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001 Intro to HTML
002 Intro to CSS and add Video
003 Add image and launch your website
004 More css, padding and HTML divs
005 Marquee and Paddings Versus Margins
006 Marquee goes crazy
007 HTML Table the Irish Flag
008 Your Week
009 Summer Code Party
010 Intro to Animation
011 Intro to Animation - Balloon Game
012 Completed Balloon Game


HTML Course - CoderDojo @ DCU

Your Aim

Welcome to the HTML Course at CoderDojo DCU, at our first session we asked you what the wanted to learn on the web.
The following topics were selected

  • Html Games
  • Headers
  • Forms
  • Images / Pictures
  • Videos
  • Sound / Music
  • Art
  • Animation
  • About Section
  • Menus

Over the duration of the course we will take these topics and show you how to build a cool slick website incorporating all these.

Hope you enjoy it