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Codestar Framework Changelog


  • Added: Support for WP Nav Menus select
  • Added: Taxonomy framework clear form elements after saving
  • Added: A filter for external icon-jsons load
  • Added: An action cs_customize_options_config for customize config options
  • Added: Auto Class name for all fields and generating classname by field title
  • Added: Chinese language po/mo
  • Added: Post type list support
  • Added: Typenow param for specific metabox options
  • Added: Light theme for framework
  • Changed: Action from cs_validate_save to cs_validate_save_after for save after framework options
  • Fixed: Color picker appears twice in widgets
  • Fixed: Clear button of color-picker in customizer
  • Fixed: Fieldset default value option
  • Fixed: Overwrite issue for wp core get_locate() function
  • Fixed: Call undefined function wp_get_current_user() issue
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Updated: Chosen jquery plugin v1.6.1
  • Updated: Google Fonts json for Typography field
  • Updated: Font Awesome 4.7.0 icons package
  • Updated: textdomain updates from () to esc_html_e() - esc_html()
  • Updated: Backup field idea, changed from base64 encode/decode to seraize/unserialize
  • Improved: Icons select field for avoid conflict
  • Improved: Locate path function for windows servers
  • Improved: Languages packages
  • Removed: call_user_function idea
  • Removed: custom/callback function support for field options


  • Added: Taxonomy options framework
  • Added: Taxonomy css styles and rtl support
  • Added: Framework title option in framework config file
  • Added: Show/Hide option for Reset All Options button in framework config file
  • Added: Helper function for get $_POST/$_GET variables
  • Added: Metaboxes array support for post_type. see #99
  • Added: Fieldset new feature un_array option for children element getting by unique id. see #235
  • Added: An action cs_validate_save for save framework options fields
  • Added: Background size option for background field
  • Added: Debug light option for showing element id
  • Added: Fallback file for avoid missing core functions
  • Fixed: Background field custom titles (button, dialog etc) issue
  • Updated: Framework documentation for taxonomy framework and fields
  • Updated: Font Awesome 4.5.0 icons package
  • Changed: Menu type names in framework config file. for eg. from add_menu_page to menu
  • Improved: Theme Check plugin compatibility
  • Improved: Dependency script for multiple checkboxes values


  • Initial Release