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Team name

Trentini DOP

Number of team members


What are the main objectives of your mission?

The experiment will constantly monitor and measure temperature, pressure and humidity inside ISS. Assuming air behaves like a perfect gas, temperature and pressure should be linearly dependent. What about humidity? We will collect data of three variables and check their ratios and variations. The ECLSS system keeps most environmental parameters constant, but we might spot the few cases where this changes due to crew activities, such as a cabin heat exchange dry out or an 02 repressurization.

Describe how you will achieve your mission objectives

Temperature, humidity and pressure sensors will be used. Data will be stored in a buffer every second and written to disk every 20 secs. The ratios between the three variables will be calculated offline and results analyzed with LibreOffice Calc. There will also be a little animation showing buffer getting filled.

What do you think the results from the ISS will be? Explain your prediction

The ECLSS system is designed to keep environmental parameters well stabilized, but we can detect sensitive deviations from the theoretical parameters, especially in relation to the exposure of the ISS to the sun: starting from the timestamp of the data we can in fact determine whether the ISS is eclipsed from the Earth or not.

Please estimate how much disk space your experiment will use, on the Astro Pi computer, in MegaBytes