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2015-01-11 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.16.0
* Marked the extension as obsolete. It's been a long wild ride, but I can't support
this extension anymore. If you'd like to take over please contact me at
2014-10-17 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.15.0
* Security bugfix, thank you weber-ebusiness for the pull request!
* 6.2 LTS compatibilty
* Enable backend search
2013-08-25 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.14.0
* Disabled all caching, essentially going back to the behaviour of 2.11.0 and before.
* Contributions to properly deal with caching are greatly appreciated!
2013-07-30 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.13.0
* Bugfix: prevent double apply form submits when including both the detail plugin and the apply plugin on the same page
* Bugfix: prevent caching of the detail page when the apply form was submitted
2013-07-11 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.12.1
* Bugfix: links to detail pages were broken when "road 1" was used
2013-07-09 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.12.0
* Bugfix: links to detail pages now work in TYPO3 6.1
2013-05-09 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.11.0
* Feature: it's now possible to extend the apply form
(thanks Heller und Kuschel GbR for sponsoring the development)
2013-04-11 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.10.0
* Feature: added ###TSTAMP### marker and ###TSTAMP_LABEL### label
* Change: documentation moved to
* Change: removed the XLIFF language files until I can figure out how to support
this format without duplicating all my work.
2013-04-09 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.9.0
* Feature: it's now possible to extend the available (multi-lingual) labels
via the labelArrayFunction. See documentation and example labelArrayFunction.php.
* Note, this deprecates the non-documented labelMarkersFunction feature.
2013-04-06 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.8.1
* Bugfix: the changes in 2.8.0 caused file upload fields to no longer be required.
Please note that the fix caused a backwards incompatible change in the default apply form.
Check the supplied default apply.tmpl for the new usage of file upload fields if you're
using a custom apply form.
2013-04-06 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.8.0
* Feature: it's now possible to have any number of file upload fields in the apply form
(thanks Klaus Prochart for sponsoring the development of this feature)
* Feature: the list of allowed file extensions can now be configured in typoscript
* Bugfix: fixed link to attachment in plain text email
2013-04-03 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.7.4
* Bugfix: removed error_reporting(E_STRICT) accidentally left in (thanks Jan Schreier)
2013-04-03 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.7.3
* Bugfix: fixed the included typoscript setup (thanks Klaus Prochart)
2013-04-02 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.7.2
* Change: better explanation of the "multiple" options in the constant editor
* Change: 'property_sort' is replaced by the 'sort.' array, making it possible to set
a different sort config per property.
2013-03-31 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.7.1
* Bugfix: changed default search form to have the reset button as the second button,
solving the problem that submitting with the enter button resets the search query
* Bugfix: solved the "having no baseUrl breaks redirects" problem
* Thanks Philipp Kitzberger for reporting these problems
2013-03-31 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.7.0
* Feature: it's now possible to set list sorting in the url like this:
(thanks Heiko Haensge)
2013-03-31 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.6.0
* Feature: added possibility to sort properties like region, category and sector in the backend
Usage: plugin.tx_dmmjobcontrol_pi1.property_sort = sorting ASC
* Feature: the list template can now have TEMPLATE_NO_JOBS and TEMPLATE_JOBS subparts
(see default list.tmpl for example)
* Change: fixed some minor code style related things
* Change: in the backend the jobs table is now shown before all the others
* Thanks Klaus Prochart for sponsoring the development of these features
2013-03-11 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.5.3
* Extension was tested in TYPO3 6.0, no problems were found
* Bugfix: fixed several PHP warnings (thanks Heiko Haensge)
* Change: added docx and odt to allowed file extensions (thanks Jörgen van der Kroon)
2012-08-21 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.5.2
* Bugfix: fixed sending mail (apply form)
2012-08-19 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.5.1
* Change: updated README and documentation
2012-08-15 Kevin Renskers [mixedCase]
* Version 2.5.0
* JobControl is back and on GitHub (!
* Bugfix: now TYPO3 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 compatible
* Bugfix: fixed selectboxes in search
* Bugfix: fixed localization of database values for TYPO3 4.6 and 4.7
* Change: moved localization files to XLIFF format
2010-07-16 Jan Wolters [DMM Websolutions]
* Version 2.4.1
* Change: author information updated
2010-07-16 Jan Wolters [DMM Websolutions]
* Version 2.4.0
* Feature: in the TypoScript code you can now use the new config option "ignorehidden"
Using this feature you can show hidden vacancies for testing
* Feature: in the Typoscript code you can now use the new config option "apply.redirect"
Using this feature you can redirect a user for apply-confirmation to a TYPO3 page
* Bugfix: XML-feed will use encoding defined for page (page.config.renderCharset)
2010-05-21 Jan Wolters [DMM Websolutions]
* Version 2.3.8
* Feature: in the TypoScript code you can now use the new config option "multipleselect"
Using this feature you can use a multiple select in the search for the fields region,
discipline, education, sector and category
2009-06-26 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.3.7
* Feature: new typoscript config option: wrap_in_base_class (defaults to 1)
* Feature: added a new register variable called JOBLOCATION (works just like JOBTITLE)
2009-06-24 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.3.6
* Change: updated German translations (thanks Johannes Sauerbier)
2009-06-04 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.3.5
* Bugfix: the function that finds the job_uid by searching the reference number has been
fixed so that the right where's are being used in the query.
2009-05-28 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.3.4
* Change: minor updates to the documentation
2009-04-29 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.3.3
* Feature: added Danish translation (thanks Jesper Goos)
* Change: the multilingual features have been greatly simplified. JobControl will only show jobs in
the current language, no more fall-back to default language if no translation has been entered, etc.
* Bugfix: searching for jobs in multilingual sites should work as expected now.
2009-03-24 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.3.2
* Bugfix: after doing a search, do a redirect to solve the expired page problem.
2009-01-29 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.3.1
* Bugfix: in rare situations, the selectboxes on the searchform could be empty (thanks Gaylord Grötzinger)
2009-01-23 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.3.0
* Feature: in the TypoScript code you can now use the new config option "whereadd".
Using this feature you have more control over the shown jobs in the list view.
You do not need to begin with AND, this is done automatically.
Example for showing only jobs in sector 1:
plugin.tx_dmmjobcontrol_pi1.whereadd = tx_dmmjobcontrol_job.uid IN
(SELECT uid_local FROM tx_dmmjobcontrol_job_sector_mm WHERE uid_foreign=1)
* Feature: it's now possible to extend the search form with your own fields, kinda like it was already possible
for the detail view.
See documention for more information.
* Feature: added Polish translation (thanks Daniel Ciunkiewicz)
2008-12-11 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.2.1
* Feature: the details of the contact person can now be shown in your own template (thanks Michiel van Leening)
2008-11-27 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.2.0
* Feature: details of logged in FE user get pre-filled in the apply form
2008-11-10 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.1.0
* Feature: highlight keywords in results (list- and detailview)
* Feature: searching for multiple keywords (AND)
* Feature: keywords now search the job location and reference number too
* Bugfix: when no jobs are found, the pagebrowser is not shown anymore
* Bugfix: pressing enter to submit the searchform now works in Internet Explorer too
2008-11-04 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 2.0.0
* Feature: a new option "ignore_search" has been added, handy for lists that show the latest jobs (thanks Jan Wolters)
* Bugfix: the hideEmpty change had a small bug, causing "0" values to be considered empty
2008-10-30 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.15.6
* Feature: a message will now be shown when no jobs are found (thanks Jan Wolters)
* Bugfix: typo: employet_stdWrap renamed to employer_stdWrap (thanks Marcel Greter)
* Bugfix: hideEmpty did not really work when you supplied your own wrappings
(fields were never empty) (thanks Marcel Greter)
2008-09-29 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.15.5
* Bugfix: SQL injection vulnerability fixed
2008-08-18 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.15.4
* Bugfix: searching for "0" values now works fine
2008-07-08 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.15.3
* Bugfix: now using "additionalJavaScript" instead of "additionalHeaderData"
so JavaScript can be put into external file
* Bugfix: showing the apply form now TYPO3 4.2.1 compatible
2008-05-27 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.15.2
* Bugfix: uploaded cv's were no longer attached to the email
2008-05-19 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.15.1
* Bugfix: cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Blind SQL Injection vulnerabilities fixed
2008-05-19 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.15.0
* Feature: new spamblock feature added to the apply form, which is basically a session check but works fine
for most simple "contact form spammers" to use it, make sure this is in the apply form template:
<input type="hidden" name="###SPAMBLOCK_NAME###" value="###SPAMBLOCK_VALUE###" />
* Bugfix: the CV field can now really be a required field
2008-04-29 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.14.0
* Feature: new "not found" handler: when a deleted job is requested you can give a custom error code,
redirect to a page or show a message
2008-04-28 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.13.0
* Feature: added 2 new fields to the database: apply information and job benefits
2008-04-28 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.12.0
* Feature: the apply form can now be on a seperate page (apply.form=2)
* Feature: ROW_ALT is no longer necessary if not used (thanks Thomas Keller)
2007-12-19 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.11.2
* Bugfix: recursive sysfolders should work better now
2007-12-19 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.11.1
* Bugfix: editing contact persons was not possible due to wrong "type" field (thanks Frank Sonck)
* Bugfix: default detail view template has been changed so the link to the apply form should always work,
no matter if you use realurl or not (thanks Frank Sonck)
2007-12-18 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.11.0
* Bugfix: when searching jobs, the pagebrowser will now only show the found jobs
* Feature: you can now make fields in the apply form required (or not)
* Feature: added the long awaited "contact person" table, so applications will be sent to this person
(but the details of the contact person are not shown on the detail page yet)
2007-12-06 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.10.3
* Bugfix: the hide_empty config setting also removed apply links and more
* Feature: added Russian translation (thanks Igor V Timofyeev)
2007-12-06 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.10.2
* Bugfix: Foreign characters are now displayed properly (thanks Igor V Timofyeev)
2007-12-03 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.10.1
* Bugfix: the hide_empty config setting also removed apply links and more
2007-12-03 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.10.0
* Bugfix: in the backend only the items from the correct language are shown (thanks Stefan Wimmer)
* Bugfix: the reset button didn't always work correctly (thanks Stefan Wimmer)
* Bugfix: the language overlay didn't work for the REGISTER value (thanks Stefan Wimmer)
* Feature: hide_empty config added, so labels for empty values are not shown in detail view (thanks Stefan Wimmer)
2007-10-15 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.9.5
* Bugfix: the selectboxes on the searchform were not always showing the right content
2007-10-11 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.9.4
* Bugfix: selecting all the right jobs for the list view on multilingual sites (thanks Daniel Tache)
2007-10-10 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.9.3
* Bugfix: language-overlay now works properly for multilingual sites (thanks Daniel Tache)
2007-09-25 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.9.2
* Bugfix: in rare cases deleted jobs could be shown in the list (thanks Sebastian Gaertner)
2007-09-18 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.9.1
* Feature: updated German translation, special characters should now be fine too
2007-09-11 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.9
* Feature: RSS feeds
* Feature: all links are now wrapped through $GLOBALS['TSFE']->baseUrlWrap()
* Feature: updated the manual with more examples
2007-09-07 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.8.3
* Feature: more examples in the markerArrayFunction.php file, better documented too
* Feature: all fields now can have a stdWrap configuration added to them, see manual
* Feature: better way of passing RTE content through the default parse function,
user now has more control over individual fields
2007-09-04 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.8.2
* Feature: made it configurable if you want the apply emails in html (default) or plain text format
* Bugfix: the substitutePageTitle option now also applies on the thank-you page after submitting the apply form
* Bugfix: correctly load the t3lib_htmlmail class (thanks Michael)
2007-09-03 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.8.1
* Feature: load sysfolders with jobs recursively (thanks Rob)
* Change: when there is only one page in the pagebrowser, don't show links anymore
2007-09-03 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.8
* Bugfix: in version 1.7 a fatal php error was introduced in the formatStr function
2007-09-02 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.7
* Feature: all RTE content is now parsed through the default parse function (thanks Thomas van de Pas)
* Feature: added the possibility to apply for jobs online
* Feature: added the substitutePageTitle option for detail pages - see manual for info
* Bugfix: when the page-browser function was used, the first job was never shown (thanks Thomas van de Pas)
2007-08-28 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.6
* Feature: better default templates: more classnames added to elements
* Feature: the list can now be paginated ("Showing jobs 1 to 20 of 350") - see manual for updated realURL
config example (thanks Thomas van de Pas for sponsoring the development of this feature)
* Feature: the "road 2" approach can now be used without setting the "General Records Storage page" option
(thanks Tomas Mrozek)
* Bugfix: German translation doesn't break XML validation anymore
2007-08-19 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.5
* Feature: It is now possible to add your own fields to the extension, see documentation!
2007-07-18 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.4
* Feature: now possible to search with keywords
* Feature: when searching, the values you are searching for are now shown in the searchform
* Feature: added a "reset" button in the searchform to clear it all and show all jobs again
* Thanks Bjorn Reichert for submitting code for the above changes
2007-07-10 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.3
* Feature: new German translation added (thanks Bjorn Reichert)
* Bugfix: terrible spelling error, so I renamed all tables and fields from dicipline to discipline (note the s).
Please !!BEFORE YOU UPDATE!! rename the tx_dmmjobcontrol_dicipline and tx_dmmjobcontrol_job_dicipline_mm tables,
and the tx_dmmjobcontrol_job.dicipline field (install the phpMyAdmin extension if you can't access your database
any other way).
Also, if you use your own html templates, rename the template code from ###DICIPLINE### to ###DISCIPLINE###.
2007-07-09 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.2
* Change: Extension declared stable
2007-06-06 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.1.1
* Change: extension is no longer cached
2007-05-25 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.1
* Feature: now able to set limit on number of results, and how to sort them
2007-05-06 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.0.1
* Bugfix: fixed some small errors in the manual
2007-05-05 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 1.0.0
* First public version
2007-04-19 Kevin Renskers [DMM Development]
* Version 0.0.0
* Started working on the extension