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A Simple and Lightweight WordPress Option Framework for Themes and Plugins


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Codestar Framework

Codestar Framework

A Simple and Lightweight WordPress Option Framework for Themes and Plugins. Built in Object Oriented Programming paradigm with high number of custom fields and tons of options. Allows you to bring custom admin, metabox, taxonomy and customize settings to all of your pages, posts and categories. It's highly modern and advanced framework.



For usage and examples, have a look at 🚀 online demo


  1. Download the installable WordPress plugin zip.
  2. Upload and active plugin from WordPress → Plugins → Add New
  3. After activation, next step is to configure your settings. You can do it from here ⚙️ configurations

Quick Start

Open your current theme functions.php file and paste this code.

// Check core class for avoid errors
if( class_exists( 'CSF' ) ) {

  // Set a unique slug-like ID
  $prefix = 'my_framework';

  // Create options
  CSF::createOptions( $prefix, array(
    'menu_title' => 'My Framework',
    'menu_slug'  => 'my-framework',
  ) );

  // Create a section
  CSF::createSection( $prefix, array(
    'title'  => 'Tab Title 1',
    'fields' => array(

      // A text field
        'id'    => 'opt-text',
        'type'  => 'text',
        'title' => 'Simple Text',

  ) );

  // Create a section
  CSF::createSection( $prefix, array(
    'title'  => 'Tab Title 2',
    'fields' => array(

      // A textarea field
        'id'    => 'opt-textarea',
        'type'  => 'textarea',
        'title' => 'Simple Textarea',

  ) );


How to get option value ?

$options = get_option( 'my_framework' ); // unique id of the framework

echo $options['opt-text']; // id of the field
echo $options['opt-textarea']; // id of the field


Read the documentation for details 📕 documentation

Free vs Premium

Features Free Version Premium Version
Admin Option Framework ✔️ ✔️
Customize Option Framework ❌ ✔️
Metabox Option Framework ❌ ✔️
Nav Menu Option Framework ❌ ✔️
Taxonomy Option Framework ❌ ✔️
Profile Option Framework ❌ ✔️
Comment Option Framework ❌ ✔️
Widget Option Framework ❌ ✔️
Shortcode Option Framework ❌ ✔️
All Option Fields ❌ ✔️
Developer Packages ❌ ✔️
Unminfy Library ❌ ✔️
New Requests ❌ ✔️
Autoremove Advertisements ❌ ✔️
Life-time access/updates ❌ ✔️
🌟 Upgrade Premium Version

Available Option Fields

Accordion Color Icon Select Tabbed
Background Color Group Image Select Slider Text
Backup Date Link Color Sortable Textarea
Border Dimensions Media Sorter Typography
Button Set Fieldset Palette Spacing Upload
Checkbox Gallery Radio Spinner WP Editor
Code Editor Group Repeater Switcher Others


We are provide support forum for premium version users. You can join to support forum for submit any question after purchasing. Free version users support is limited on github.

Release Notes

Check out the release notes


Codestar Framework have two different version. Free version has limited features and offers only admin option panel feature. Premium version offers all extensions and more of settings for the best experience and advanced features. You can bundle the framework ( both free and premium ) in your free theme/plugin that you publish inside theme/plugin directory or in premium theme/plugin that you sell on your own website or in marketplaces like ThemeForest. This framework is licensed 100% GPL.