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Monorepo for DevHub | Golang back-end | React, RN, Expo front-end
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Goal: using automated tools (robots) gather most recent and most valuable technical articles and posts from popular websites, engineering blogs, etc.

This repositoroy is a monorepo which includes:

  • devhub-be/devhub - back-end, Golang project
  • devhub-fe-web - front-end web, React project
  • devhub-fe-mobile - front-end mobile, React Native/Expo project

Check out the Wiki for version 1 details.

Repository Structure

devhub:                 # git root directory
|-devhub-be             # container for back-end
  |-devhub              # go project
|-devhub-fe-web         # container for front-end web
  |-devhub              # react project
|-devhub-fe-mobile      # container for front-end mobile
  |-devhub              # expo/react native project
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