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Week 5 HTML Course @ CoderDojo DCU


26 / May / 2012


This week was probably the most contraversal and exciting all rolled up in one. After a few boo comments from the corner we introduced the marquee tag and had great fun with it.

Before starting with the marquee tag we investigated the new marquee functionality in CSS3, however this feature is not supported by browsers yet, so will have to take a look at this again in the future.

This week we covered the following areas:

  • Margin versus Padding in CSS.
  • Introduced the marquee by making the h1 move.
  • Got marquee to get two images bouncing around our page.

So lets get started,

Margin versus Padding in CSS.

We started with showing the difference between padding and margin. These are two CSS properties used for spacing in your website. The key point is

  • Padding will impact the inside of the tag
  • Margin will change the spacing out side the tag

To illustrate this we started by using the div around the image tag we worked on in week 4.

<div class="mainImage">
				<img src="coder.png" class="imageStyle"><img>

We now updated the CSS for class mainImage by adding padding and a border.

div.mainImage {
	border: 2px solid black;
	width: 200px;
	padding: 50px;

After adding the border and padding, we now see a gap between the border and image of 50px. This highlights how padding impacts the inside the div tag.

Now add the a margin to our div and see what happens

div.mainImage {
	border: 2px solid black;
	width: 200px;
	padding: 10px;
	margin: 20px;

Remember that the margin should impact outside the tag, so we expect their to be space placed outside the border. Did the div move? If you cant see it, then increase the value from 20px to 100px. In setting the margin 20px you should see the div now moves in from the left hand side. This will put a margin of 20px around the outside of the div tag.

Introducing the marquee tag

The marquee tag moves the tags inside the <marquee> </marquee>. To get started with this we adding the marquee tag to our heading.

			<h1>Coder Dojo @ DCU</h1>

Ok tell us what this did to your header?

How about you change the direction of the marquee

		<marquee direction="down">
			<h1>Coder Dojo @ DCU</h1>

You have the following options for changing direction value:

direction = ""

  • Up
  • Down
  • Left
  • Right