CNABs facilitate the bundling, installing and managing of container-native apps - and their coupled services.


For further information, please check out - Awesome Helm.


A fully managed package management SaaS, with first-class support for public and private Kubernetes registries (Docker + Helm Charts, plus many others).


General-purpose web UI for Kubernetes clusters. Contribute to kubernetes/dashboard development by creating an account on GitHub.


App that helps you monitor your Kubernetes cluster, debug critical deployments & gives recommendations for the standard practices


See inside any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere.


simple introspective kubernetes service that forwards events to a specified sink.

Grafana Kubernetes App

A set of dashboards and panels for kubernetes. Contribute to grafana/kubernetes-app development by creating an account on GitHub.


[EOL] Compute Resource Usage Analysis and Monitoring of Container Clusters - kubernetes-retired/heapster


Instana is the Application Performance Management solution for modern dynamic applications, using automation and AI to manage their service quality.


Kubernetes Log Viewer. Streams logs from all containers of all matching pods.


Terminal console for Kubernetes


[EOL] Analytics dashboard for Kubernetes. Contribute to kubernetes-retired/kubedash development by creating an account on GitHub.

Kubernetes Operational View

read-only system dashboard for multiple K8s clusters


Tools for observing Kubernetes resources in real time, powered by Pulumi.


Watch k8s events and trigger Handlers. Contribute to bitnami-labs/kubewatch development by creating an account on GitHub.


Deploy manifests for Netsil AOC. Contribute to netsil/manifests development by creating an account on GitHub.

New Relic

Kubernetes monitoring and visualization service.


An open source software for monitoring Kubernetes and containers.

Outcold Solutions

monitoring Kubernetes, OpenShift and Docker in Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud (metrics and log forwarding)


An open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, efficient time series database and modern alerting approach.


🔦 Alerts for Kubernetes. Contribute to searchlight/searchlight development by creating an account on GitHub.

Sysdig Monitoring

Sysdig is the first unified approach to cloud-native visibility and security with Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Falco support.

Sysdig Open Source

Sysdig is the first unified approach to cloud-native visibility and security with Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Falco support.

The Elastic Stack

An open-source solution for monitoring and visualising K8s metrics, logs, application traces and more.

Weave Scope

Easy and simple automatic detection and visualization of your clusters and hosts. Install with only three lines of code and go!


periodically kills random pods in your Kubernetes cluster


Helm chart for network and loadtesting of a Kubernetes cluster


The Kubernetes scale & soak load tester


A single node cluster to run your CI tests against thats ready in 30 seconds


Chaos Monkey for Kubernetes clusters


multi-node test cluster based on kubeadm


Chaos engineering for stateful workloads on Kubernetes


kills targeted pods and machines to test your software reliability


Diagnostic tool that runs Kubernetes conformance tests


Test infrastructure for the Kubernetes project. Contribute to kubernetes/test-infra development by creating an account on GitHub.


Gamified Chaos engineering tool for Kubernetes Clusters. It is like Space Invaders but alien ships are pods.

Jenkins-Kubernetes Plugin

Jenkins plugin to run dynamic agents in a Kubernetes/Docker environment - jenkinsci/kubernetes-plugin

Automated Image Builds with Jenkins, Packer, and Kubernetes

On-demand Jenkins slaves with Kubernetes and the Google Container Engine

Learn all about On-demand Jenkins slaves with Kubernetes and the Google Container Engine from the CloudBees team and the Jenkins community.

Jenkins setups for Kubernetes and Docker Workflow

Lab: Build a Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Jenkins and Kubernetes

Get up and running with Jenkins on Google Kubernetes Engine - GoogleCloudPlatform/continuous-deployment-on-kubernetes

Jenkins Operator - Kubernetes native Jenkins operator

Kubernetes native Jenkins operator](

Jenkins X

automated CI/CD for Kubernetes with GitOps Promotion and Preview Environments on Pull Requests using best of breed OSS tools like: Jenkins, Helm, Skaffold, Kaniko, Knative Build, Knative Pipeline and ...


Open Source application providing teams with self service UI for creating and deploying their services to Kubernetes.

Argo CD

Declarative continuous deployment for Kubernetes.


Lean CI/CD cloud hosted control plane with agents on your infrastructure.


Kubernetes CI/CD platform (with private Docker and Helm Chart repositories)


How to easily deploy GitLab with GitLab CI to Kubernetes cluster


Framework to easily deploy Kubernetes applications via GitLab.


Kubernetes Operator to automate Helm, DaemonSet, StatefulSet & Deployment updates



The Kubernetes Continuous Integration & Delivery Platform (CI/CD) 🔄 - AcalephStorage/kontinuous


KubeCI is a Cloud Native Continuous Delivery platform built on Drone for Kubernetes, written in Go


Overview and docs. Contribute to razee-io/Razee development by creating an account on GitHub.


Kubernetes | Shippable is a continuous integration and deployment platform for containers


Kubernetes native multi-cluster canary or blue-green rollouts using Helm.



Contribute to viliproject/vili development by creating an account on GitHub.

Weave Flux – GitOps reconcoliation operator

The GitOps Kubernetes operator. Contribute to weaveworks/flux development by creating an account on GitHub.


The Wercker blog covers continuous delivery to the cloud


Serverless Kubernetes with OpenFaaS (Functions as a Service) - openfaas/faas-netes


Fast Serverless Functions for Kubernetes. Contribute to fission/fission development by creating an account on GitHub.


a CLI tool for working with funktion. Contribute to funktionio/funktion development by creating an account on GitHub.


Kubernetes Native Serverless Framework. Contribute to kubeless/kubeless development by creating an account on GitHub.


High-Performance Serverless event and data processing platform - nuclio/nuclio


OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple. Contribute to openfaas/faas development by creating an account on GitHub.


OpenWhisk Serverless platform. Please note that all repos were transferred to Apache Software Foundation here - Apache OpenWhisk

Virtual Kubelet

Allows nodes to be backed by other services and providers.

Cert manager

Manage Lets Encrypt certificates for a Kubernetes cluster. - kelseyhightower/kube-cert-manager

Cert Operator

cert-operator creates/manages certificates for Kubernetes clusters running on Giantnetes - giantswarm/cert-operator

Container Linux Update Operator

A Kubernetes operator to manage updates of Container Linux by CoreOS - coreos/container-linux-update-operator


See what is Kubernetes Operator and how does it work. Learn more about the features that are included in the Couchbase Kubernetes Operater Beta version.

DB Operator

KubeDB Operator. Contribute to kubedb/operator development by creating an account on GitHub.


manages elasticsearch clusters. Contribute to upmc-enterprises/elasticsearch-operator development by creating an account on GitHub.


etcd operator creates/configures/manages etcd clusters atop Kubernetes - coreos/etcd-operator


An operator that manages Istio deployments on Kubernetes - banzaicloud/istio-operator

K8s Operator Workshop

Material for Kubernetes operators workshop at Container Camp Australia - lukebond/cc-au-k8s-operators-workshop


A Kafka Operator for Kubernetes . Contribute to krallistic/kafka-operator development by creating an account on GitHub.

Kong API

manages kong clusters. Contribute to upmc-enterprises/kong-operator development by creating an account on GitHub.


Simple Go library to create Kubernetes operators and controllers

Kubernetes Operators

Operators that automate common tasks for managing Openstack on Kubernetes. - sapcc/kubernetes-operators


Managing virtualization workloads on Kubernetes. KubeVirt has 30 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.


Kured (Kubernetes Reboot Daemon) is a Kubernetes daemonset that performs safe automatic node reboots


Memcached Operator for Kubernetes. Contribute to kbst/memcached development by creating an account on GitHub.


MongoDB Operator for Kubernetes. Contribute to kbst/mongodb development by creating an account on GitHub.


Create, operate and scale self-healing MySQL clusters in Kubernetes - oracle/mysql-operator

Operator Kit

A library for creating a Kubernetes Operator. Contribute to rook/operator-kit development by creating an account on GitHub.

Operator SDK

SDK for building Kubernetes applications. Provides high level APIs, useful abstractions, and project scaffolding. - operator-framework/operator-sdk

A new home for the Kubernetes community to share Operators


PostgreSQL Operator Creates/Configures/Manages PostgreSQL Clusters on Kubernetes - CrunchyData/postgres-operator


manage PostgreSQL clusters using StatefulSets and Patroni.


Prometheus Operator creates/configures/manages Prometheus clusters atop Kubernetes - coreos/prometheus-operator


Written in bash


Written in elixir


The Firmament cluster scheduling platform. Contribute to camsas/firmament development by creating an account on GitHub.


Experimental flow based scheduler


Cost based scheduler

Sticky Node Scheduler

A custom Kubernetes scheduler that places variants of a pod on the same node - philipn/kubernetes-sticky-node-scheduler


Build, Share, and Run Any App, Anywhere. Learn about the only enterprise-ready container platform to cost-effectively build and manage your application portfolio.


Try out Rkt on Container Linux with CoreOS. Integration has never been easier; discover the advantages of a security-minded, standards-based container engine.


Rkt implementation of a Kubernetes


An open and reliable container runtime. Contribute to containerd/containerd development by creating an account on GitHub.


Containerd-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface


Open Container Initiative-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface - cri-o/cri-o

Hypervisor-based container runtime


Kubernetes CRI implementation for running VM workloads


Infranetes - Managing virtual infrastructure the Kubernetes way - apporbit/infranetes

Kata Containers

Kata Containers is an open source container runtime, building lightweight virtual machines that seamlessly plug into the containers ecosystem.

Apache Ignite

Memory-centric distributed database, caching, processing platform

Cassandra / DataStax

Editor’s note: this post is part of a series of in-depth articles on what’s new in Kubernetes 1.3 Running The Greek Pet Monster Races For the Kubernetes 1.3 launch, we wanted to put the new Pet Set th...


Running CockroachDB on Kubernetes pairs its built-in replication and survivability with Kubernetes’ process management, creating a highly available system.


I've had experience with clustering Hazelcast in Google Cloud Engine before, but right now, in the advent of containers, Kubernetes is becoming a standard for app/container orchestration and therefore...


Enterprise grade, Amazon S3 compatible, object storage software designed for high performance workloads like AI, machine learning + cloud native apps.


Running MongoDB as a Microservice with Docker and Kubernetes


Provision RDS databases via CRD from Kubernetes


Horizontal scaling of MySql by Youtube


Networking plugin using Elastic Network Interfaces



Policy based networking for cloud native applications - projectcalico/canal


API Aware Networking and Security using BPF and XDP - cilium/cilium

Cisco ACI

CNI plugin from Cisco support ACI fabrics


CNI-Genie for choosing pod network of your choice during deployment time. Supported pod networks - Calico, Flannel, Romana, Weave - Huawei-PaaS/CNI-Genie


AWS VPC Kubernetes CNI driver using IPvlan. Contribute to lyft/cni-ipvlan-vpc-k8s development by creating an account on GitHub.


External DNS

To control DNS records dynamically via Kube resources


Debugging tool for Kubernetes which tests and displays connectivity between nodes in the cluster. - bloomberg/goldpinger


CNI Infoblox Code. Contribute to infobloxopen/cni-infoblox development by creating an account on GitHub.


Kube-router, a turnkey solution for Kubernetes networking. - cloudnativelabs/kube-router


Example recipes for Kubernetes Network Policies that you can just copy paste - ahmetb/kubernetes-network-policy-recipes


Kubernetes integration with OpenStack networking. Contribute to openstack/kuryr-kubernetes development by creating an account on GitHub.


A CNI plugin designed for overlay networks with Open vSwitch - John-Lin/linen-cni


Multi-homed pod cni


Open vSwitch, Multiple network interfaces that associate with Kubernetes pods


CNI plugin supporting load balancing and distributed firewalls.


Nuage Kubernetes Integration Tools. Contribute to nuagenetworks/nuage-kubernetes development by creating an account on GitHub.


OpenContrail Kubernetes integration. Contribute to Juniper/contrail-kubernetes development by creating an account on GitHub.



Romana is a new open source network and security automation solution for Cloud Native applications. Romana automates the creation of isolated Cloud Native Networks and secures applications with a dist...

Weave Net


Consul has many integrations with Kubernetes. You can deploy Consul to Kubernetes using the Helm chart, sync services between Consul and Kubernetes, automatically secure Pod communication with Connect...


Envoy is an open source edge and service proxy, designed for cloud-native applications


Connect, secure, control, and observe services.


Weave Mesh

A tool for building distributed applications. Contribute to weaveworks/mesh development by creating an account on GitHub.



Deprecated: See examples/kubernetes. Contribute to micro/kubernetes development by creating an account on GitHub.

CyberArk Conjur Kubernetes Authenticator

Secure your Kubernetes-deployed applications with CyberArk Conjur


CLI tool to manage Kubernetes Secrets easily. Contribute to dtan4/k8sec development by creating an account on GitHub.


A GitOps, zero-trust solution for secrets encryption/decryption solution.


Automatically request certificates for Kubernetes Ingress resources from Let's Encrypt - jetstack/kube-lego


Use Vault to store secrets for Kubernetes! Contribute to Boostport/kubernetes-vault development by creating an account on GitHub.


Secure Secret management

Sealed Secrets

A Kubernetes controller and tool for one-way encrypted Secrets - bitnami-labs/sealed-secrets

Secure GitOps Using Weave Cloud Deploy And Bitnami's Sealed Secrets

Vault auth plugin backend: Kubernetes

The Kubernetes auth method allows automated authentication of Kubernetes Service Accounts.

Vault controller

Automate the creation of unique Vault tokens for Kubernetes Pods using init containers. - kelseyhightower/vault-controller


Alternative Kubernetes UI. Contribute to smpio/kubernator development by creating an account on GitHub.


A web-based UI for deploying and managing applications in Kubernetes clusters


An open source dashboard for Kubernetes best practices


Kubernetic is a brand new Desktop Client for Kubernetes that lets developers and ops manage their Kubernetes cluster(s) through a UI interface in a very simple way.


The Mobile Dashboard for Kubernetes. Contribute to bitnami-labs/cabin development by creating an account on GitHub.



A CLI focused REPL for quickly interacting with Kubernetes objects.


Query Kubernetes API objects using SQL. Contribute to brendandburns/ksql development by creating an account on GitHub.


Interactive kubernetes client built using go-prompt.


Kubernetes prompt helper for bash and zsh.


Kubernetes tmux plugin to display the current context and namespace

Kubectl Aliases

Aliases for Kubectl


A collection of kubectl plugins handling everything from easy context switches to connecting to a container as any user (root included) via exec. Slightly tailored towards GKE users.


Schedule bpftrace programs on your kubernetes cluster using this kubectl plugin


Stupid simple service to wrap kubectl. Contribute to rancher/kubectld development by creating an account on GitHub.



switch between namespaces on kubectl


Simpler Cluster/User/Namespace switching for Kubernetes (featuring interactive mode and wildcard/fuzzy matching).


kubeplay – a new way to interact with Kubernetes API from your terminal - errordeveloper/kubeplay


Work around kubectl


StackStorm (aka "IFTTT for Ops") is event-driven automation for auto-remediation, security responses, troubleshooting, deployments, and more. Includes rules engine, workflow, 160 integration packs wit...


Multi pod and container log tailing


Kubernetes operations from Vim, in Vim


AppController is a pod that you can spawn in your Kubernetes cluster which will take care of your complex deployments for you. - Mirantis/k8s-AppController


Event Based Scripting using JavaScript

Deployment manager

From simple web servers to complex highly available clusters, Deployment Manager allows teams to spend less time managing, and more time building.


ElasticKube is an open source management platform for Kubernetes with the goal of providing a self-service experience for containerized applications.


Build and deploy docker images on Kubernetes using git push.

IBM UrbanCode


CI Tool for deploying with kubernetes. Contribute to UKHomeOffice/kb8or development by creating an account on GitHub.


[UNMAINTAINED] Specification describing a container-based application - projectatomic/nulecule


A faster way to deploy to Kubernetes! Contribute to psykube/psykube development by creating an account on GitHub.


Command line tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes applications.



kubernetes Cookbook (1.0.0) rhel


Documentation for using Habitat Builder with other services such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, Amazon ECS, Mesos, pure Docker, and more.


Jsonnet - The data templating language. Contribute to google/jsonnet development by creating an account on GitHub.


Kubernetes parameterized deployments manifests/templates - cststack/k8comp


Manage complex deployments using jsonnet and jinja2


Environment file injector for Kubernetes resources - thisendout/kenv


Manage application configuration using Kubernetes secrets, configmaps, and Go templates. - kelseyhightower/konfd


Parameterized templates for Kubernetes manifests. Contribute to jimmycuadra/ktmpl development by creating an account on GitHub.


Combines jsonnet and kubectl to let you declare systems in an easy to override way


Kubediff: a tool for Kubernetes to show differences between running state and version controlled configuration. - weaveworks/kubediff


Customization using partial specs


Provides a SDK for k8s deployments targeting on-premises clusters and major cloud vendors' managed services.


Module for creating resources in Kubernetes



A command-line utility and importable package for comparing sets of Kubernetes objects


A data constraint language which aims to simplify tasks involving defining and using data. Cue is a superset of JSON


Kubernetes Security | The Container and serverless security blog: container security, Kubernetes Security, Docker Security, DevOps Tools, DevSecOps, image scanning, Continuous integration, Runtime pro...


A tool for using AWS IAM credentials to authenticate to a Kubernetes cluster

[Calico Network Policy (from Tigera)](from Tigera)

from Tigera

Widely adopted open source implementation unifying Kubernetes Network Policy and Istio Application Policy.


OpenID and OAuth for Kubernetes


Authenticaton webhook server with support for Github, Gitlab, Google, Azure and LDAP (AD) as identity providers.


Allows cluster users to associate AWS IAM roles to Pods.


The Kubernetes Bench for Security is a Go application that checks whether Kubernetes is deployed according to security best practices.


Hunt for security weaknesses in Kubernetes clusters.


Help building an adaptive and fine-grained pod security policy.


Provides different AWS IAM roles for pods running on Kubernetes


a zero-trust identity-aware access proxy inspired by BeyondCorp.


Kubectl plugin to show an access matrix for all available resources.

Sysdig Falco

Have visibility into the behavior of your containers & applications with Falco, container native runtime security.

Sysdig Secure

Container Security that brings together image scanning, run-time protection, and deep forensics to identify vulnerabilities, block threats, enforce compliance, and audit activity across your microserv...

Tigera Secure Cloud Edition

Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition


Aporeto integration with Kubernetes Network Policies - aporeto-inc/trireme-kubernetes


Twistlock is the first comprehensive cloud native cybersecurity platform for hosts, containers, and serverless setups across the DevSecOps lifecycle.

Avi Networks - Software Load Balancer | Intelligent WAF | Elastic Service Mesh

Software Load Balancer | Intelligent WAF | Elastic Service Mesh](

AWS ALB Ingress Controller

AWS ALB Ingress Controller for Kubernetes. Contribute to kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller development by creating an account on GitHub.

Cloudflare Warp Ingress

A Kubernetes ingress controller for Cloudflare's Argo Tunnels - cloudflare/cloudflare-ingress-controller


Kubernetes ingress controller for Lyft's Envoy proxy

F5 Big IP Controller

Repository for F5 BIG-IP Controller for Kubernetes. - F5Networks/k8s-bigip-ctlr


Platform capable of routing traffic to multiple Kubernetes and OpenStack clusters

Gloo - Envoy-based API gateway and ingress controller

An Envoy-Powered API Gateway. Contribute to solo-io/gloo development by creating an account on GitHub.

HAProxy Ingress

HAProxy Ingress controller. Contribute to jcmoraisjr/haproxy-ingress development by creating an account on GitHub.

Linode NodeBalancer Ingress

Kubernetes Cloud Controller Manager for Linode. Contribute to linode/linode-cloud-controller-manager development by creating an account on GitHub.


load-balancer implementation for bare metal Kubernetes clusters, using standard routing protocols.

NGINX Ingress Controller

NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes. Contribute to kubernetes/ingress-nginx development by creating an account on GitHub.

Nginx Plus

Learn how to use NGINX Plus as an advanced Layer 7 load-balancing solution for exposing Kubernetes services to the Internet.


HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition, including use cases like Kubernetes Ingress


Voyager - Secure HAProxy based Ingress Controller

🚀 Secure HAProxy Ingress Controller for Kubernetes - appscode/voyager

Yggdrasil - Envoy Control Plane for Kubernetes Multi-cluster Ingress

Envoy Control Plane for Kubernetes Multi-cluster Ingress - uswitch/yggdrasil


Running YARN on Kubernetes with PetSet controller. - Comcast/kube-yarn


Kubernetes application example tutorials. Contribute to kubernetes/examples development by creating an account on GitHub.


Deep Learning Platform offering TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch etc. as a Service on Kubernetes


Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes.


Machine Learning Container Templates: easy to use container and kubernetes object templates.


Tools for ML/MXNet on Kubernetes.


An open source platform for reproducible machine learning and deep learning on kubernetes


Open source framework for deploying machine learning models on Kubernetes

TensorFlow k8s

Tools for ML/Tensorflow on Kubernetes. Contribute to kubeflow/tf-operator development by creating an account on GitHub.


Consul is a highly available and distributed service discovery and KV store designed with support for the modern data center to make distributed systems and configuration easy.

Kelsey Hightower Consul

Running HashiCorp's Consul on Kubernetes. Contribute to kelseyhightower/consul-on-kubernetes development by creating an account on GitHub.

Bridge between Kubernetes and Consul

A bridge between Kubernetes and Consul. Contribute to beldur/kube2consul development by creating an account on GitHub.


Learn more about how CoreOS and Red Hat have joined forces to extend the value of containers and Kubernetes with OpenShift Container Platform.


OS image optimized for running containers on Google Cloud Platform.


Purpose built OS for Kubernetes, fully managed by Kubernetes. - rancher/k3os


Kurma - Containers all the way down. Contribute to apcera/kurma development by creating an account on GitHub.


minimal and immutable Kubernetes images built with LinuxKit - linuxkit/kubernetes


A modern operating system for Kubernetes. Contribute to talos-systems/talos development by creating an account on GitHub.


Go from Docker Compose to Kubernetes. Contribute to kubernetes/kompose development by creating an account on GitHub.


Codegen for Kubernetes-API-compatible Jsonnet libraries - ksonnet/ksonnet-lib


Generic library of Kubernetes objects for Jsonnet/Kubecfg with object to array mapping for painless overrides.


kubegen – simple way to describe Kubernetes resources in a structured way, but without new syntax or magic - errordeveloper/kubegen


Validate your Kubernetes configuration files, supports multiple Kubernetes versions - instrumenta/kubeval


Kubernetes object analysis with recommendations for improved reliability and security


Kubernetes cluster resource sanitzer


Kubernetes applications tuning . Contribute to skippbox/ktune development by creating an account on GitHub.


Utility for managing backup and restore of Kubernetes clusters. Formerly Heptio Ark.


Kubernetes and OpenShift Backup Operator based on restic

Cloud Native backup and recovery for etcd, zookeeper and consul


Sync kubernetes state to git.

Krew - Plugin Manager

📦 Package manager for kubectl plugins. Contribute to kubernetes-sigs/krew development by creating an account on GitHub.

Setup Kubernetes on a Raspberry Pi Cluster easily the official way!

How to Build a Kubernetes Cluster with ARM Raspberry Pi then run .NET Core on OpenFaas

Scott Hanselman on Programming, The Web, Open Source, .NET, The Cloud and More

Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the operating system of the cloud native world, providing a reliable and scalable platform for running containerized workloads. In this friendly, pragmatic book, cloud experts John Arun....

DevOps with Kubernetes

Learn to implement DevOps using Docker & Kubernetes.

Docker and Kubernetes Under the Hood


Docker in Action, Second Edition

Docker in Practice, Second Edition

Getting Started with Kubernetes

Orchestrate and manage large-scale Docker deployments with Kubernetes to unlock greater control over your infrastructure and extend your containerization strategy About This Book Learn the fundamental...

Golden Guide to Kubernetes Application Development

Get the exam prep course for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) certification used by software engineers from Microsoft, CISCO, and Servian.

Kubernetes Book

Mastering Kubernetes with Real Life Lessons from Deploying Production Systems - Leverege/kubernetes-book

Kubernetes Cookbook - Second Edition

Second Edition]( by Hideto Saito, Hui-Chuan Chloe Lee, Ke-Jou Carol Hsu

Kubernetes Design Patterns and Extensions

Kubernetes Handbook

Kubernetes Handbook (Kubernetes指南) - feiskyer/kubernetes-handbook

Kubernetes Handbook

Kubernetes中文指南/云原生应用架构实践手册 - - rootsongjc/kubernetes-handbook

Kubernetes in Action

Kubernetes: Scheduling the Future at Cloud Scale

As remarkable as Docker containers are, they still need to be heavily scheduled and orchestrated to run efficiently, and seamlessly replaced and re-balanced when they fail. It’s a big ... - Selection...

Kubernetes: Up and Running

Legend has it that Google deploys over two billion application containers a week. How’s that possible? Google revealed the secret through a project called Kubernetes, an open source cluster orchestra....

Mastering Kubernetes

OpenShift in Action

Playing with Java Microservices on Kubernetes and OpenShift

The DevOps 2.3 Toolkit: Kubernetes

A brief study on Kubernetes and its components

Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workloads t…

Achieving CI/CD with Kubernetes

How to use Jenkins and Fabric8 to achieve CI/CD with Kubernetes

An Introduction to Kubernetes

Traditional virtualization technologies have been used by cloud infrastructure providers for many years in providing isolated environments for hosting applicat…

Architecture Overview

2015/03/12 ver1.0 published. 2015/03/26 ver1.1 fixed: flannel's tunnel type to VXLAN. 2015/04/03 ver1.2 fixed: Flannel's mechanism for VXLAN processing.

Cluster management with Kubernetes

On Friday 5 June 2015 I gave a talk called Cluster Management with Kubernetes to a general audience at the University of Edinburgh. The talk includes an exampl…

Kubernetes and CoreOS @ Athens Docker meetup

Using Kubernetes and CoreOS to increase scalability and availability. Presentation at the Athens Docker meetup…

Kubernetes Scaling SIG - K8Scale

K8Scale]( by Bob Wise

Moving to Kubernetes - Tales from SoundCloud

Tales from SoundCloud]( by Tobias Schmidt

Musings on Mesos: Docker, Kubernetes, and Beyond.

2014 ApacheCon EU talk on Mesos and it's integration with Docker as well the ecosystem, and outline the future of Kubernetes integration

Package your Java EE Application using Docker and Kubernetes

Package your Java EE Application using Docker and Kubernetes

Scaling Jenkins with Docker and Kubernetes

Docker is revolutionizing the way people think about applications and deployments. It provides a simple way to run and distribute Linux containers for a variet…

The Top 5 Metrics to Monitor in Kubernetes

How to Monitor Kubernetes, the 5 layers that really matter

Zero downtime-java-deployments-with-docker-and-kubernetes

JavaOne 2015 presentation by Paul Bakker & Arjan Schaaf on deploying java applications without downtime using Docker and Kubernetes

A Technical Overview of Kubernetes

Brendan Burns, Software engineer and a founder of Kubernetes at Google gives a technical overview of Kubernetes.

Alpaca Kubernetes on AWS

Demo of the cluster deployment

Arun Gupta: Package your Java applications using Docker and Kubernetes

Arun Gupta: Package your Java applications using Docker and Kubernetes Docker simplifies software delivery by making it easy to build and share images that c...

Container Orchestration using CoreOS and Kubernetes

CoreOS Workshop Pt. 1 This hands-on workshop led by CoreOS's Kelsey Hightower will teach modern practices for container orchestration, and show examples of h...

DevNation 2015 - Paul Bakker - Kubernetes: Beyond the basics

Paul Bakker - Kubernetes: Beyond the basics]( by Paul Bakker

Docker Containers and Kubernetes with Brian Dorsey

Google I/O 2014 - Containerizing the Cloud with Docker on Google Cloud Platform

Containerizing the Cloud with Docker on Google Cloud Platform]( by Google Developers

Kubernetes-Defined Monitoring

Kubernetes-Defined Monitoring [I] - Gianluca Borello, Sysdig Over the past few years we’ve all learned how Kubernetes can dramatically change the process of ...

Kubernetes: The Journey So Far - Greg DeMichillie

Greg DeMichillie]( by Greg DeMichillie

Managing Containers at Scale with CoreOS and Kubernetes

The last decade belonged to virtual machines and the next one belongs to containers. Virtualization lead to an explosion in the number of machines in our inf...

Shanghai '18: KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

Testing Distributed Software on Kubernetes with PowerfulSeal at Kubecon 2017 Austin

Testing Distributed Software on Kubernetes with PowerfulSeal [I] - Mikolaj Pawlikowski, Bloomberg When it's about distributed systems, testing is hard. But i...

Automating CI/CD on Kubernetes with Jenkins X

The last 5 years has seen a huge change in how we build, package, run and manage software with the rise of Kubernetes, Cloud Native, Microservices and Contin...


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Acquired by Bitnami


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Meet other developers and users of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is Cloud Native Computing Foundation's orchestrator for containers at scale. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and activel

Amsterdam #2

This is a support group for non-recovering Kubernetes addicts to share your daily pains and happy moments with your favourite container orchestration engine. This shall be done in the form of discussi


Meet other developers and users of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workl


We are the first and largest Kubernetes meetup group in Bangalore. We have been working on Kubernetes for some time-hacking it, making it optimal for virtual infrastructure, etc. It will be great for


Die neuesten Tweets von Kubernetes Berlin (@kubernetesBER). The Berlin Kubernetes Meetup Group. BerlinK8s. Berlin, Germany


A group for people interested in talking about and hacking on Kubernetes, Google’s solution for scheduling and orchestrating containers at scale. We’re excited about microservices, containers, the dis


Meet other developers and users of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is Google’s solution for scheduling and orchestrating containers at scale. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively

Hong Kong

It's all about Kubernetes. For those interested in talking about Kubernetes, playing with Kubernetes, getting hands-on with Kubernetes, and learning about Kubernetes.We love the whole ecosystem surrou


Meet other engineers interested in Kubernetes. ( is an open source system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts.Come and chat about all things c


Meet other developers and users of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is Google’s solution for scheduling and orchestrating containers at scale. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively

New York

Die neuesten Tweets von Kubernetes NYC (@kubernetesNYC). The home of the original New York City Kubernetes Meetup Group. NYCK8s. New York, NY


Die neuesten Tweets von Kubernetes Paris (@KubernetesParis). La communauté Kubernetes sur Paris. Parisian community of Kubernetes enthusiasts. official hashtag is k8sParis. Paris, Ile-de-France


This meetup is for people who are using or are interested in using the open source Kubernetes project to deploy containers either on premise or in the cloud. Come talk to like minded individuals and d


Kubernetes Pune is a group for all Kubernauts who want to learn and share experiences about Kubernetes. This meetup group is for all skill levels right from beginners to experienced professionals. We

San Diego

Die neuesten Tweets von Kubernetes San Diego (@KubernetesSD). Come hang out with us and learn about Kuberentes!. San Diego, CA

San Francisco

Die neuesten Tweets von Kubernetes SF (@kubernetesSF). The San Francisco Kubernetes Meetup Group. SFK8S. San Francisco, CA


A group for people interested in talking about and hacking on Kubernetes, Google’s solution for scheduling and orchestrating containers at scale. We’re excited about microservices, containers, the dis


Kubernetes and Cloud Native Tunisia is the official Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Meetup group dedicated to building a strong community around Kubernetes in Tunisia. We host talks from anyo


This is the initial branch of the Kubernauts meetup groups worldwide. We're going to provide Online and Offline Meetups. If you're going to host the Kubernauts meetup in your Country / City, please ge


Community Q&A – The Office Hours

Kubernetes community content. Contribute to kubernetes/community development by creating an account on GitHub.


Kubernetes community content. Contribute to kubernetes/community development by creating an account on GitHub.


Google +

Mailing List - developer/contributor discussion!forum/kubernetes-dev

developer/contributor discussion](!forum/kubernetes-dev)

Mailing List - user discussion and Q&A!forum/kubernetes-users

user discussion and Q&A](!forum/kubernetes-users)


r/kubernetes: Kubernetes discussion, news, support, and link sharing.


Kubernetes on Stackoverflow


Die neuesten Tweets von Kubernetes (@kubernetesio). Kubernetes: open source production-grade container orchestration management. CNCF K8s. Anywhere

Container Camp

Container Camp is the leading international conference on container technology


All sails set for ContainerDays 2019! From June 24–26, the European container community will gather again in Hamburg for three days full of container craziness.


Docker Con

GCP Next

Join thousands of IT professionals, developers, and executives at Google Cloud Next ’19 for three days of networking, skill-building, and problem solving.

Using Kustomize for per-environment deployment of cert-manager resources

Using Kubectl's new Kustomize support for per-environment deployment of cert-manager resources.

Kustomize Home Page

Kustomize traverses a Kubernetes manifest to add, remove or update configuration options without forking. It is available both as a standalone binary and as a native feature of kubectl.


Deploy Your App with Template Free YAML - Ryan Cox, Lyft - YouTube

This talk will introduce Kustomize, a declarative application management system, that allows deployments to be described as template free YAML. It's approach will be contrasted with DSLs and template ...

Declarative application management in Kubernetes

This document proposes a unified method of managing both bespoke and off-the-shelf applications declaratively using the same tools and application operator workflow, while leveraging developer-friendl...

GoogleContainerTools Kaniko Home Page

Build Container Images In Kubernetes. Contribute to GoogleContainerTools/kaniko development by creating an account on GitHub.

Kubernetes Ingress Explained For Beginners - YouTube

Nice and explanation of kubernetes ingress with different sample scenarios.

kubetail - Bash script to tail Kubernetes logs from multiple pods at the same time

Bash script to tail Kubernetes logs from multiple pods at the same time - johanhaleby/kubetail

kubectx - Switch faster between clusters and namespaces in kubectl

Switch faster between clusters and namespaces in kubectl - ahmetb/kubectx

Organizing Kubernetes with Namespaces (Kubernetes Best Practices) - YouTube

In this episode of Kubernetes Best Practices, Sandeep Dinesh shows how to work with Namespaces and how they can help you manage your Kubernetes resources.

  • See the associated article here → [https:/...
  • 📆 published on: 2018-04-27
  • tags: kubernetes, namespaces

Welcome to Knative home page

Knative (pronounced kay-nay-tiv) extends Kubernetes to provide a set of middleware components that are essential to build modern, source-centric, and container-based applications that can run anywhere...

Replicated Ship - Manage 3rd-party Kubernetes apps home page

Replicated Ship Open Source is a free tool for customizing 3rd-party Kubernetes components for production grade deployments without forking.

Stop Forking Helm Charts, an Intro to Replicated Ship - K8s, Kustomize & Ship SF Meetup - YouTube

This presentation by Marc Campbell, CTO and Founder of Replicated, is from the Kubernetes, Kustomize & Ship Meetup in SF - ship video reference

GitHub - jetstack/cert-manager home page

Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes - jetstack/cert-manager


Learn what is GitOps and how you can implement GitOps workflows to reliably run Kubernetes in production and at scale. Also find out why GitOps is the more secure way to deploy apps to Kubernetes.

GOTO 2018 • Kubernetes-ize your Java Application • Arun Gupta - YouTube

Deploying your Java application in a Kubernetes cluster could feel like Alice in Wonderland. You keep going down the rabbit hole and don’t know how to make that ride comfortable. This no-slide and cod...

Kubernetes best practices: Setting up health checks with readiness and liveness probes

In this episode of “Kubernetes Best Practices”, let’s learn about the subtleties of [readiness and liveness probes](

Kubernetes Volumes 1: emptydir, NFS, YAML, volumes, and intro to Persistent Volume Claims - YouTube

GitHub - kubernetes/dashboard home page

General-purpose web UI for Kubernetes clusters. Contribute to kubernetes/dashboard development by creating an account on GitHub.

Helm Chart Templates

This guide provides an introduction to Helm’s chart templates, with emphasis on the template language.

How to Create Your First Helm

This guide walks you through the process of creating your first ever chart, explaining what goes inside these packages and the tools you use to develop them. By the end of it you should have an unders...

kubernetes configmaps for beginners - YouTube

This is a tutorial on how to create Kubernetes ConfigMaps but first, let’s understand what ConfigMaps are. Configmap

Blog post - [How to Create Kubernetes ConfigMaps](https://www.cloudtechnologyexper...

Building Helm Charts From the Ground Up - An Introduction to Kubernetes [I] - Amy Chen, Heptio - YouTube

Learn the basics of Kubernetes from the perspective of creating a Helm Chart from scratch! Really nice explanation for beginners.

keycloak helm charts from codecentric

This chart bootstraps a Keycloak StatefulSet on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager. It provisions a fully featured Keycloak installation.

Keycloak - Blog - Keycloak Cluster Setup

This post shares some solutions to setup Keycloak cluster in various scenarios (e.g. cross-DC, docker cross-host, Kubernetes).


An integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes CLI.

An Introduction to Kubernetes

In this guide, we'll discuss some of Kubernetes' basic concepts. We will talk about the architecture of the system, the problems it solves, and the model that it uses to handle containerized deploymen...

How To Inspect Kubernetes Networking

Kubernetes is a container orchestration system that can manage containerized applications across a cluster of server nodes. Maintaining network connectivity between all the containers in a cluster req...

kubectl Cheat Sheet - Kubernetes

This page is an overview of the kubectl command.


A curated list for awesome kubernetes sources 🚢🎉 - ramitsurana/awesome-kubernetes

Keycloak on Kubernetes - YouTube

This video is showing how to deploy Keycloak on Kubernetes as well as deploying and securing a HTML5 frontend application and a Node.js backend service and securing these with Keycloak. Video realised...

Continuous Development with Java and Kubernetes - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Continuous Development with Java and Kubernetes with the help of Jib and Skaffold

Google Open Source Container Tools: Life of a happy developer in a container world by David Gageot - YouTube

Great demo explaining the utilities of the various tools listed as tags here.

Top 5 Exclusive Features of Docker For Mac That You Can’t Afford to Ignore – Collabnix

Under this blog post, I will talk about top 5 exclusive and very useful features of Docker of Mac that you can’t afford to miss out.

  1. Docker for Mac support Docker Swarm, Swarm Mode & Kubernetes 2....

Simplifying Kubernetes with Docker Compose and Friends - Docker Blog

Simplifying Kubernetes with Docker Compose and Friends - Docker Blog

Today we’re happy to announce we’re open sourcing our support for using [Docker Compose on Kubernetes](

Draft vs Gitkube vs Helm vs Ksonnet vs Metaparticle vs Skaffold

TL;DR Draft

  • deploy code to k8s cluster (automates build-push-deploy)
  • deploy code in draft-pack supported languages without writing dockerfile or k8s manifests
  • needs draft cli, helm cli, t...

Draft home page

Draft is a tool for developers to create cloud-native applications on Kubernetes.

Skaffold Home Page

Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development

Using Kubernetes for Local Development

This article walks you through how you can develop an application locally using Kubernetes

Optimising Kubernetes deployments with Helm by Erwin de Gier - YouTube [16m]

Kubernetes is has become a very popular platform for running and managing your application in Docker containers. However, the basis Kubernetes YAML files are a bit cumbersome to work with. Helm is a t...

GitHub - helm/charts - Curated applications for Kubernetes

Curated applications for Kubernetes.

Kubernetes + Compose = Kompose

kompose is a tool to help users familiar with docker-compose move to Kubernetes. It takes a Docker Compose file and translates it into Kubernetes resources.

Helm Docs home page

Helm - The Kubernetes Package Manager.

Helm helps you manage Kubernetes applications — Helm Charts help you define, install, and upgrade even the most complex Kubernetes application.

Charts are easy...

Istio home page

Istio is an open platform for providing a uniform way to integrate microservices, manage traffic flow across microservices, enforce policies and aggregate telemetry data. Istio's control plane provide...

kubernetes-for-java-developers repo from Aron Gupta

A Day in Java Developer’s Life, with a taste of Kubernetes - aws-samples/kubernetes-for-java-developers. sample. example.

Spring Boot Micro-services, Containers, and Kubernetes - How To - YouTube

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2015 Speaker: Ray Tsang, Google Slides: TBD Join this session to learn how to create a Java-based microservice using Spring Boot, co...

Kubernetes in Docker for Mac - YouTube

At DockerCon EU 2017, Docker announced support is coming for Kubernetes in Docker for Desktop. In this video, Docker Developer Advocate Elton Stoneman demonstrates how easy it will be to spin up a ful...

Jenkins X home

Jenkins X is a CI/CD solution for modern cloud applications on Kubernetes

Orchestrating Node.js Containers with Kubernetes - NodeSource

Look under the Kubernetes hood to learn more about how K8s automates orchestration of Node.js application containers.

What is Kubernetes & How to Get Started With It

This article helps you to learn the basic concepts of Kubernetes, so you can have a modern, safe and reliable production infcrastructure in the cloud.

Introduction to Kubernetes

A brief introduction to Kubernetes fundamentals.

Running Kubernetes Locally via Minikube - Kubernetes

Running Kubernetes Locally via Minikube

What is Kubernetes? - Kubernetes

High level introduction to Kubernetes...

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