This is a copy of the old - just for historical purposes. See the new Zen at
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Zen project

Zen was redeveloped in 2015 and the new project can be found at this repository. Please consider contributing to the new project!

This repository is here for historical/reference purposes.

CoderDojo Zen

Initially a basic Dojo listing manager. We plan to enhance and add features down the line. You can help us make it better by forking this project, adding stuff and then issuing a pull request back to us!

Some things to add/hack/dream about

  • User settings
  • Improved admin panel
  • Improved overall Dojo list w/ search
  • Mutliple admins on a Dojo
  • If country == US, have states also.

Zen is built on and uses:

Local deployment notes

  • Create a MySQL database:
    • install mysql-server
    • create a database
      • sudo mysqladmin create dojozen
    • create a user (choose a password different than '1234')
      • echo "grant all privileges on dojozen.* to 'dojozen'@'localhost' identified by '1234'" | sudo mysql dojozen
    • create an empty database
      • mysql dojozen --user=dojozen -p < schema.sql
    • fill in the details in '/application/config/development/database.php'.
  • enter an encryption key in '/application/config/development/config.php' on line 227
  • Configure a webserver
    • install apache (sometimes known as 'httpd')
    • add a new configuration file at /etc/httpd/conf.d/zen.conf. If this apache instance is not going to serve any other sites you can safely set it like this, otherwise you need vhosts:
    <Directory /home/arnouten/dev/Zen/web>
      AllowOverride All
      Require all granted
    #Alias /Zen /home/arnouten/dev/Zen
    DocumentRoot /home/arnouten/dev/Zen/web
  • Note .htaccess is used to mask the 'index.php' part of the URL, depending on your set up, you may need to edit this.