Latest commit b01fefc Sep 27, 2016 @emsquared emsquared Refactor preferences
• Many values that are supposed to be temporarily, such as whether
Textual is running on a particular operating system, are no longer set
to defaults database. Instead, they are registered as defaults.
Registered defaults do not save to the database unless their value
changes, which won’t happen for the keys we use it for.
• A migration is performed the first time a user opens the app. If a
user was running Textual 6.0.0, then we remove all keys from the
defaults database that are now temporarily (registered defaults)
• The WebKit2 Web Inspector is now forced to be windowed each time the
app launches. See comment in code for more detail.
• The file RegisteredUserDefaultsRemappedKeys.plist was removed. If
these values have not been remapped by now for users, they probably
won’t be.