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Front end system
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FrontKit Run project

Front end system

JADE + browserify + browserSync + SASS + Uglify + image optimization

You have 4 options to run project. I recommend to try run project using AZK

Run project Locally

  1. Install node
  2. npm install -g gulp
  3. npm install
  4. gulp
  5. node server.js Run static server

Run project With docker.

If you don't want to install node and other global packages. You need

  1. docker
  2. service docker start Start docker service if not running
  3. docker build -t frontkit ./docker Build vm with name "frontkit"
  4. docker run -itd --name frontkit -p -p -v ${PWD}:/var/www frontkit || docker start frontkit
  5. docker exec --user www-data -it frontkit bash Connect to container

Run project using AZK

  1. Install azk
    • Mac curl -sSL | sh
    • Linux wget -nv -O- -t 2 -T 10 | sh
  2. azk start -vv Run project
  3. azk shell Connect to container
  4. azk stop To stop the project

Run project with docker-compose

  1. Install docker

  2. Install docker-compose

  3. ./vm up Run container

  4. ./vm ssh Connect to container

  5. Install npm modules and run tasks

    • ./vm shell Connect to container
    • npm install Install npm dependencies
    • gulp Build and run BrowserSync
  6. ./vm stop Stop the container

./vm Is helper for docker-compose

Gulp commands

  1. npm install Install dependencies
  2. gulp Run default task
  3. gulp watch Watch files for changes
  4. gylp build:clean Cleanup dist directory
  5. gulp scss Compile css
  6. gulp js Compile js
  7. gulp jade Compile jade files
  8. gulp images Optimize images
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