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Week 3 HTML Course @ CoderDojo DCU


12 / May / 2012


This week we are targeting the following areas

  • Download Filezilla client from
  • Start the page again, lets see if you understand what we have done
  • Watch out with Internet Explorer (Its the worse browser for web developers)
  • Add class styles to your webpage
  • Create an center div
  • Put the new website online

Start to build your webpage again

Remember how you start your website

  • Go to your current folder and create a new folder called week 3
  • In the week 3 folder create a new file
  • index.html
  • style.css
  • Add an image you want to use
  • Now create your website, make it cool as it will be online later


  • html
  • head
  • body

  • Add the same css link as before

  • Add a header
  • Add an image
  • Add a paragraph with text
  • Color the background

Internet explorer work around

Can you add this on top of your page above the HTML tag, this is not compulsory, but will help us get over some internet explorer pain.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""/>

Add class styles to your webpage

We have see before how we match tag names to css styles by using the tag name so the <h1> </h1> in html mapped to h1 { in css for styling.

Sometimes you need greater flexibility than this and want to style just one element. To do this you can use a class in css. To do this add the class property inside you html tag so its now <div class="mainDiv"></div>. In the css you are now going to add a dot after the html tag name with the class value. So its now div.mainDiv {

Create an center div

Websites look cooler with centre panel, most website have one. You can clearly see this on ( the main panel is centred. To add your centre panel create a <div> </div> inside you body tag.

    <div class="mainDiv">


Now add the CSS to style.css file

div.mainDiv {
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
width: 960px;
background-color: white;

Your main div should now be in the centre with white background.

We added the 960px here as its 960 dots on the screen, we talked about screen sizes and said that older screens had a standard of 1024 pixels/dots. So designers usually set pages to 960 so it will fit on majority of screens.

To upload files

  • Put the following into the host field
  • Press enter
  • Open the folders uploads > dcu >
  • Create a folder your last name and first initial no spaces
  • Navigate to your files on filezilla left hand side
  • Insure you are at uploads > dcu > your last name and first initial folder
  • Right click on your file and select upload

Open your first website online

Navigate to

Replace kingn with your last name and first initial


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