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Codestar Framework

A Lightweight and easy-to-use WordPress Options Framework. It is a free framework for building theme options. Save your time!


Codestar Framework Screenshot


Read the documentation for details documentation


A) Usage as Theme
  • Download zip file from github repository
  • Extract download zip on themename/cs-framework folder under your theme directory
  • Add framework include code on your theme themename/functions.php file
require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) .'/cs-framework/cs-framework.php';
// -(or)-
require_once get_template_directory() .'/cs-framework/cs-framework.php';
  • Yay! Right now you are ready to configure framework, metaboxes, taxonomies, wp customize, shortcoder
  • Take a look for config files from themename/cs-framework/config folder
  • Read for more from documentation
B) Usage as Plugin
  • Download zip file from github repository
  • Way1 Extract download zip on wp-content/plugins/cs-framework folder under your plugin directory
  • Way2 Upload zip file from wordpess plugins panel -> add new -> upload plugin
  • Active Codestar Framework plugin from wordpress plugins panel
  • Yay! Right now you are ready to configure framework, metaboxes, taxonomies, wp customize, shortcoder
  • Take a look for config files from wp-content/plugins/cs-framework/config folder also you can manage config files from theme directory. see overriding files method.
  • Read for more from documentation

Enable - Disable Mods

Add define code on your themename/functions.php directly.

define( 'CS_ACTIVE_FRAMEWORK',   true  ); // default true
define( 'CS_ACTIVE_METABOX',     false ); // default true
define( 'CS_ACTIVE_TAXONOMY',    false ); // default true
define( 'CS_ACTIVE_SHORTCODE',   false ); // default true
define( 'CS_ACTIVE_CUSTOMIZE',   false ); // default true

or take a look for change define base code from /cs-framework/cs-framework.php directly.

Enable Light Theme

Add the following define code somewhere in your theme or plugin, and light theme will be active.

define( 'CS_ACTIVE_LIGHT_THEME',  true  ); // default false

Light Theme Screenshot

Codestar Framework Screenshot

Overriding Files

You can override an existing file without change themename/cs-framework folder. just create one themename/cs-framework-override folder on your theme directory. for eg:



  • Options Framework
  • Metabox Framework
  • Taxonomy Framework
  • WP Customize Framework
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Supports Child Themes
  • Validate Fields
  • Sanitize Fields
  • Localization
  • Fields Dependencies
  • Supports Multilangual Fields
  • Reset/Restore/Export/Import Options
  • and so much more...

Options Fields

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Select
  • Number
  • Icons
  • Group
  • Image
  • Upload
  • Gallery
  • Sorter
  • Wysiwyg
  • Switcher
  • Background
  • Color Picker
  • Multi Checkbox
  • Checkbox Image Select
  • Radio Image Select
  • Typography
  • Backup
  • Heading
  • Sub Heading
  • Fieldset
  • Notice
  • and extendable fields


Codestar Framework is free to use both personal and commercial. If you used commercial, please credit. Read more about GNU license.txt


Thanks for guys! Please read credits. If you would like to contribute please fork the project and report bugs or submit pull requests.

The Latest Updates


  • Added: Support for WP Nav Menus select
  • Added: Taxonomy framework clear form elements after saving
  • Added: A filter for external icon-jsons load
  • Added: An action cs_customize_options_config for customize config options
  • Added: Auto Class name for all fields and generating classname by field title
  • Added: Chinese language po/mo
  • Added: Post type list support
  • Added: Typenow param for specific metabox options
  • Added: Light theme for framework
  • Changed: Action from cs_validate_save to cs_validate_save_after for save after framework options
  • Fixed: Color picker appears twice in widgets
  • Fixed: Clear button of color-picker in customizer
  • Fixed: Fieldset default value option
  • Fixed: Overwrite issue for wp core get_locate() function
  • Fixed: Call undefined function wp_get_current_user() issue
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Updated: Chosen jquery plugin v1.6.1
  • Updated: Google Fonts json for Typography field
  • Updated: Font Awesome 4.7.0 icons package
  • Updated: textdomain updates from () to esc_html_e() - esc_html()
  • Updated: Backup field idea, changed from base64 encode/decode to seraize/unserialize
  • Improved: Icons select field for avoid conflict
  • Improved: Locate path function for windows servers
  • Improved: Languages packages
  • Removed: call_user_function idea
  • Removed: custom/callback function support for field options

See changelog

Using Codestar Framework Themes

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