A parser for command line interfaces such as bash
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This is a parser. Yeah you problably already guessed that.

This is a parser to parse a commandline into arguments 0 generally being the command. It uses the AMD module format. (or what ever it's called). And in my example is load by require.js. But could be loaded by any AMD-module-format-compatible loader.

Directory Structure


parser.js contains the main parser, a Class named Parser.

test.js conatains the test suite which you can run using the function run in this module.

Parser Class

Some functions parse, parseEnvCMD, claimCMDLine and toCMDLine.

parse: Parses the commandline <Parser>.parse(<cmd>, <env>, <execCMD>).


  • cmd: the command to parser such as echo hello world.
  • env: an object that contains all the enviorment variables.
  • execCMD: a function to run if it finds an embedded cmd. Args: <cmd>,<env>,<execCMD>

Return: an array of arguments

parseEnvCMD: Runs embedded commands such as $(<cmd>) and backTick backTick. Args: same as parse. Return: a string with the embedded commands replaced

claimCMDLine: Finds the end of a command. Return: index at which the command ends


  • cmd: the command to find the end of
  • options: startIndex: the index to start look through the command at, startedWith: what character started this command such as back tick or $(

toCMDLine: Creates a commandline that should be equivilant to what you parsed. Args: parsed: an array of arguments Return: a commandline that should be parsed to get what was passed in here