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  1. Textual Textual Public

    Textual is an IRC client for OS X

    Objective-C 1.8k 280

  2. Textual-Swift-Plugin Textual-Swift-Plugin Public

    Textual IRC Client plugin written in Swift

    Swift 10 6

  3. Encryption-Kit Encryption-Kit Public

    Off-the-Record Messaging

    Objective-C 7 5

  4. Cocoa-Extensions Cocoa-Extensions Public

    A framework containing various helper classes for AppKit and Foundation.

    Objective-C 5 6

  5. Auto-Hyperlinks Auto-Hyperlinks Public

    A framework for extracting URLs inside of a string.

    Objective-C 3 5

  6. Apple-Receipt-Loader Apple-Receipt-Loader Public

    Framework for reading Mac App Store receipts

    Objective-C 3 1


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